For the past few days, I have been staying here as one of the added family of Ms. Alena. Standing as the big sister of Kela the cute little girl I am within the house right now.

”Mistress, do you perhaps belong to the affluent family in Alverna. May, I ask what is your name? ” the mother said.

”I am Rovina Lockhart the heiress of the Lockhart Corporation. My mother is Regina who holds lost of the business together with my father William Lockhart. ” I confidently said as I narrate my family background to them.

”So you do belong to the affluent family in Alverna Mistress. You have a second name, to begin with! ” the little girl bubbly shouted as she looked at me with mesmerizing eyes.

”Hmm. You can say so! We are known and somehow distinguished globally Ms. Alena. Our business was scattered across to a lot of countries. ”

”But may I ask what do you mean by the second name? I asked curiously as she had mentioned it earlier and it got me confused.

”The second name tells what factions you belong mistress. And you possessed one. We the poor have no rights for the second name for it only is applicable to all higher-ups. ” the bubbly little girl Kela informed me as her little hands were moving as if it narrates all her storylines.

”How is that possible? It doesn seem to make sense. A person can possess a surname? I never knew someone who doesn possess one!

The mother and daughter gasped loudly as if they were shocked by what I said.

”M-mistress, you don belong here. As I h- have heard your story you must be a princess! A mere poor family like us have no right to communicate with you like this. ” Ms. Alena said as she was slowly bending her knees and dragging her daughter; it was then they were already kneeling in front of me.

I am confused right now. The things they were telling me is unbelievable. Who on earth doesn have any surnames nowadays?

”What are you two doing? Oh no! Don get on your knees. Please get up immediately!

I instantly helped them stand. Kneeling is too much action for a conversation like this. I am not even sure if I am still in my country.

”May I ask something? Where is Alverna located? ”

I am very studious and I study several things that I just need to know for me to excel. I memorized everything from what people do that they often forget. Every detail, story, or happenings that they might miss can be instantly imprinted in my mind. And the last time I saw from the map this place-name doesn even exist.

I am the only one who knew what skills I possess. Even my parents don know it or thats what I thought. This must be somehow me being part of the Lockharts. We have the skill and talent to rule. And what I mean to rule is not for everyone, it is a great responsibility one must carry not only his/her problem but on every nation, he/she leads.

”Anivor is the name of our country mistress. There is four sub-sector which parts the people living here. First, Alverna is the central city of all the land here in Anivor. It is where usually all the royal families live. The city where golds are usually can be seen everywhere as decorations. Many rumors have surfaced that a lot of bandits and thieves tried to steal the gold on the streets but they didn succeed. The Alverna possess millions of armies to protect their land and riches. You can tell a royalty itself, mistress. They have a distinction on being one. They have a natural smell of fragrance. Some say it smells like flowers but some say they smell like honey. There is a lot to discover about the royal family mistress. I am afraid that the information we will give to you is limited. Our apologies, my family hasn been to Alverna since then and we have not encountered a royalty. ”

Hmmm, it makes sense if the armies are all there to protect them it is one of the best choices to stay safe. But a gold even on the streets? Its my first time hearing that! But a natural scent? Its even weirder not to mention they have been blessed with being fragrant all the time! How lucky!

”It doesn matter. What matters is I can somehow am informed of the places surrounding me. Please continue. ”

”The second one would be the Berden. In this place you can see almost all of the families who are next in line with the royal family. They mostly are also rich and are living comfortably unlike any others. In here you can find all sorts of families who were tied to a royalty for trading foods and products. The Berden people often find the money to all Alverna townspeople. They are basically partners in everything from foods, clothes to riches. But still the Alverna will always be the number one on being the riches sector of Anivor. ” I need to see this town, perhaps they know some of the Lockharts businesses. I need to gather information to get out of here.

”Third in line will be the Cavaliers. The town is known for their people. Most of them is a great followers. They often served all the Berden and Alverna town for thier services. Also most of the hired armies of the royalties were from this town. They are usually employed by their unmatched skills as impeccable in every household handling and security skills. ”

”And last but not the least would be the Denuit. This town is different compare to the three I just told you about. If the other three were living comfortably and honestly. The Denuit townspeople are mostly the dangerous ones. From thieves, bandits, killers and all possible perilous skills are possess by them. The poorest people are also found here, being banned from entering from Alverna for certain reasons the other town didn accept them and that left them to no choice but to live in Denuit. So as a part of the Denuit town they have no other choice to but to live hardly. The danger they bring also gives a fear of the other town. Leading to employment for them unless it is something dangerous. ” Ms.Alena shuddered as she was narrating how Denuit people differs from the three.

If I were to tell this place isn any different from the world I am in. There is a factor which only rich people can experience and also the poor peoples disadvantages in their daily lives.

”If I may ask Ms. Alena. Where do you belong to the four towns that you had mentioned? I asked as I was curious she hadn able to mention her originality.

”I came from the Cavaliers mistress. My husband were part of the Alvernas army and has saved one of the royal families life. They have given us a special excise for us to somehow live in silence now. Most of the lands you are seeing fro here and the small house are all from the royal families guidance. ” she smiled keenly.

”Perhaps do you know Lockharts? Or even heard from them? ” I hopefully asked.

”But mistress, weve never heard of the Lockharts. Weve been here for years but we only know three families who are recognized as royalty here. ” Ms. Alena nervously narrated.

”Who are they? ” Hoping that I may know some names.

”There are three big royal families to take note of. Third in line are the Lovemirs, known as the traders. They handle all the Kings and Queens command for the trading affairs. This include the food productions and all the clothes distribution for all of the stores you can see outside these little forest. ”

”The second family would be the Rainhearts. Just like the Lovemirs they are rich too. These families handle all the affairs connected to Lovemirs security. A humble family, usually they are known for being sociable to all townspeople. Including the poor family in Denuit town has praise them for being kind enough. ”

”Lastly, there are the Koronovs, the first in line of the richest people you can encounter in Alverna. The King and Queen of this land where mostly passed down to them for generations. They have two offspring that are on their training to lead next in line. ”

”Basically, the three family has been together in every way. Making all their plans and decisions as one for the betterment of the Anirov. ”

I was in my deep thoughts as I recall what unfortunate things happened to me within a span of days only. I spent the whole day brainstorming on what can I possibly do to get out of this unknown place. I realized earlier that this place called ”Alverna ” is on the same page as our Earth! I am sure of it. I have to find another information more. But where will I start? The Arinov is quite big and I don have the capacity to wander around here with me being clueless about the place. I need an alternative!

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