”Mistress ” A soft voice chanted.

”Mistress wake up. ” the voice keep calling for me. I wasn sure if it was intended for me but somehow it helped me to come alive. The sound of the rustling leaves with the harsh wind breeze was hitting the trees. The tweets of the birds echoed around me making synchronized chirping sounds. And the nearby river, it is water movements that were running along its banks were loud. I am outside thats for sure. The natures voice was eating all the noises around me. But I can still see things! What is happening?

My mind was conscious but why can I move my body. The petite body was aching all over as I was having a hard time thinking of possible solutions with it right now. I tried opening my eyes but my body was not cooperating. I was trying hard but unfortunately, my body is temporarily paralyzed thats for sure. Seems all the energy on my body has left me. I can feel and hear things but I can do anything right now. You
e definitely spiritless right now Rovina. I silently said to myself. Then I thought about the reason for my current state I remember the cat. It must have been caused by the unknown absorption caused by that unearthly cat! Aggravated, I tried badly to moved my fingers but it was still not moving. I still need to find that impertinent cat! I tried and tried after long hours of trying I still didn succeed in moving.

”What should I do now! ” I silently said to myself. I was close to giving up when suddenly my fingers have moved! One by one from my index to thumb they were all cooperating well now! I triumphantly celebrated silently on my mind when I heard voices that were heading closer to my location. I know they are close now. I can clearly hear what they are talking about.

As I was in my desperate and hoping state. I suddenly felt small hands that were poking through my small face. My head knotted when I smell something awful that really hurt my nose. The sudden friction in my body brought shock through my body. I was able to open my eyes now! While rejoicing I heard a squeal from a little girls voice.

”Ina! The girl is finally awake! ” she shouted as she was running to a middle-aged woman who looks like her. It must be her mother. She was jumping in glee as if she was telling something important to her. I squinted my eyes for the blinding sun rays were hurting it. My eyes must have been used to the darkness thats is why it is reacting like this. When I was able to grasp what really has happened, I saw the little girl wanting to approach me she pulled her mom to perhaps helped me again.

”Who are you? Where am I? ”

”Hello, mistress. I am Kela and my mother who is standing behind me is named Alena. ” I was able to observe how the two females in front of me were a little bit different. I had the chance to examine them from head to toe. Their faces were quite dirty, it must come from the mud. Their clothes were looking like they came from old generations clothes that the classic people used to wear; it is very traditional. And the footwear they are wearing is nothing like used wooden slippers that were made from woods and twigs.

As I was able to realize ad come to my senses, I checked the place where I am sitting right now. Behind me is a big old tree that was looking the same as the last thing I remember when I was absorbed by unknown energy. When I felt fine with my body, I wandered my eyes with the forestry I am in now. Nearby was a small wooden house that was built from wood scratches and they had just nailed it to make it somehow a house. And thats it, there were no other things I can see except for the nature surrounding me and the small house.

The hopelessness I felt earlier was immediately gone now. Finally, someone can help me out of this. I was on cloud nine when my head started to pound making me dizzy. The vision in my eyes was slowly doubling. When I touched my head I felt a bunch of pressure goes through the up of my brain. The last thing I saw was the girl and her mother rushing through me with their faces visibly showing concern and nervousness. Then, I was again consumed by darkness.

”Hmm, butler John please draw the curtains. The sun is badly hurting my eyes. ” I said as I turned myself around to find a comfortable position. Eager to continue sleeping my body seems to hurt all over. The bed I am laying at is not as soft as it is before! When I was able to register the happenings I instantly rose my body from the unfamiliar bedroom I was in.

The door suddenly opened, the little girl I saw the last time is the same girl who is in front of me now. She instantly approached me and gave off a big smile on her small face, openly staring intently at me. After a minute of the staring game, the little girls mother has entered the room. Just like her mom, the little girl was beautiful, they are both a beauty.

”Mistress, are you feeling alright now? ” The mother asked me as she was putting a plate beside me. It was food, all of a sudden my stomach was growling loudly. Embarrassed, I looked at the mother who was secretly looking at her daughter, the two were secretly chuckling.

”I-I thank you for the food. ” my hoarse voice was new to me. My voice has changed it became deeper than the last time I checked. The mother just smiled at me, she then held the hands of her daughter and pulled her to the exit of this room leaving me now alone. They must realize that I need privacy. Hmmm.

Disregarding the issue I began to devour the simple food that was prepared for me. How many days was I unconscious again? Shamely gobbling up because of hunger, my supposed to be version is gone. If my mother would see me acting like this she will definitely kill me! Tsk.

Done with my discourteous action earlier I tidy up all the mess I had made. The house isn hard to familiar with, there are only 3 windows and two doors. The other door must be the door I saw from the forestry. Overall it is a plain house without any floors. A one-story house that only consists of classic furniture and decorations.

Bringing myself outside, the little girl was playing with the flying butterflies. While its mother was busy hanging the wet clothes she must have washed recently.

Without further ado, I approach the busy mother.

”Excuse me. ” from hanging her clothes she faced me. She was urging me what was supposed to be my purpose of approaching.

”Where am I? ” the mother was confused by my question. She also called her daughter and asked the same question to her. Both confused they stared at each other and me. Still unclear to me why are they staring at me like that as if I said something wrong?

e in Alverna Mistress. ” Puzzled at what they said. I asked again.

”A-Alverna what? ” I asked as I stuttered to the places unfamiliar but somehow familiar name. Where is this place?!

”Am I hearing the wrong things? ” I desperately asked. Deep in my heart I know it was hoping that this wasn true. This might be a dream again that I just need to wake up.

”You are indeed in Alverna, Mistress. All of the land you
e seeing here is in the hidden land of Alverna. ” she clarified as she was demonstrating all the land that surrounds us right now. Her hands were raised and swayed side to side as she was talking to me.

”B-but, I was just in our nearby park last time. How is this possible? ”

”Pardon miss, what is a park? ” the little one butted in curiously with its eyes to match.

I ignored its question and have been observing the possibility that this is indeed a reality. I might be thinking that I am in another world right now!

”Perhaps did you hurt your head, mistress? It seems that you don remember anything about our lands existence. ” Ms.Alena concluded that as if I am having amnesia!

”N-no! I surely am fine! I-i just want to know why exactly was I brought here? This is not my place, my world, and my comfort zone. ” I loudly whine as my feelings were already eating my head. It has been unrealistic to be in another world instantly without prior knowledge of traveling.

”Please tell me more. ”

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