I licked my lips as they were dehydrated. I am slowly bringing up my body to my black duvet. I heard a brutal thunderstorm outside the house. As I turned to my window, the rains were raining cats and dogs. Wind breeze can be seen that we
e swaying harshly through the trees. Sometimes, I feel like the weather means something to everyone. Perhaps there are specific meanings or emotions beneath it that someone can relate to. Nevertheless, today is a good day. Why does it have to be raining?

”Rovina honey, wake up. Its time for breakfast. ” Mother knocked through my door.

”Im up, mom! ” I said as I brought myself up to my nearest comfort room to freshen up. I looked up to my reflection and saw a girl with straight blonde locks, greenish orbs, thick eyebrows, long lashes, and red kissable lips. I must thank my parents for this. Despite the riches, it was hard growing up to be in a Lockhart family. There are specific rules to follow to avoid staining our names. And with that, both of my parents have been strict about my whereabouts and activities inside and outside the house.

Growing up, I had never had a problem with anything; I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I was pampered from head to toe. I had a lot of friends, but not all were genuine. Adler was the only one there for me. Complex life, isn it?

My mom is a business tycoon and as well as my dad. I inherited my locks and eyes through my fathers then the face structure and lips with my mom. Their good genes led me to what I look today. And to add, boys flocking over me was never a problem. I guess theres a tiny one. I have had a massive crush on my best friend Adler Turner since I don remember when. It is just that since birth we have been together, he is different from all the boys I have met and has a great personality. Let me add up that he has an excellent physical feature too. So how can I resist that beauty?

Hurriedly getting out of my room, ”Good morning, where are they?. ” I greeted all of our housemaids while pointing out the directions to the dining area. I expressed my gratitude and continuously walked to my destination.

”Mom, ” I said. I looked through our dining room. Ive seen fresh pancake that is ready on the plate. The orange juice, too, looked delicious.

”Here, honey! ” mom said.

I saw her prepare the utensils needed for breakfast. And without hesitations, I helped her with it. My mother is a busy woman. Although a business tycoon, she always managed to care for my father and me. Shes a hands-on mom, which I admired if I was not a Lockhart; I might probably be more appreciative of our situation right now. Business mothers don always have the time like this, but still, I love my parents.

”Mom, have you heard from Tita Adele that Adlers gonna come home today? ”

”Yes, honey won you meet him at the airport today? ” she said.

”Yes, mom, Im just worried about the heavy rain today. It seems that the driver will have a hard time driving to the airport. ” I uttered.

”Where is dad? By the way, mom, I haven seen him this morning? ” I added.

”He had business to attend to, honey. Hes in New York right now; I guess he forgot to tell you about it. Hell call later probably, don worry. ” she answered.

”Its okay mom, Ill just message him later, ” I said as I continued chewing my hot pancakes.

My father, William Lockhart, is a renowned businessman in the country. Despite a lot of competitors, he had remained to be on top. That is why I, their only daughter, am provided with many restrictions throughout her life. Some business person involved with him had betrayed him. Thinking that they would not be caught, but fortunately, my father was thoughtful and careful enough to avoid certain scandals that would surely go to stain our companies name.

”Thanks for the breakfast, mom. I am going to change my clothes still have some schedule today. And I am going to fetch Adler. ” I said as I kissed my mother goodbye.

”Hmmmmm, ” humming happily, I walked back to my room to dress up. Finally! After six long years, we are going to be inseparable again! Adler has been staying in Germany with his brothers; he was there to take training in handling the company. Lockharts and Turners businesses are widely spread globally. We have varieties of companies to start with. From malls, hotels, and restaurants, we are reigning in the corporate world.


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