Daughter\'s boyfriend

” Annie whats wrong ” Katy asked for the umpteenth time after noticing how sour Annie was responding to their conversation.

” Did you fail any test ” Katy asked knowing how much of a book worm her friend could be

Annie let out a grievous sigh, if only she could open her mouth to speak.

” Okay enough being a clinker and cheer up already ”

” Theres this new club that is opening tonight how about we go check it out ” Katy said waiting to get a NO reply from her nerdy friend as they were the total opposite.

Annie was the conservative, shy, timid and naive type who only spent time reading, admiring nature or working while she was the loud and bold type who enjoyed spending lavish money on material things and partying out

Now that Annie thought about it , she had only this night before the man arrived, At least she could loosen up a little

” Yes, but can I only watch you know I don drink or dance ” Annie said only to watch Katy mouth drop in disbelief

” Yay! finally you are growing up , come lets check out some dresses ” Katy screamed with joy


Annie watched in disbelief as the city buzzed with vigorous life activities. She was never this late outside hence she didn know what it was like outside her home. Streetlight illuminated the street beautifully while clubs and bars were busy with night partying.

Annie carefully walked into the bar , the stench of liquor welcoming her with abundance. She watched stupified as various women danced around with almost nothing covering their bodies while men hanged around with liquor getting to select which of the ladies they preferred .

Annies eardrum ached from the blasting music that was being played by the disc jocker .

” You sit over that corner while I go get a drink ” Katy announced before walking off

Like a timid mouse , Annie walked off to the farthest spot possible where no one would sight her so she could watch the people as her stomach churned uncomfortably .

Suddenly she sighted a regal man walking towards her way . He seemed to be dressed like one of those rich CEO and he screamed money. Annie gulped her saliva with uncertainty .

” Hey beautiful ” Annie shuddered as she heard his deep voice.

His blue eyes examined her from head to toe , lustful thoughts buzzing in his mind. Annie watched as the man sat dangerous close to her enough for her to smell his stenched breath.

Annie grimaced when she saw him inhale her scent like an addicted fellow. Her mind screamed at her to run out and as just before she could make it happen an interferance cut her short

” She is taken ” Annie heard that disgusting voice that made her angry anytime she heard it . Annie stared at the stout man that was turning into nothing but a thin pile of bones. His huge grey moustache simply wet signifying that he had a fill.

His crinkling eyes that had grown sullen due to old age were obliviously glaring at the man who had made an attempt at flirting with her.

Suddenly, a group of hefty men came pulling him away as he tried to fight his way out

” Oh so you think you can have your way uhh ” Marco said with a tainted smile that made him look like a maniac .

Annie twisted her mouth in disgust when she saw the evident decay that had destroyed his stained teeth. She moved back wards when he walked towards her slowly measuring how excruciatingly slow time was for her at that moment .

” Be a good girl and follow me ” Marco said lifting his coat a little bit so she could get a glance at the gun in his pocket

Annie subconsciously swallowed and stood up,her knees shaking and her heart racing.

He held her roughly by the hand and dragged her towards the entrance. Annie looked back trying to see if she could get a glimpse of Katy but she was nowhere to be found.

He led her to the entrance stairways and dragged her to be back of the building before halting.

Annie didn miss the undoubtful lust that was present in his eyes as he brought out his tongue slowly licking his lips. She shivered for fear of her dignity and pride as a woman.

” Come pay your price for rejecting me ” He said sternly though a smile present on his face.

He grabbed a handful of her silky hair and inhaled it before yanking it forcefully causing Annabelle to yell in pain. She banged her hand on his chest but he didn seem to budge a bit .

The sound of footsteps seemed to have stopped him and she released a sigh of relief .

” Whats the use of the bedroom if you are this is done in public ” Hadean said mockingly with a smirk on his face until he sighted the little fawn that looked helpless and torn and immediately his face turned into a hardened rock.

Annie blinked in surprise as she stared at the person in front of her . Today he came in disguise as her saviour. She watched as his eyes blazed with ferociously fury and his aura more kunk and deadlier than ever. And for the first time she was really really scared of him..

Seeing that the man was distracted she pushed him away and ran behind Hadeans back that totally sheltered her away from the monster called a man

Here she was cowering in fear behind a man who happens to be ruthless himself, A man frightening enough to put the mind of men in utmost fear.

” Scram ” She heard his deathly voice and chills ran down her spine in the place of the person he was talking to .

She blinked as she heard the old man burst into laughter before everything became dead silent. So silent that the drop of pin was like music to her ears

She gasped when he pushed her to the back gently as the cold blast of wind sent goosebumps running down her skin

The oldman held out his gun and pointed it at Hadean in hope of threatening him off but the opposite happened

” A gun youve gotta be joking ” Hadean said flatly causing the old man to stare in surprise

Was he not afraid of death or was he blind not to see that he was holding a gun ?..

Hadean took more steps towards the pile of rotten bones called a human in front of him. The eery smile on his face only made him akin to the devil himself

Marco held the gun up close his hands shaking as he stared at the mysterious and sinister man that was coming towards him.

Without thinking straight, Marcos ran towards him out of fear and desperation the gun serving no obvious use in his hand .

Annie closed her eyes in fear tears pooling beneath her eye balls.

CRACK!! the sound of a broken bone echoed in the open space accompanied by a loud groan that symbolized heavy pain . Annie panicked inwardly her heart pumping faster than ever

The deathly blow that landed on the mans face caused Annie to be stricken with fear and surprise . No man would be able to survive that she thought.

Hadean stared at the man , his hands itching to kill and his eyes blazing with the bloody intent to kill and draw blood

To him this man was nothing but just a toy to play with and he enjoyed the fact that he also put himself to the task

Marco knelt on the tarred floor pain soaring round his body , his vision had started to go hazy as he tried to register what was happening. His heart raced in fear as the continuous drop of something warm yet thick landed on his hands

He shivered when the man lifted him by the neck like he was nothing but a rag doll. His spine tingling with anxiety when he saw the dark fury that was implanted in those cold eyes.

Hadean have never felt the need to defend someone before. Normally he would have just walked by like nothing mattered but when he saw her teary eyes and her lost face he couldn help the rage of fury that overcame him as he continually pictured her broken image in his mind ; How she had asked for his help, how she had begged and cried , the way her large mellow eyes gradually lost the twinkle in them

It was starting to make sense to him and his urge to kill this worthless man only intesified further .

The veins on Marcos head bulged out without hesitation his lungs lacking the main necessity needed for breathing

” Next time when I say scram I mean run ” Hadean uttered so harshly before flinging the man like a piece of rag towards the wall until silence enveloped them

Marcos vision turned pitch black as he slumped on the ground blood gushing out of his head

Hadean turned back to picture the expression on the little fawns face and he was right she was down right scared . Guess she must have gotten the message that he had tried to pass to her days ago.

Annie listened as everything fell into silence holding her chest as if suffering from asthmatic attack . Her legs wobbled like jelly on a plate and she lost the strength and energy to stand properly. Opening her large eyes that was filled to the brim with tears she saw the handsome man who lazily stared as if nothing had gone wrong .

His hands were tainted red and was constantly dripping with blood staining the floor on the process. She only could imagine how ruthless and scary he could be if this was a piece of cake to him

” I told you I was never the man of your dreams ” Hadean stated coldly

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