Emma and the others stared at each other for a moment. The sudden change in the situation surprised them. Emma stared at the countdown and furrowed.

This is getting interesting and dangerous.

”Zeus, what is the nearest purple light from us, ” Emma commanded.


[[ 1km to your west.]]

”Let go. ” He commanded, dashing toward their west.

Though they didn know where Emma was going. They knew it was toward a purple light.

Quickly, they rushed after him. A timer appeared behind their left arm and the coordination of the nearest purple light. Seeing this, their eyes brightened.

We need to pass through the forest to arrive at the purple light quickly. Emma thought.

A real-time live feed appeared on Emmas helmet. Zeus was calculating the topography, route, and sudden dangers in micros seconds, synchronizing everything with the others.

Emma flickers, moving swiftly through the forest, creating a gush of winds. The forest was quiet with no sound of animals.

[[500 meters to destination]]


”Commander, do you have any idea what the hell is Alizda mark? ” Jojo asked through the comms racing after Emma, slapping a broadleaf obstructing her path.

”I don know yet. But I have an idea of what the Alizda mark is. But we need to get the mark before I can conclude. ” Emmas voice echoed through the comms.

[[Detecting life force]]

[[Running simulation for the various possible outcome.]]

[[Prepared for battle.]]

I know we can acquire the Alizda mark without fighting. Our location is too far from the lights Emma complained.

”Prepared for battle. Get in position. ”

Jojo rushed beside Emma with her sword in hand. Mata and Maya stood at the center while Laka stayed behind with his eyes darting from one angle to another. The group lowered speed, ready for battle.

Outside the forest, a group of beings in fiery fire rushed toward the purple with a hysterical laugh. Their frightening laugh spread throughout the grassland.

The being in the fire had a height of two meters, two small red eyes with a yellow pupil, and two long hands and legs. They were equipped with a scythe.

[[Flamingru Race detected.]]

Flamingru Race. Emma rolled his eyes. What sort of place is this Chaos world?

They haven gotten the Alizda mark. We still have a chance.

”Hurry. ” He ushered, rushing toward the Flamingrus.

[[Battle simulation in motion.]]

The leading Flamingru tried to rush through the light. But an invincible force obstructed him and a notification appeared inside the purple light.


Anyone who is not in your team within the 200 meters radius should be defeated or killed.


At once, the Flamingru made a loud cry and turned to face the incoming Emma. The other Flamingru saw their leader rage and stared at him for a moment.

”Kill those intruders. ” His genderless voice echoed throughout the grassland.

The flames on the Flamingru grew higher, they swung their weapons and rushed toward Emmas group.

[[There are 15 incoming enemies. Preparing a battle plan.]]

[[Error. Not enough data about the Flamingru race.]]

[[Using the universal battle strategic.]]

A series of battle plans appeared before Emma. He looked at the battle plan from the corner of his eyes while his focus was on the incoming threat.

e outnumbered by 15. This won be an easy battle. He shook his spear and a light glow came from the spear.

[[Weapon synchronizing completed.]]

{Don engage. Retreat to your north.}

Emma stopped abruptly and stared at the rows of words in his mind. He tried to move but his body won listen to his command. What the hell is happening. He took a deep breath.

”Zeus, What the hell is happening to me? ” He checked the video feed at the right corner of his eyes and saw others were equally frozen.

”Do you see the message too? ” Emma asked through the comms.

”Yes. We can move our body forward. ” They chorused.

”Zeus is anything wrong with our body? Or are we under attack or something? ” Emma asked.

[[Detecting none.]]

[[Running in-depth analysis.]]

For a moment, the five were quiet, lost in their thoughts. It was then a voice broke their thought.

”Why don we try to move back? ” Mata suggested in a low voice. Shes new in the group and didn expect her suggestion to be accepted.

”Ok ” Everyone answered.

What! She rolled her eyes not believing what she just heard.

The Flamingrus looked at the frozen group and their hysterical laughter reverberated throughout the surrounding area. Their eyes burned with fury and their yellow pupil darkened.

Yet the temperature of the surroundings never goes up or down. It remains the same. They raised their weapons, closing, and the wild disdain spread throughout their faces.

Emma didn care about the incoming threat. His head was running on Mach 10, thinking of what caused these sudden changes in their body.

His blood runs cold and his skull freezes from all the possible danger if this continues. He tried to take a step back. And it went smoothly.

What the hell.

He looked at the others and witnessed the same scene. They could move back. This can be right!? A bad premonition spread through his heart, making it miss a beat.

”Sir, are you thinking what Im thinking? ” Jojos trembling voice came over the comms.

Everyone was sweating from the inside out. This is frightening. Emma tried to calm his raging heart but he couldn . This was a nightmare.

He would rather die than let this happen to him. This may be our imagination. Let me try to attack He shook off the overwhelming thought from his head.

He exhaled deeply. Emma raised his right leg and tried to take a step forward. But found it impossible to move forward.

The deep apprehension in his heart was true. How can this be! he shouted in his heart.

[[In-depth Analysis 50% complete ]]

The Flamingrus were only a few meters from Emmas team. Their savage wild nature spread through their faces with their dreadful laughter.

They saw Emmas team as a team of ants that needed to be killed without any difficulty.

”Prepare to defend. We can leave this Alizda mark. The next mark is probably a couple of km from us. That we don have the time. ”

The others nodded and took a battle stance. Jojo moves far from Emma while the others follow but maintain the same formation.

Emma looked at the incoming Flamingrus and a furious glint appeared in his eyes.

Who the ** are you to look down on us. He dashed toward, pouring all the anger on the incoming Flamingrus.


A spark of fire shoots everywhere. The wild hysterical laugh of the Flamingru ceased for a moment.

They blinked their eyes and gasped, staring at the people in front of them in shock.

[[In-depth Analysis completed.]]

[[Extreme Danger detected.]]

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