”Opindar Don worry we will proceed with the plans Lord Alan gave us EVERYONE Prepare Your MANA THIS WALL WILL FALL! ” Said Alan with Charismatic

Aura Around Him


”So You ask why are we attacking you? ”

I said to the Leader of this village ”WE Are attacking you because one of your idiot assassins tried to attack me in the forest

and you just put me in a precarious situation by also calling me names and being overly aggressive so Im sorry don label me as the villain when all I do is return the same thing as what you did to me ” I said with a grin

”Return what You GAVE to ME HAHA IS this guy an idiot why are you talking like your the good guy, ” Said the leader before one of his men came up to


”Master, the rear wall has been blown to pieces the traces seem to be mages it was a huge fireball, ” said Bandit One in a whisper.

Then a sudden spark of relation came to me then the only reason he should be talking to his leader in that anxious body tone means that Youndar has successfully blown up

the rear wall

”HAHAHA SOUND THE HORN MEN WE CHARGE NOW! ” I said with a voice that can rattle mountains.

All of the soldiers from my camp then charge each one of them with different movements when handling a bow on staff but all of them successfully hit a target when coming in contact with the enemy troops

”ARCHERS, FIRE AT WILL, ” said the Bandit Leader.


My Name is, Leonidas I was summoned by lord Alan Dark just A couple of hours ago in a plain grass field but before that, I was a Knight working with the Leonrid Empire

in my previous world but I was summoned here to Fight for Lord Alan dark in His conquest to become a King the KING of this world We are now standing in front of a small village waiting to fight.


Then I and the other soldier I was placed with did as we were told and advanced to the wall.

”HEAD PROTECT OUR HEAD, ” I said as the other soldier was being flimsy as he had already sub combo to injuries because of the continuing attack of the arrows.


”WE*RE ALMOST THERE PERESIT KOJI SO WE CAN BECOME GENERALS OF THE BATTLEFIELD LIKE WE ALWAYS WANTED PERESIT, ” I said trying to console my brother in arms so we stay alive and help Lord Alan just until we die to be the opening so he can achieve his dream of becoming King! ”

”GAAAAAAAAAAAAGH, ALAN Im sorry Ive failed lord Alan and you Please carry my Dream of becoming a general under Lord ALan become a general STAY ALIVE BROTHER DONT FORGET

I NEVER FORGET OUR DREAM! ” said Koji as the final arrow pierced his throat.

B00000000000000M! The Village Door has been successfully opened by the continuous attacks of the mages.

”AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU TOOK MY BROTHER AWAY FROM ME ALL OF YOU WILL DIE ALL OF YOU, ” I said tears flowing out of my eyes blood stained wounds trickling down like


When I made it inside the town battles were happening all over by the mortals and warriors using their numbers to overpower us suddenly I felt an urge I took a step left forcefully turning my body then a sword landed right where I was I chopped at the figure it did an overhead strike at my head I blocked it but the force behind it broke my arm so now I only have one arm to use as One of them is useless I slashed at the figure again it turned its body successfully dodging my blow it kicked me back then did a vertical strike towards my body.

It Cleaved me in half leaving nothing but a tattered corpse.

”Sorry, Brothen Koji I wasn able to continue the legacy of our people the legacy which was intrusted i- i- will die here we wil- soon meet in the afterlife, ” I said as my vision was blurry life was flashing between my eyes my parents my little sister even Koji and the memories we shared on this battlefield.


”AHHAA SO We have won this battle Youndar, ” I said looking at the stats of the battle ”How Many troops did we lose in this battle and what did we gain ”?

”Sire We have lost over 10 Infantry and 2 Mages no clerics have been lost nor any of the knights, ” said Youndar with a complicated look on his face.

”Youndar cheers up what have we gained whats with that complicated look on your face? ” I said trying to analyze the gains and losses

”Sire the People of the town are the problem we have killed 200 of the males from the village and over 10 of the knights including the Leader only 200 villagers remain

Young and Old and we need to stabilize the situation so they don riot ” said Youndar

”Ah okay-check the treasury and bring 20% of the Village food reserves give it to the families of the dead ration it out to the rest of the populace also set a meeting then after set a town Gathering but before that have the 10 knights get horses and patrol the village has 2 guards stand to watch at my new residence and have the rest of the infantry on the wall doing patrols along with 2 mages to accompany them at all times have the clerics heal any wounds big or small every soldier should have 6

hours of rest make sure the patrolling guards switch out shifts also have someone switch my guards out every 2 hours and the guards that switch out with mine have 2 hours of sleep. ” I said.

”Yes Sire all of that will be done where are you going to stay, ” said Youndar

”Youndar of course I will be staying at the Village Leaders house its the biggest one and I need to wash off these clothes are unbefitting of a ruler and his clothing is going to be better we have a long day tomorrow so after issuing orders you should make sure to get some rest, ” I said.

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