free, ALSO tell me the power system in this world if I think you
e lying death will be happy after Im done with you, ” I say as I pull the sword out of her hand and point it towards her neck as the only knight who held her upside down is left and the rest of them are standing behind me in an imposing manner.

”There is one north of here please don hurt me, ” She said in a low voice but loud enough for me to hear her the fear is still present in her voice.

”Sigh, how many guards is there, and if so how powerful is the strongest one don forget the power system. I said with the knife pointed right at her. She seems to hesitate but no longer than a second then she answered.

”There are 10 guards the strongest can take down a tree with one hit. and there are 200 villagers there, ” she said with a pained look.

”Aren you forgetting something girl? what about the power system of this world? ” I say with authority in my voice.

”Senior, please don kill me Im sorry here is how the power system goes;

1-10 levels nobody knows whats above that

There are 3 sub-levels in every one of the main 10

as a reference your knights there are medium 1st level and the cleric and mage are peak 1st level ” she said with hesitation to hear her voice. ”

I accept those answers so I stood up and took my sword lifted it and said ” Thank you for your contribution to this new cause your name shall go down in the annals of history for being the first to offend this senior. as soon as I said that I brung the sword down cutting her head off and not even letting her utter another one of her foul-lie written words to plead for her miserable life.

”Ah, dammit I forgot to ask her for more directions, ” I say with discomfort.

”Youndar, PREPARE THE TROOPS WE SHALL LEAD THEM TOWARDS THE VILLAGE, ” I said with vigor unseen in this world.


The sorry chapter is short House of the Dragon a game of thrones spinoff comes out today. There will be another chapter in like an hour or two bye XX.

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