t we also might be reborn a wise man also said ”When Reborn, your dreams will come true but also your greatest fears as well ”-Khlvoer, ” said Alan

”HAHAHA Great lines of encouragement before death I hope your words truly become real because today is the last time you shall speak again Hahahaha! ” said The Head Thug before shooting both Asklan and Brandon while his friends finished up with Anna.

”Is this what death feels like my body is s- so.

said Alan when he looked over to Brandon he could see his lifeless that he didn suffer too much and the pain wasn as painful since he died fairly quick thought Asklan. as he remembered when his brother Kirin died 2 years ago at the same age as Alan 16 a plane fell out of the sky and crushed him the people who found his body said he had a maniacal expression on his face as he was dead.

As time passed it started raining then Asklans eyes went out cold just as his friend Annas best friend Brandon and brother Kirin all were dead but at peace.

[Unkown Time later]

”Where am I wasn I dead whats my name? Brandon, Anna, Kirin AHHH MY HEAD MY HEAD ”

[5 minutes later]




. 75%.. ..100….

[Welcome Asklan to the Iron Order Summoning System you have died but due to your brothers kirin succession and you being the right candidate you have

been chosen we have made you a good body and have allowed you to choose two people from earth to accompany you (MUST BE DEAD) to World Domination of the Universe. Fret

not Young one you have received a Gift Package Aswell.]

”Summoning System like the novels, So thats what my brother left me HAGHAHA he did teach me right from wrong but it said dead people so Im going to choose Brandon of course and Anna is going to stay dead its her fault for us diying the way we did we shouldve let them do to her what they were going to do and just left but she also helped us get this great opportunity so for that Im grateful but other than that she will have a great life in wherever souls go well I should be able to open thinking status screen right!? ” STATUS SCREEN I said while not knowing what else to do.


Name: Alan Dark

World: Rank 1

Worlds: Conquered 0


Average Human Stats (5)

STR: 6


Skills: Leadership (Lv 4)

Basic Swordsmanship (Lv 2)

Diplomacy (LV 3)



Gift Pack Received open? (Y/N)

”So these are my stats Im glad this body is above average humans in terms of STR mana is locked so thats not very good, Skills? System why do I have skills if I just transferred in this body ” said Alan

[Host, Hello my name is System 20381 and the reason you have ”Skills ” Is because of the memories of your past life and the experiences you gained so the skill ”Leadership ” Was gained from the Strategy games you played, etc. As well as Diplomacy. ]

”I see now Thank you System OPEN Gift Pack! said Asklan said with excitement

[Gift Pack opened;

You got

10 Rank 1 Knights

2 Rank 1 Healers

1 Rank 1 Mage

2,000 System Points]

”YESSS I could use my summons here but lets not use them now. Right now I need to find out where I am.. ” my mind goes blank as an arrow flys past my head and sticks To a tree


I turn to see a hooded figure with a longbow, I turn the other way and run as fast as I can. I keep running till another arrow cuts my face and I take cover behind a Tree.

SH*T What did I do I just got to this damm*ed WORLD ” I yelled as I peek back to see if the hooded figure was chasing me only to see nothing other than trees as far as my eyes cans see then I feel like something was urging me to step back and side step to the right and as I did I saw The hooded figure appear with a knife as it made

slashing motion towards where my neck wouldve been.

”Im dead wait HOW could I forget SYSTEM SUMMON EVERYTHING ALL OF IT SUMMON EVERYTHING ” as I say that 1 large portal opens up incoming 10 knights and in order manor

and 3 people wearing robes with Wands they looked terrifying even though the hooded person was trembling.

The 10 knights stepped forward and kneeled s they did so did the robbed figures with wands which I assumed to be the mage and clerics as they were doing that the person assume was the mage comes closer and dose a formal bow.

”Greetings Young Lord I believe you already know who I am. In Youndar the Mage you summoned,

and I with my friends behind me are at your command. He said while looking at the cut on my face, He then proceeded to call the clerics over one of them put a hand on my wound as they did it and lifted his hand the cut disappeared.

”Wow ” I was amazed at what the Cleric did but then remembered what did it and looked at the hood. figure.

”Knights As your first order CAPTURE THE HOODED PERSON, ” I said as soon as I ordered it the knights were so fast I couldn even track them when they appeared again I saw a person hanging upside down while one of the knights held its feet and the others and their swords pointed at key points on the body. ”

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