Curse of the MoonLight

Chapter 1: Rosemary Scarlet

My name is Rosemary scarlet I am 20 years old and a second-year student at the MoonLight university in the faculty of Arts, I have lived a normal life until that weird day.

”Rosy… Rose… Rose… Rosemary… ROSEMARY SCARLET ”

”Oh, hi Grace did you call me?? ”.

”Oh did I call you??!! well yes, I did call you ALMOST TEN TIMES ” she shouted.

”Sorry, Gracey I wasn paying attention ”.

”Well, its obvious but why are you wearing your headphones and what are you working on so focused?? ”

”I was working on a design for Mary Williams from the faculty of music, she wants me to help her by designing a dress for her for that big party her family is hosting and I have been stuck, so I am listening to some music ”.


Grace White, shes one of my closest friends in our university, while we are on the same faculty we do not major in the same thing, I major in fashion design but she majors in Theater and film, shes kind of overprotective of me sometimes, she is always nice and caring but she gets angry easily, so she is called The She-Devil.

”Gracey dear, I know you are surprised and angry for me but its ok I am prepared for the exams already and I have some free time, its just one dress that was first and for the second thing can you please lower your voice when you get surprised next time because my eardrums are hurting, ”I scolded her blocking my ears.

”Oh, sorry but she is remarkably absurd why ask you to make her a dress when she is super rich, she can just buy an expensive one anytime, ” she asked sitting in front of me, and before l could answer Adrian came into the class answering, ”she asks her because everyone in MoonLight knows that our Rose is capable of making the impossible possible thats why everyone is crazy about her ” then he gave a wink to us.

”First, I know that Rose is capable of a lot of things but she is also a human she gets tired, and anyone can get sick if they are overworked, so she needs rest from time to time too ”. Grace explained crossing her hands, and legs while she rolled her eyes.

”Second, if you are trying to get some info about Canary from me by saying sweet things and winking at us acting all cheesy then good luck next time, ” I said smirking.

Adrian Green, he is also a close friend, hes is from the faculty of Engineering, he is one of the smartest people in our university, he is a super nice guy but because of his looks and the way he talks people thinks hes a playboy, especially that a lot of girls has a crush on him even I think that sometimes, there was that one time I came with my childhood best friend Canary Dreyar from the faculty of Physical Therapy, and since he saw her he keeps saying that he has fallen in love at first sight but Canary is tough to get.

”Oh come on Rosemary tell me anything, ” he begged.

”Sorry, Adrian but I can for a lot of reasons, one: canary is studying to become a physical therapist, so she is almost busy 24/7 I don call her because I don know when she is free, so I wait for her to call me, two: she isn into you because she wants a serious relationship and you are simply…… hard to handle, three: even if she told me anything I will not tell you because she is my childhood friend and I have known her for almost 6 years, even if she is a year younger than us ”.

”But… but … well say whatever you want I will not give up I have my ways anyways I have 2 things I forget to tell you earlier ” and ”that is, ” I asked.

”I will tell you but I will run after it and don ask why you will know ok ” and I nodded.

”First Summer and Autumn were looking for you, it was something about Mary Williams I think, and…. ” before he could continue Grace put the she-devils face and cracked her knuckles while Adrian was preparing himself to run.

”Whats second Addy tell us?? why do you want to run?? I will not do anything, ” Grace asked in a scary tone.

”I doubt that with that face and tone, Zack has been hiding everywhere he can because of you two, Rose can be calmy and scary when shes angry, no one knows what could happen next, but when you get angry its best to run first, ” he answered standing as far as he could.

”TELL US WHAT IS THE SECOND THING?? ” ok now she is shouting I don think this will end well I thought to myself.

”Well, second I saw the principal a while ago and he told me to tell Rose to come to his office when she finishes her afternoon classes ”.

And before I could even blink Adrien and Grace vanished from the classroom, when I looked outside I could see and hear Adrien screaming for my help while running from Grace who is shouting at him for not telling us something this important or even calling earlier.

”SORRY ADDY I AM BUSY NOW IF YOU ARE STILL ALIVE BY THE TIME I FINISH, I WILL TRY TO HELP BUT FOR NOW I AM GOING TO SUMMER AND AUTUMN OK, ” I shouted loud enough so he could hear me, and I could hear all the students laughing at the sight of Grace and Adrien.

I went to summer and Autumns classrooms to see what do they want but on the way, I saw Macy and Ray black what luck.

”Oh hi there Rosemary why are you still here I thought they kicked you out ages ago and ….. ” blah blah blah I don care about what Macy says or thinks, shes always full of herself and her brother Ray is a nice boy and handsome but the problem is that he follows her everywhere and do anything she says if he just has some self-confidence, I think he will do amazing things, Macy majors in modeling and Ray in history education.

”Hey, do you hear me when I am talking to you?? ”.

”Ya ya Macy I heard what you said, so can I go now I have a lot of work ”

”Oooooh what is wrong did your friend leave you already?? ” she said with a quirky laugh.

”You should know this is not true don you hear Adrian screaming and we all know what that means, ” I said smiling because I know what reaction Macy will make now and that is… ” NO, YOU DEVIL LEAVE MY ADDY ALONE, ” she screamed and I laughed so hard.

Everyone knows that Macy has a huge crush on Adrian among a lot of girls, you can say she is his number 1 fan I don know for what reason, now while Macy and her brother run

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