Damon King

Chapter 1: DAMON

Its quite funny though, its seems like a joke or can i say that i am trying to act funny, yet it is not funny, i am standing on a chair while tying up a rope on the ceiling hook, what gave me such morale or bravery to commit suicide, will killing myself be the solution to my problems, my Dad always thought me and my brother never to quit, he taught us how to win and also taught us how to lose so when failure comes, we would be able to stand up and continue the race, you didn lose when you fail, you lose when you quit and what i am about to do now is just the perfect sign that i have given up and am the one losing, i have been running through out my life ever since our father died two years ago, i have hidden in many locations, many places yet i am not yet safe, i lived and worked at a restaurant for three months, then i have to leave their because i saw someone close to my brother, the next three weeks i have to sell newspaper on the street but later realized that it was more dangerous to stay at such open place, i ran away from that town and lived at the next town close to our home, though am away from home that doesn mean that i wants to stay far from home, i still believe that things will get back to the way it was before, our father was one of the greatest mafia lord in our town, he was known for his bravery, he was the reason our town remained united and in peace, every mafia lord always has a sworn enemy after him, always trying to take away what kept him high, my father has something no one ever has, powers, he can control you to do what he wishes, anything he wants, he usually gets, out of everything he ever owned on this world, family is his number one priority, he never messes with his family, we have been attacked so many times by those after him but we always ends up being safe, he always keeps us safe but my mum was the opposite, she did things that really damaged the family, things always gets awry whenever shes involved, she is the major reason why i am away from home, now i am hiding in a college, i registered into the school as a student, i changed everything about me starting from my name, this school has been a perfect hiding place for me, i made sure that i lived invisibly in this school, i hardly go to classes so i won be getting unnecessary attention from people before my cover will be blown but despite all that, despite everything i have done, everywhere i have ran to, i am still not safe, i have tried my best, did everything possible, hid from one place to another, still my life continues being in danger, my brothers followers population keeps increasing daily, not just ordinary followers but high ranked people who also has more followers under them, most of them are mafias under our Dad who he has managed to inherit their loyalty, every mafia that worked for my Dad was mostly those ones he defeated and few others who decided to pledge their loyalties towards him, my brother has decided to take over control of everything, he has decided to have me killed so that everything will be his, my mother was supporting him, she is behind every decision my brother is making, she doesn even look at me like i am his son, he has always wanted me gone, things haven been going the way it should since my father died, my father decided to hand his empire over to me but died mysteriously on the process, no one is close to me, i don have much friends, the few i had has a abandoned me, they all are now serving my brother, not forcefully but willingly, the stabbed me on the back, they left me when i needed them most, a lot has gone through my life that makes me think that giving up is now my last option, i can walk outside peacefully without my heart resting for a bit, it always hits very fast whenever i am moving on the road, my brother might find me if i continue going on the road, i can even b

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