Darklight Hero’s Bloodline

Last Day of Wintergrace (Part 3)

And with that we joined the others, me leading on with Sophia. Thankfully no toes were stepped on and it was all actually quite wonderful. Unaware of how much time had passed, me and Sophia enjoyed each others company. It was the first time we had danced together, and it was certainly a beautiful experience.

After a while, the spotlight came over us, Sophia raised her eyebrow at me with a challenging smile, and I smiled back at her to accept the challenge. We moved to the centre of the dance floor, I pulled her closer and started with our star-of-the-show dance. She moved with my moves like flowing water, perfectly in sync and dancing like a dream.

As we finally ended grandly, the crowed cheered and clapped for us and soon the spotlight moved to Karl and Lia. With that we moved out of the crowd and I got drinks for the two of us as we rested.

”You are pretty good, shiny boy. ” Sophia said taking a sip.

I smiled. ”Im unworthy of such praise, Milady. ”

Sophia punched my arm. ”Oof stop it. ”

I laughed. ”Haha. You were pretty good yourself too. I might even learn a thing or two from you. ”

Sophia pointed her glass at me. ”I may be the daughter of a General and a common woman, but my mother did make sure to teach me all things necessary for a noble girl. And she is pretty amazing. ”

”No wonder. She taught you well. ”, I nodded.

With that me and her watched Karl and Lia dance in the spotlight. Karl proudly moving to the music, while Lia somehow followed his steps still seemingly in her eternal bliss. She was having the time of her life, living her dream. Everyone could see how she felt, except Karl himself. He was in his own Dense Blockhead world.

We clapped as well along with others as Karl and Lia finished their dance with the spotlight moving on to someone else. Lia still held on to Karls arm smiling brightly as if she had already decided it was hers now, while Karl walked along with her clinging on him as if it was nothing.

”You were almost as good as us. Almost. ” I said smiling as they came towards us.

Karl scoffed. ”Pfft, we were awesome. ”

Just then, the music stopped and a tense chill spread in the air. All gazes moved to the door. Everyone parted and moved out of the way as the doors slowly opened.

Some gasped as he entered, some were awestruck, someone in the crowed muttered. ”Its the Hero. ”

But for me he was. ”Father… ”

Yes there he was. The Hero of Asella. My father.

Adventurers are a big part of human civilization. Have been for many years. Among them strong, powerful adventurers are very important and treated as such. And even among them, existed the Heroes. The most powerful of all. The strongest adventurer of every nation, was designated the title of a Hero.

There are four nations on the human continent, and for our Nation, this hero was my father. Heroes held extreme amounts of political power and influence. They represented the Adventurers Guild in national politics and represented the nation in international stages of the Adventurers Guild.

But above all, what most feared and admired was their sheer strength and power. Each hero could supposedly destroy entire nations, but no one really knew the true extent of their power. They are mankinds greatest asset against the Demons and for the day when the Dark Lord of Demons, known as the Demon Lord, would arrive upon humanity again.

I have never met the other three Heroes but its widely regarded, that my father, William Everhart was supposedly the strongest even among them all.

Lots of pressure on me as his son and a Descendant of Light, right?

As my father walked in, I spotted Macy behind him in a beautiful sky blue dress, walking behind elegantly, but as soon she saw me she waved and smiled at me right away. I smiled lightly and waved back at her. My father noticed and looked at me, not in a strict manner just acknowledging me, but I still put my hand down and nodded back at him.

The Principal rushed to him and greeted his presence, offering him drinks as well. My father talked to him for a moment, nodding and smiling, and then moved to the centre of the hall.

He cleared his throat, and looked around at all the new adventurer graduates. ”Mhm… Well sorry to interrupt your celebration. I promise I won take too much of your time. But I just wanna say one thing. As I stand here, looking at all of you, promising young adventurers, my heart fills with pride. Each and every one of you who chose to come here and become an adventurer, you make the nation proud. An adventurers life is dangerous and difficult. Its not easy to even make this choice. I am glad and relieved that the future of humanity lies in the reliable hands of you young ones. On the behalf of Asella and The Adventurers Guild, I… William Everhart, proudly welcome you to the world of Adventurers. ”

With that he raised his glass for a toast and everyone followed suit.

And thus he walked away to the side and party resumed again with a newfound vigour and enthusiasm.

My father went back to Macy for a moment before heading towards us, waving away the principal on his way.

As he approached us, he smiled at all of us. ”Hello there, Sophia, Karl and Lia. I see you four are as close as ever. ”

Karl was still awestruck. ”You… you remember our names. ”

Dad gave a slight laugh. ”Of course I do, you all practically lived at our house for two years. Its always a pleasure to see you all. ”

”Nice to meet you too, Mr.Everhart. ” Lia said, finally letting go of Karls arm. I guess my dads presence is enough to even break her out of her spell.

My dad smiled and looked around at us again. ”You all have grown so much. And now you all are silver rank adventurers. Congratulations. You kids did well. This is just the beginning, I am looking forward to your success stories as well. Just don die. ”

”Dad! ” I exclaimed, embarrassed that he would just so casually drop that last part on the day we are supposed to become official adventurers.

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