Damon King

Chapter 6: CLEOPATRA

I was just lying on my bed inside the room when we heard the knock, John and Chris was now inside the room with me dressing up for the party, they was dressing up really quick because they said that they are late already, i have given John my final answer, that i won be going to the party, i know that i probably got his hope high but later ended up disappointing them, i have never been out with them, whether night party or just drinking during the day, i just stay indoor all by myself, out there wasn a safe place for me, i know that one day, i will have to go out there and make things right but not with this pace am using now and also i don think am even ready yet to increase my pace at all, John opened the door when we heard the knock, he thought it was going to be one of the friends he has invited to go together with them so he was just wearing his underwear and comfortably opened the door, by the angle i was lying right now, i can see the shock on his face as he saw the person outside, he closed the door immediately panting a bit but wearing a smile on his face, he found the coincidence funny because he never expected it to be a girl, ” You look shocked, who was that ”, Chris asked him also smiling, ” it was a girl, not just an ordinary girl but the one i never dreamed or even imagined of coming here ”, he replied to Chris still smiling, it came into my head, it might be Cleopatra, he might have came to see me, Oh my God, its quite interesting, i have never seen myself being interested to know someone, not to talk of a girl but i have found myself thinking all about her today after i have helped her pack her stuffs, i have been imagining myself talking with her again, looking at her fair gold skin with red lips and light brown eyes, her thick black hair really got my attention towards her when i happened to persive the nice sweet smell of it, she tied it on a ponytail when i was helping her at noon, i never allowed myself to think anything about her body because i believe that i was never going to see or get along with her again, but what if she was the one that just came to me right now, …. Check if its Cleo…. i requested from John who was still standing beside the door smiling, he gave me some kind of a surprise look before carrying out my request, ” Looks like she is leaving already ”, …. okay just let her be…. i told him and then relaxed my head back on my pillow, ” Cleo ”, i heard Johns voice shout, Oh my God, i raised up my head from the pillow and asked him…. what are you doing…. , ” Relax man, let him do your job for you ”, Chris said smiling, i don like this, i really don , how can he be shouting someones name on the hallway full of guys, i won even feel comfortable hearing my name being screamed from a distance, ” Looks like your girl here is a funny type, shes running away like i am chasing her, shes very beautiful man, you really have an eye for ladies, i wish you will be coming with us so that you can find one for me ”, John said laughing, …. it doesn feel right the way you shouted someones name on the hallway, you don even knew if she was the person i was talking about, i just asked you to check if it was Cleo forgetting that you don even know her, she would really feel embarrassed, I think i am really the one at fault right now, …. both of them was just looking at me before John said again, ” She is the one, she turned around when i called her Cleo but decided to keep running away, she is definitely a shy type, i can tell ”, i am not even interested in what he is saying right now, even if it was her, she did the right thing for not coming back, she first saw John on his underwear before he came back shouting her name, she might definitely be thinking that i am a bad guy right now, what kind of a mess has befallen me right now, i think thats the reason i haven been getting along with people, i never get closer to people because they will start trying their best to always impress me just to be close and comfortable with me, i really understand him, he was trying to get Cleo to know that i was around, i think i should go and meet her so that i will apologize for the way things just went, i don know if she is going to this party, maybe thats why she came, to ask me if i am going, so we can go together, no, what am i even thinking, how can a beautiful girl like Cleo ever want to hangout with me, as if she doesn see all this hot looking guys around the school, i don even know why John said what he just said, he called Cleo my girl, a girl who just asked for my help, whom i never knew yesterday who just came out of the blue today and asked for my help, its a great thing that my eyes doesn change color in situation like this because i don even know what i am feeling right now, i am really confused right now, i really don know how Cleo might be feeling right now because of my mistake, if my eyes have followed my mood right now, i think it might be shining in rainbow colors because of the type of confusion going on inside my head right now, ” We are about to leave, take care of the room Damon ”, Chris said before he left the room with John, my mind hasn come to rest now, i am already causing trouble for a girl who i just met, i have never had so much trouble like this in this school before, it looks like my life changed immediately i opened that door for Cleo, before then, i was thinking of death but after i opened that door, i started having communication with people around me, i have only cared for only myself but here i am thinking of another persons emotions outside me, i saw the happiness in Johns face and also Chris, both of them looked happy having a chat with me even me too i felt like a big burden was taken off from my chest since i first asked Cleo her name when we was coming up the stairs, i don know the kind of person she is but the fact that she was running when she was been called by John showed that she might be that kind of a shy type, maybe not, because i can hardly picture a shy girl who just came in to the building going to a night party, i have to go find out whether she was already gone for the party or if shes indoor, not all the students went for the party but almost all of them attended because i am hearing less noise from outside the door, i took my cloth from my bag and wore it as i left the room to go check on Cleo

I am having double mind right now, not just double, triple mind right now, i don know if i should really knock on her door right now, almost all the girls are also gone for the party and the few around seems to be indoor because i am hearing few sounds of people having a conversation in few of the doors i just passed through to get to Cleos own. Five steps behind me is the hand rail where most people stays looking out, i made few steps back, not reaching the hand rail, i rubbed my hands together as i took a deep breath, i don want to regret the decision i am about to make right now, i know i shouldn think about rejection before making a decision but right now i really don know how things will definitely turn out. I moved closer to the door and took another deep breath before knocking on her door. I pray that she wouldn be around, i wish she has gone out for the party, i don want the door to open to be sincere, if i happen to knock on her door again and no one replies, then i will leave with the excuse that she wasn around when i came if anybody ever asks me, most girls around might even come out to check who is knocking on someones door when everyone was gone, to my surprise, the door opened, oh my God, shes around and standing in front of me right now.

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