Another Day it is! I don know why but I woke up with a big smile on my face. I have been happy in my life but this kind of feeling differs significantly from what I experienced. Is this his effect on me? Am I that in love with him?

I dragged myself out of my queen size bedroom. I have a lot of plans today. Skipping merrily, I drew open the curtained window, and there I saw the bright sun rays that were hitting on my face. Seem like the weather is on par with my mood for today!

Rushing to the comfort room, I took my time taking a bath. I need to be presentable and beautiful in front of Adler.

”La la la la… ” I hummed loudly together with a small dance. That must be how happy I am. Im not even a dancer, to begin with! What am I doing? The things we all do for love, huh?

Nevertheless, I took hours to prepare myself. I took the liberty to have put a simple make upon my face. However, I am constantly required to be presentable at all times. I avoid makeup because my face seems to itch from those chemicals. So when I use it, I only put a small amount to accentuate my facial features somehow.

”Almost there. ” Why is it so hard to put an eyeliner! Ive been standing there trying to balance the two, but its just so hard. I guess it was confirmed when my mom said beauty is pain. ”Argh…..and done. Finally! With a satisfied smile, I examine my face from left to side if I had indeed done a great job beautifying myself simply. I remained steady, watching myself in the mirror, realizing that my face was different when dolled up. This is a whole me certainly. The downside is it takes hours to be this beautiful. All for love! I cheered silently to myself. Picking a dress to match my looks today was easy. I only choose a white A-line dress to appear angelic in his eyes. I know he loves watching me on dresses.

Bringing myself to the Dining Room, the housemaids seem to glance at me after one another. ”Do I look weird? ” I nervously ask them. The others who were working stopped at what they were doing. The disapproval in their eyes immediately showed.

”N-no, miss! You are exquisite today. It is just that you look like a walking Barbie doll. ” the head housemate expresses with a smile. I blush at their compliments, and they must have seen it because they chuckled while staring at my face. I instantly covered my red tomato-like cheeks. This is embarrassing!

”I-I sincerely thank you for that. Don mind me, please. ” I coughed to lessen my embarrassment. I keep covering my face until I am at our mansion stairs. Why do I blush easily? Before arriving, there was a familiar voice I heard in our dining area. I instantly rushed to see who it was and check if I was right all along. It was Adler! Its still early. Why is he here? I expected us to meet sooner but not soon as in now. He had to give me a heads up before coming here to prepare myself further.

”Good morning, mom. ” I kissed my mother, who was again with Adler. They were laughing together as if they were talking about something I shouldn know. I turned myself to Adler, who was already staring back at me.

”Its early complimentary breakfast is a no-no in our house, Mister. ” I squinted my eyes as I continuously stared back at him. Standing over six feet tall, he casually wore a white t-shirt with his black jacket. His plain trouser pants and white sneakers make him look like an innocent boy next door.

As I examined him, our eyes didn miss the chance to meet. Why do I always find him already staring at me when I look at him. Perhaps something psychic about us is happening, I jokingly said to my mind.

”Good morning Ruby. No, I am here for you. Lets go out as always in the past. ” wiggling his eyebrows at me. Gosh, how can he always make me like this?

”I didn expect you to be here early at this moment, though. What are you planning? ” He extended his hands to me as if telling me to come closer to him. I held him willingly, giving him what he wanted. My eyes drifted to the hands that were intertwined. They fit together well. He holds on to my waist. Flashing his big smile, I reflected on what he was doing.

”I want to be with you. ” his baritone voice filled my ears. Snaking his arms to my waist, embracing a tightly.

I didn answer back. All I ever wanted was to savor the moment we are this close, and I am the woman this man holds. Happiness won cease in my heart. My mind can stop, thinking the joy I am experiencing right now will be equaled to sadness soon.

”There, kids, the foods are cold now. You two better eat this, or I am going to throw this out. ” mom jokingly intervenes. I freed myself from Adlers tight embrace seems like I must get used to his presence again by now.

”Ahem, lets eat. ” I watched my mom settle herself on her chair. Her stares lingered at me for a minute. Her eyes were saying something, and I knew what it meant. Shes definitely teasing me! My face slowly heated up. Why did we make a scene in front of my mother again? Wrong move, Rovina!


”Remind me why we are here in the park again, Addy? ” As we silently walked down to the parks playground. Side to side, we solemnly feel each others warm presence and the silence of the nights atmosphere. The cold air blew my hair where the strands were getting in my eyes. I hugged myself to the coldness. The cold was never my friend.

”Here, don make yourself endure the cold wind, ” Adler said as he was covering my back with his jacket. The intense perfume and his natural scent reached my nostrils. I guess this would be my favorite scent from now on.

”I had fun today Addy. I never knew strolling around at the mall could be any better. ” I look up to the nights darkness and watch how it devours the light in the sky. The moon was saying brightly, giving off a romantic ambiance.

”Isn it beautiful? ” I asked him while starting at the moon. The silence was all I heard; there were no responses from him. My eyes instantly searched for Adlers eyes, his eyes that were looking straight to my soul-piercing every barrier that has locked all my hidden admiration for him. It was definitely breaking all my lock walls.

”It is indeed beautiful. ” he then flashed his big white smile. How does a perfect man exist?

Be calm! Thats what I am thinking right now. The beating of my heart was too loud that I was anxious he might hear it. Breaking our eye contact, I forced myself to look for another distraction. In the end, the shining moon was my last choice and best choice to lessen the nervousness I was feeling.

”Ruby, I know that this might be hard to believe, but I-I like you. I don know how this started, but I know that I am sincere about this feeling. ”

Shocked. I was barely recovering from what I was feeling in the past minutes, and he confessed now! My jaw literally dropped open with the words he said. Am I dreaming? He said that, right? The words I wanted to tell him were told by my friend first. I even have the thought that I might only be having a one-sided, but it turns out he feels the same too!

”A-Adler, I don know what to say. I didn expect that youd fall for me. All this time ai thought you only see me as your younger sister. ” I let him hear my sentiments. This is the moment to let him know what I kept all these years we are together as best of friends.

”I didn view you as my sister, and never will I. I always make sure that you feel special when we are together. And only I can do that t you, Ruby. There will be no other man than me providing you the assurance you deserve. ” his eyes were nervously looking at me. The defeaning silence was once again felt around us.

I know that I maybe unreasonable right now for telling him that we share the same feelings. It is just that I don know how to start and my mouth can utter a single word. Despite the silence, he smiled and stood proudly. He extended his arms for me to stand up.

”You don need to answer now. Ill wait for you. ” as his had were slowly caressing the back of my hair. ”Thank you, Addy. ” I flashed a smile despite the nervousness I was feeling.

”Lets get you home now, Ruby. ” Hand by hand we were walking quietly.

”Meow. ” a voice cat distracted me from Adler. Searching for that owners voice, I found a white cat nearby hiding from a small flower pot. I didn seem to make a big deal out of it, but I looked again. Its eyes were definitely glowing red! I stopped at my track, and Alder has halted too.

”Whats wrong? We
e here in your house now, Ruby. ” Adler said as he was curiously looking at me for my sudden reaction. Completely ignoring him, I searched for the cats location again but found it missing.

What was that? Was it a trick of the light? I am sure that it was glowing!

”Addy, did you see a cat on our way back here?

”Nope, did you? ” He asked as he was tilting his head left and right for a possible cat in the area.

”I guess no, I must be imagining. ” I must be tired today. What am I thinking?

”Go up now, Ruby. I know you
e tired from today. Ill see you tomorrow. ” Adler said as he kissed my cheek goodbye.

”Sweet dreams, love. ” he breathily added.

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