In the 1799th year…

Neuschwanstein Palace is being watched by all palace officials and the people. They witnessed the death sentence for the queen, Eleanor. The king himself gave orders to his people to witness the execution process. The Queen was charged with betraying the king, she was a spy from the enemy of the kingdom, and also what made the queen more condemned to death was her forbidden story of having an affair with the warlord of the kings trust.

The warlord named Luis Van Edburg was only sentenced to life as a servant and exiled because his services were very large for the glory of the kingdom under the leadership of Adelard de Castama Oliver.

Loud voices heard the screams of the people when they saw their queen bound and closed her eyes. There is no longer the beautiful dress that the queen often wears, the crown that signifies she is the queen of the rulers of this country. They only saw a woman who was about to be sentenced to death and witnessed by the king.

Adelard de Castama Olivers anger at this time was no joke, he immediately witnessed and decided the punishment for his wife. The pain in his heart for the woman covered the magnitude of the love he had.

His heart ached and hurt when he witnessed with his own eyes when the lover he adored so much was making out with his trusted person. His extraordinary anger at that time made the two people he accused unable to explain the real situation. King Adelard didn want to hear all their excuses, it was enough for him as he witnessed for himself.

His heart had died right then and there, for him, Eleanor had died even though deep down she still worshiped her lover.

Queen Eleanor bowed languidly, she had no strength. Eleanor knew that today she would die at the hands of the man she had loved all her life. Eleanor was very hurt and she cried all the time, she was not weeping and mourning her death which was obvious in front of her eyes. Queen Eleanor wept because, until the end of her death, the misunderstanding that occurred between her and Adelard still could not be resolved.

The man hated it and threw it away, which made Eleanor hurt. How could he die peacefully when he saw his lover was not by his side and said the gentle and adoring words to him that Adelard used to say to him?

At the end of his death, he regretted that the man had to witness his death so harbored an intense hatred for him.

Eleanor remembers when they used to trust each other with feelings for each other, understand each other and the man never let her get hurt even to the tip of the fingernail.

Adelard de Castama Oliver was a ruler who was known to be very cruel. But, in her eyes, the man when she was with her was a loving man and always gentle with him.

Adelard de Castama Oliver loves him very much, he knows that and everyone knows that fact whoever deals with the queen is dealing with him, whoever makes the queen cry, then he is the first person who will kill anyone who hurts her lover.

The jealousy of the palace officials towards Queen Eleanor had already been heard in Adelards ears, so at that moment Adelard punished anyone who objected to the existence of the queen by his side.

Adelard de Castama Olivers love for Eleanor was evident when most of the kings had many concubines, but he never had any. For him, there was only one woman by his side, Eleanor. Many advisers and royal officials were against him but not Adelard de Castama Oliver if he was easily pressu

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