”Youndar of course I will be staying at the Village Leaders house its the biggest one and I need to wash off these clothes are unbefitting of a ruler and his clothing is going to be better we have a long day tomorrow so after issuing orders you should make sure to get some rest, ” I Said



”Ahhhhh That was a good nights rest my back doesn feel sore anymore after walking around in that darn forest, ” I said as I continued to stretch my back.

I check the system again after that forced shutdown for an update in the middle of the night ” I said as I

opened the system screen.





”What 2 new functions? SYSTEM Open Territory System ” I said bewildered at the thought of 2 new subsystems.


[Villages] 1




[Resources in Current Territory:]

Iron Deposit

[Fruit Trees]

[Enchanted Water]


”What this is technically a boon I don have to even have to search the territory to find resources well I do have to search to find them but at least i

know what they are but Enchanted water hm SYSTEM Open the Babies of war Sub System ” Is aid with happiness clear on my face hoping that this system is as good as the

Territory System as it is already going to bring immense profit to my newly found treasure.

[Babies of War System introduction;

The Babies of War Sub System is designed so that the host can live as long as his soldiers are alive. Each soldier can also live for eternity, as long as they have kids each Child is conceived by the hosts troops. will have a chance of always becoming Iv.1 without any major difficulty but the chances of becoming lv.2 are slim but possible each child can also live as long as they have children forever continuing the bloodline of the generation.

before it never dying so successfully becoming

eternal warriors to aid the host as the constant evil powers try to stop your plans.]

[Current Generations] [1]


[HAHAHA SO I can live for eternity if I don die by external means I assume My lifespan will be long very long, ” I said with clear excitement shown on my face.

”Sire are you in there? ” said Youndar whispering but just loud enough for Alan to hear him.

”Ahh, Yes Youndar Im in here come to the balcony, ” I said with a beaming smile that can make the coldest women fawn. ” So Youndar what do you want why did you come here

so early? ”


The guards have caught 20 people trying to leave the village we suspect them of trying to run away and go to a town named Signkorn they
e all women with 5 accompanying males ” said Youndar with a gloomy face.

”Ah is that all that was fairly quick I didn expect them to leave soon ” Ha fools youll be perfect to experiment with the effects of Babies of War Sub System Great the amusement will be when we have millions of warriors keke I said in my Mind.

”Sire Sire are you there? ” said Youndar

”Ah, Youndar eys yes im here I spaced out now take them to the village jailhouse and leave them there we will meet with them after the meeting so when is the meeting? ” I said to Young.

”Sire, the meeting starts now thats why I came to get you nobody knew where you were so I was assuming you were still sleeping in, ” said Youndar

”Ah, you assumed right im still getting accustomed to the time frame of this world so my sleeping pattern might be off for a while but Im fine now lets go to the meeting GUARDS! ” I Said

”YES SIRE, ” said both of the guards at the same time.

”We will be going to the fields in front of the house, ” I said remembering where I can summon two people

from earth who is deceased.

”5 minutes Later]

”HA So this is the field I didn see last night in a clear form because it got dark quickly ” Is aid frowning with disappointment System How do I summon the people from Earth?

[Host all you have to do is think of who you want to summon and say summon after you have thought of them. ]

Ah So thats it Seems simple enough so my 2 people are of course going to be my best friend.

Brandon and of course Julius Caesar. SUMMON

As soon as I said that a large portal appeared 8 Men stepped out.

As soon as I said that a large portal appeared 8 Men stepped out.

2 Men at front of everyone else one is wearing school clothing and the other is wearing a red Toga and bronze armor holding a helmet in his hand. In the back of them were the Praetorian Guard White armor with a red tunic under it red shields that have no image on them short swords and pumas used for throwing.

”Alan Its so good to see you, man I thought we were for sure dead, ” said Brandon as soon as he saw me he then came up to me hugging me as a brother would after being through a life and death battle.

”Ah, Brandon thats enough did the system explain to you why you are here? ” I said with growing anticipation

”Yeah Alan it did explain to me why we were here thank you for summoning me to this foreign land and granting me another chance to live again, ” said Brandon with sadness etched on his face.

”Ah don start crying on me now big crybaby, ” I said with a glowing smile ” Now to our other guest Greetings Sir Caesar, ” I said with passion.

”Hello Sire, Ive also been told why Im summoned here and these are my most Powerful Praetorian Guards as well can you please send 2 of them to become my Co commanders and the rest can be used as your Royal Guard since the system told me about the lv. the system Ive also determined that all of them are at the 4th lv and im at the 5th lv. of this power system. ” said, Julius

”Hm, Yes that seems to be good Julius You will now be the General of my new Divison the Lions Guard, and Brandon You will be under Juliuss division until you reach the rank of Commander only then will I allow you to be able to become a General as I know it was one of your dreams, ” I said with a smile as big as the sun.

(Author Note: The sun part was a metaphor)

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