Can it wait five more minutes, I thought as I felt my pupils fluttering due to a bright light I felt above me. Then I feel a cold shiver running down my body. I try to pull my bed sheets towards me, but I felt no bed sheet at all, and to try to find it I open my eyes to look for such bed sheets. What I was greeted with supersized me.

what greeted me was not the view of a cozy bedroom, but instead there I was, in a room surrounded by gray brick, and a lingering smell of iron with no windows in sight. above me was a strong light source and to my left, I see a metal table with what looked to be surgical equipment. but what most disturbed me was what I found to my right.

To my right, I saw a bed and on that bed was a woman with dark black hair and pale skin. She looked to be completely naked and her front was facing the bed.

I start to freak out where am I? why am I here? as my thoughts rage in my head I decide to take action and see if the woman to my right knows anything about whats going on and where I am. As I get up from my bed and go closer to the woman to see if I can shake her shoulder.

I lightly shake her shoulder.

-No response.

I shake again only with more force.

-No response again.

This time I paid closer attention to her body, and as I put my hand on her back I notice something peculiar, I felt no up and down movement. My hand starts shaking. I decided to turn her body so that I could see if her face had any signs of life.

What I saw almost made me puke.

There was practically no face. Her eyes were gouged out, her mouth was slit open and her tongue seemed to be missing, as I keep looking down I see her chest open and a deep reddish hole in that area where her heart was supposed to be, and looking further down, her stomach seemed to be completely open with what looked to be most if not all of her guts missing.

Panicking I slowly turned the woman back to how she was facing. While doing so I saw strange markings on one of her arms. I see a tattoo on her right arm, ”I miss you Evangeline ” was written vertically across her back arm.

As I put the woman down I sit down on my bed and start thinking. How did I get here?, I thought while trying to figure out how I arrived at such an unfortunate place. But nothing I could not remember a thing. Then I tried to remember what I did yesterday, who I was, what my name was I was only met with a headache. Now I was getting worried. I couldn remember anything prior to me waking up today, and when I tried what met me was only a more giant headache.

Instead of staying freaked out, I decided to take a deep breath and start assessing the situation because no good was going to come out of freaking out. When I looked more closely at the room I realize there was more dead stuff around me. In particular, there were a lot of beast corpses in the left corner of the room that looked to be in the same or even worse shape than the woman to my right. Then I focus my attention on the front of the room where a door was placed in the middle of the wall.

the door looked to be made out of very rusty metal with a big handle on its right and a sizable window in the middle of the door.

I get up from my bed, trying to make as little sound as I can. I approach the door. As I take a peak out of the door window, I see a hallway. Its walls looked to be made from the same gray brick as the room I was in. Maybe I can leave before anyone notices….

Step… Step… Step… My thoughts were interrupted as I hear a pair of steps coming from that same hallway and I panic and ducked out of the sight of the window.

”Henry why did you not have someone check on our patient, I swear one of these days I am going to strangle you! ” a loud voice exclaimed. It sounded somewhat arrogant. Now I had to think quickly. This guy was approaching the room I was in and based on what I saw in this room. I could reasonably guess what he was going to do with me.

What do I do? What do I do? I repeated in my head as I try to think of ideas to get out of this situation alive. Can I ambush him? No, I can right now I feel really weak I don think I have the strength to overpower what sounded like an adult man right now. Can I try and escape before he notices? But there is only that door as an exit in this room there are no windows in this room! I frantically thought

What the hell can I do, Think, think, think, I need to think of something quickly. I only have maybe a minute before he opens that door. Then suddenly something sparks in my brain. I have an idea but its risky. Well I don have any options here so might as well shoot for the starts I thought as I start to move towards the bed.

”God dam it, where are my dam keys? ” The man mumbles as he searches his pant pockets. ”Aha I found you! ” he said as I hear the key being inserted into the door.

Slowly the door opens. It makes a screeching sound. ”Let us see what you have been up to little boy. ” The man looks around and he seemed to see the corpses. What looked to be a smile on his face seemed to disappear. ”Dose none here know what hygiene is? ” The strange man speaks seemingly to no one. Then the man focuses his view on a boy in a bed and then quickly glances at a woman in another bed to the right of that boy. ”Nothing yet huh, ” the man said with a disappointed sigh following it… He starts pacing around the room and mumbles some words to himself and after a while of pacing around the room, that same strange man furrows his eyebrows. ”Am I crazy or did you move from where I left you before? ” The man looked at the sleeping boy

The man approaches the boys bed. He then comes closer to the boy. and leans in, almost touching the boys face, and stares at it quite intently. ”Tch ”. The man clicks his tongue and steps away from the boy and slowly walks towards the door. He then turns around one last time and he spoke ”Wake up soon my little boy, a world full of surprises awaits you. ” Finally the man leaves the room, leaving it with only the sound of a creaking door closing.


-Authors thoughts

Honesty out of all the accounts and stories that I have made this one is the one with the most potential. Sorry if there are some grammatical mistakes as I am not a native English speaker. Feel free to let me know of anything wrong with this chapter I will try to fix it.

-Thank you for reading

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