”Honey. ” a knock on my door interrupted me from combing my straight blonde hair. It opened and revealed my mom holding a tray; it must be the food she mentioned earlier. She then placed the tray on my bedside table and came closer to my vanity, where I was located.

”Let me, honey. ” the comb I was holding was now in my mothers hand. Staring at my reflection on the mirror, I seem like a miniature replica of my mother if in a close-up view. We differ in age, but all in all, there is no doubt I am a Lockhart.

”What did happen, mom? I indeed am okay right now. I don feel any wrong in my body. ” I honestly confessed to lessen her worries. I also want to know what made them worry that mom was the one who woke me up for sleep. Daily, it is always the butler or housemaid assigned to the task. Mom stopped for a moment and started to explain things earlier.

”The butler has called me, for they have knocked into your room a thousand times, yet you didn answer. They immediately called me to unlock your room, and there we found you coated in a lot of sweat. You weren breathing, honey! I did everything to wake you up. Fortunately, here you are right now. My daughter, we can afford to lose you. ” she reminisces while staring back at me in the mirror.

”I u-uhm sorry for making you worry, mom. ” I caress her hand slowly. The alone time with my mother was interrupted. The door was opened loudly, causing our attention to be focused on the sudden loud noise. There I saw the great man I admired. Walking rapidly in our direction, my father suddenly hugged me right. My breathing nearly stopped for how tight it was. Asking my mother for help, I looked at her in the eyes signaling to let my father know to let go. Instead of helping, she chuckled at the scene she witnessed in front of her. I frowned at her reaction; I need to breathe! I tapped my fathers back as a sign of letting go. His big arms were gradually loosened, but still, it was embracing me.

”I heard the news, daughter. I immediately came home after learning what had happened to you. Are you okay? ” He asked as he was thoroughly checking me from head to foot.

”Yes, dad. Mom already knows it too. ” I smiled at him. As an only daughter, I feel blessed right now. I had the money and loved anyone who could ask for it. Standing in front of me was the most healthier person in the country. William and Refine Lockhart has always been strict when it comes to the family name. I never realized how my parents loved me until today. They had canceled a lot and made time to check if I was really alright. It means a lot already.

A soft knock on the door has diverted our attention from each other. ”Madam, the doctors have arrived. ” the butler said.

”Please let them in immediately. ” My mother commanded. Minutes passed the doctors mom called had already come. Multiple checks on me were done immediately. I realized that life is too different if you have money. Hospitalization and medicine can be secured if ones has to offer, but if they do not have it, the tendency is they will be disregarded. I watched how the doctors and their assistants do their expertise on me. The nervousness in their eyes was visible, especially since Regine and William Lockhart, my parents, had been keenly observing how I was treated. I smiled at the people that were treating me. I was telling them theres nothing to be nervous about and they just have to relax.

”Ruby! ” A loud thud echoed through my rooms wall as I saw Adler panting while looking for me. When he saw my eyes he pushed himself just to get through the medical people checking on me. ”I heard the n-news! What happened, are you really okay?! ” Turning his back at me, he then looked at the doctors standing behind him not knowing what to do or how to interfere with this man in front of me going ballistic. ”Hurry! What and where are the results! ” he glared at them one by one. I chuckled at Adlers reaction he seems to be overacting. I swooped my hands in a fluid motion reaching Adlers hard arms as he was distracted by scaring the physicians. I succeeded in getting his whole attention he instantly searched for my eyes.

”I am fine, please don scare them they can do their jobs properly if you all people are here. ” I jokingly said to let them calm down.

Hours have passed and the light was slowly getting eaten by the darkness again. The doctors have already confirmed their results to my parents and Adler. There was nothing to worry about as expected.

The hours have gone by shortly. My windows are all wide open, and the sceneries outside can be easily seen. The sun has begun to disappear through the horizons. Its sun rays were orangey giving off its beautiful settling. And still, despite the picturesque view I think of the dream last night. I released a big sigh. Was it really a dream?

”Hey. ” Adlers doorstep was silent. I was brought back to my reverie with that cold baritone voice.

”Hey, sorry for troubling you. I hope I didn cancel any schedule of yours today. ” He was striding towards my bed. Eyes to eyes without breaking its contract. Sitting down he busied himself my u groomed hair. It might be messy right now. I haven seen my face in the mirror since the last time I was combing it.

”Nope, ” he said popping the p. ”Youll always be my priority. It will be Rovina over anything else. ” his eyes were full of sincerity. The tucking of my hair has been slowing down and his hand reached my naked face. He thoroughly examines it as if it will be the last one we will see each other.

Unconsciously I hugged Adler bringing him to shock for my sudden action. The tight embrace was my energizes for todays happening. I nuzzle my nose to his neck smelling his manly perfume coated with his natural scent. This is heavenly indeed.

”Meow. ” a cats soft mew was resounded the room. It is another cat again, this must be a dream I can never be bothered by it again! The cats voice has sound more loudly than the last time. Realizing the situation I immediately get up on my bed. I searched for the voice that has woken me up but there was no single shadow that illuminates through the rooms light.

The last time I remember was I was with Adler. Where is he? Searching for Adlers presence through my room I found none. He must have settled me here and already got home too. I smiled at that thought. My ever caring best friend and love.

I checked the time for it was obviously too late already. It was past midnight again, the same time I witnessed the unearthly cat being able to talk like a normal human being.

”Meow…..meow ” Again the voice has come back to my room! Totally sure this is not a dream anymore! I jumped on my bed and found my inside slipper instantly. The voice was coming outside from the windows again. Making sure that I was right I double-checked if the cat was there and it was! Hurriedly opening the window I was welcomed by a strong cold breeze. The night seems eerie, the I was able to see a fog which is rare to be seen in this part of the country!

Distracted, the cat welcome itself again to my room. It was walking through my door and harshly scratching it as if telling me to open it. A cat commanding a human? How is that possible? Unfortunately, I can testify that it really is possible. Opening the door, the cat continued to walk through the hallway of the mansion until we are at our main door. I was following it like a slave to a master. My curiosities were telling me to follow it despite the big objection of my mind. Somehow I need to prove to myself that this thing existed here in our world. Perhaps this will be a great discovery for the world. A talking cat with its own consciousness and decisions.

Debating silently with my brain. I was shocked to see the cat was already staring at me. I did not notice it has stopped walking for minutes. I secretly scanned the place we had stopped off. The tall trees and the greenery place got me thinking that this is a familiar place. It is the park we land Alder had gone to! Making sense, I looked at the cat remembering this is the place where I saw it for the first time.

I crouched down to level the cats height. It was sitting to a huge tree, a new huge tree precisely. I never saw this tree when we came here! Where did this come from? Well, I guess it isn questionable anymore. The cat in front of me was unbelievable indeed if I were not had able to encounter it personally.

”Is this your home? Are you bidding goodbye now? ” The thought of the cat leaving makes me a little bit sad. I expected it to get to know more somehow. But he doesn belong to me so I need to let him go. Attempting to caress its fur the cat suddenly spoke for the first time this night.

”Yes, it is Rovina. And it will be your home too. ” Stunned at its statement I hadn had the chance to open my mouth as I was already falling on the ground. A strong pull of an unknown power was absorbing me. With the last energy left in me, I tried to open my eyes only to see the cat and the glowing tree behind it and I was out of breath. Blacked out.

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