Its been a couple of hours since I am here in the floodplain— the flat area alongside the river. Its been hard for me to come up here in Anivor. I miss my parents, my comfortable life, my family, and especially my Adler— my beloved best friend. I am positive that they have en looking for me right now. How many days has it been since I got here?

Albeit with the abundance of nature around me, I still miss the life I had before. The familiar yet unfamiliar place that I had started to love now.

”Mistress. ” A soft little voice resonates through my ears.

”Hey, Kela ” I turned my head around as the familiar little face of a girl appeared.

”How did you find me? ”

The current location right now is quite far from their house. After I had realized how complicated my situation is right now. My feet have taken me to this place. The quiet ambiance gives pure serenity that you cant surely experience in a city. What I love about these are their unique sparkling waters. The land is surrounded by its glistening lights as it reflects the sunlights natural rays. Indeed a perfect place for thinking and clearing your mind in tangled thoughts.

”Well I look for you everywhere and my mother is worried about you. Mistress, youve been missing for hours, ” she said emphasizing every word, especially the hours and missing. This kid sure knows how to taunt. Who taught her?

”Im sorry about that. I just gave my mind a peaceful environment to think thoroughly. ” I said with an apologetic smile at the little girl.

”Its okay lets go home now.

I stood up from the land I was sitting on. Kelass small hands were already extended for me to take it. Gladly taking it we had started to walk side by side without breaking out the intertwined hands together.

”I am sorry about my negligence of the time, Kela. It seems to me that I needed to accept my fate right now. ” I turned to Kela who was clueless about what I was saying right now.

I loudly sighed as I analyzed that there is no way home now. This is surely my new home temporarily. I can just give up the possibility of going back! Somehow somewhere I can definitely be back in my parents arms again.

”Maybe I can help you mistress! I lived here since I was born and am quite familiar with the forestry and outside of it! ” she giggled loudly as if she he taught of a brilliant idea. I smiled at that scenario.

”Well if you insist little girl. I lived in a city where it is called Manila. Our house is located in a faraway land where only VIPs can access and have tight security to protect us from any vulgarities. And we are very prominent globally. ” I narrated as I watched her face getting wrinkles from all the things I had said. It obviously doesn get what I am saying.

I laughed loudly. This kid is really funny. Shes trying hard to help me despite her limited knowledge and information.

”Perhaps my mother was definitely right about you mistress. It seems that you have been dreaming of another world that doesn seem to exist here. I only know the royalties to possess a huge house which is surrounded by gold furnishing. If you belong to them why didn they start any search and rescue for you? ” she honestly shared her thoughts with me.

It is impossible to forget where I came from Kela. It is I that is mistaken sharing this thing with a little girl like you. I silently thought.

”May I ask something Kela? ” the girl nodded without hesitations while looking at me.

”Why is it that in your house there are no visible neighbors? It is only natural that is all surrounding your little house. ” Ive been thinking about this matter. It seems impossible to have no neighbors since it is still an enormous land that can cater to one big family.

”Remember what my Ina has told you? The land that we lived in right now is owned by one of the royal families. They have only blessed us the right to stay there and no other than. My mother is working at a small clothes shop in Alverna to provide for us. The pay is reasonably good and we had made use of that by planting veggies and fruits that you can see nearby our house. ”

I stopped walking causing the little girl to stop too. As I heard her say that it seems that I have been a burden for the mother and daughters life! It shouldn be like this, I am only a visitor in their land and am still unfamiliar yet but I need to provide for myself too! I can just be a freeloader!

”I-I am sorry about that. I intend to find a job first thing in the morning to not bother your mother anymore with my existence. ” I sincerely said to the little girl. It must be the reason why I seldomly see Ms. Alena. She was working to provide for a stranger like me that she doesn know really well. Her time and efforts intended to be with her daughter are taken by me.

”Let us go now. ” I immediately held the little girls hands as I was almost half running. I need to see Ms. Alena this instant and asked for her help in finding a possible job that is suited for me.

Almost seeing the small house I was stopped by a loud unfamiliar noise nearby our current walking pathway. The rustling of the leaves was echoing. Unconsciously, I tightened my hold on Kelass hands. My mind is telling me that possible danger in this small forestry is possible. We can never know what is gonna come.

”Stay on my back. ” I nervously pushed the little girl to my back to protect her. I need to get out of here as much as possible! The sky is already getting dark and the lights were almost eaten by the darkness!

”Shush. ” I continually heard the rustling nearby. Concentrating to hear where it originally came from I focused myself to observe where is its origin.

”Ahhh! ” Kelas voice echoed around the forest. A sudden jump of a creature made her like that. Because it was all dark I was having a hard time clearly seeing what the danger is.

I instantly turn our positions around.

”Who are you?! ”

”Show yourself this instant! ” I angrily spouted as my nervousness was already eating my system.

Small footsteps were heard, it was definitely walking closer in our direction. The darkness has hindered me from instantly seeing its face. Step by step the moonlight was already showing its true appearance. A familiar furry small claw has appeared.

”Meow. ” I gasped loudly as I remember clearly. This is the cat who can talk! The one who is all to blame on why I am here and why of all places in another world! This is very out of hand. An outrageous happening that was ruining my life!

I released the small hands of Kela. ”Please, you must go home first I news to do something urgent now. ” Hesitating the girl took back my hands stopping me from what I had planned. ”Go now. Ill be okay its just a cat. ” If you only knew Kela this is not an ordinary cat, to begin with. The girl has been satisfied with my reasoning and has already run to its house.

”You! ” Facing the cat again, I aggressively pointed out my hands to it. Without any hesitation, I run to its place immediately to catch it. I need to investigate that wretched cat! Unfortunately, it also runs fastback making me run after it.

Running. I was endlessly chasing the cat, I was never able to catch it since the first time I saw it. Huffing, my breathing has been becoming harsh. My body is obviously tired from all the running I made. This is not good I still need to cat that cat and asked my curiosities and answers!

”Are you enjoying Anivor, Rovina? ” the cat was meters away from me. It was sitting comfortably while doing its favorite habit which is licking its small claws.

”What did you do?! Why am I here, huh?! ”

”Bring me back instantly! I can stay here please my family are worried about me. ” I suddenly broke down saying those words to the mystified cat. Perhaps, its good spots will surface, and consider my request on going back to my original home.

”I can , I am sorry. You still need to help us Rovina. There is a lot of things that you need to do to be able to get back. ” without any emotions on its face the cat has straight said it to me like a slap on my face.

”But why me!? I told you didn I? I am not capable of doing whatever the things you need me to do! I just can !

I continued to cry loudly. Perhaps the unshed tears I was holding back on my few stay I am here are finally getting out relentlessly.

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