Daughter of the Dawn

Davenna & Damien


”Davenna, wake up! ” You are going to be late! ” I opened one eye as I heard my father, Hunter Moon, yell at me from somewhere in the kitchen. I scowled and crawled deeper in my covers.

”Don make me go in there! ” Hunter said. ”Fine. Fine. Im getting up you ogre! ” I said as I swung out from my covers. I walked over to my dresser grabbing the pile of clothes I had taken out the night before. My uniform pressed, thanks to Marcuss magic still hung by the door. I did my daily routine as quickly as possible and then slipped into my uniform, coiling my slightly wavy blonde locks into a bun at the back of my head. I slung my bag on my shoulder and headed to the kitchen where Hunter sat waiting for me sipping a cup of coffee, and flipping one of Marcuss grimoires.

I grabbed my mug that was already filled with caramel liquid and drank. Starting a bit at the taste. ”This is coffee, ” I said glancing at my dad who was smirking at me. ”You are going to need it. Marcus left early for the Academy. The Academy had originally been called Haven: School for the Gifted. But shortly after Marcus took over as Headmaster he renamed it The Academy. Even though the school was still pretty much a haven for the supernatural, Marcus had always preferred to call it the Academy anyways.

”Apparently one of the students ran off this morning, ” Hunter said. ”Do we know who? ” I asked curiously. ”My favorite troublemaker, ” Hunter said pushing the book towards me, I glanced at the looking glass surprised to see a familiar dark-eyed girl looking straight at me. ”Katherine? ” I said my eyes wide.

Katherine was an elemental witch, the one that would one day replace Marcus in the elemental coven. ”So you can understand why Marcus ran off, ” Hunter said pointedly. And I did see. Katherine was three years older than I was. She had been taken away from her mother when she was a baby because of her elemental powers.

Shed always wondered what happened to her mother. ”I have to go, ” I said finishing the coffee and putting my mug in the sink. ”I know you do, ” Hunter said seeming pleased that I was headed to school. I ran down the stairs nearly crashing into Kerry one of the waitresses that had stayed back to do early morning clean up. I quickly made my way from the bar to the park which had the hidden gateway to the Academy.

The Academy was a huge gothic structure that looked not unlike many of the haunted mansions that New Orleans is famous for. It was home to many young witches and warlocks and in more recent years had become home to other magical creatures seeking refuge. I walked past many of the students who were hanging out on the front steps and made my way to the library.

My other father, the Warlock Marcus, keeper of Storms and Headmaster of the Academy kept his office on the top floor of the library. Marcus had always felt best at home among bookshelves. The former Headmasters office had been converted into a council room for the Academy students.

I opened the doors to the library and suddenly found myself in my homeroom class. ”What the Hera? ” I said, looking around in surprise. ”Marcus put a spell on the door to the library. Everyone gets redirected here. ” Hulio said from where he sat in the middle row of the arched lecture hall. Hulio looked like a normal sixteen-year-old but Hulio and his brother had been sixteen years old for centuries. ”Or you know wherever their first class might be, ” Julio added. I scowled at him. ”Whats going on? ” I said frowning. ”Perfect Katherine ran away, ” Zira said as she walked up to us. I looked at my flame-haired best friend. ”Zira, ” I said warningly. ”Why did she run? ” Julio asked curiously.

”I heard she got a letter. From her long since dead mother. ” Jaz a genie with psychic abilities said leaning forward towards us from where she sat above us. I turned to look at Jaz. ”Are you sure? ” I asked.

”Its true. Not that its any business of yours. ” Cassie our homeroom teacher said as she walked by glaring at me and Zira before she moved on to another group. I turned back to look at Jaz. ”How would her dead mother have sent Kate a letter? ” I asked. Jaz smiled. ”Witch. Katherines a powerful witch. She mustve written her daughter before she died, and bewitched the letter to find her daughter on her sixteenth year. ” Jaz said glancing from me to Zira. She rolled her eyes at our blank expressions. ”Her birthday was last night morons, ” Jaz said.

”Katherine was also one of the last children of witches to be taken from her family. Your father saw to that. ” Jaz said looking at me. ”Katherines Journey has just started, its not that surprising that she would leave, ” Zira said quietly. My eyes darkened as I watched two boys walk in. ”Isn it? She wouldn have left by herself if she had felt that she had anyone who was at her side. ” I said getting up and walking up to the two boys who just walked in.

”What did you two idiots do now? ” I asked. ”What makes you think we did anything? ” One of the boys, Oliver Thomas a werewolf newbie from Hunters old pack said. ”Because the two of you should be with Katherine watching her back, ” I said my eyes narrowed. The other boy, Daniel Santos, a siren grimaced. ”Katherine broke up with me, in case you forgot. ” Daniel pointed out.

”Since when has that stopped you from being by her side? ” I pointed out. ”Davenna get back to your seat. ” A dark voice said making all of us turn. Damien Cross a vampire turned in the late 1400s stood looking at us darkly. ”Damien, what are you doing here? ” I asked frowning. Damien was a Vampire and a family friend. Hed been Marcuss lawyer for many years before he took a bartending busboy job at Hunters Bar. He was also who I was currently crushing on. Not that it mattered to most people, least of all him.

”What Im doing is making sure Marcus doesn kill any of the night staff. I am his lawyer after all. ” Damien said. He looked away from me and turned his eyes once to Daniel who paled under his look before he looked at Oliver.

”Cassie. I need to borrow Oliver. ” Damien said glancing at Oliver before looking at Cassie, who scowled. ”Fine. But you both better be back for the test in Potions at noon. ” She said pointedly making Damien cringe. He hated potions. ”Why would you need Oliver? ” Zira asked as I took my seat. ”Werewolf. They just want another tracker. ” I said watching Damien and Oliver leave.


”I don understand why Im surrounded by people trying to make my life a literal hell, ” I muttered dragging a hand over my face. ”I had an easier time rounding up magical criminals, ” I yelled at the crowd of students who stood watching what we were doing outside by the building we used as a dormitory of sorts, instead of going to class. The crowd suddenly parted and Damien walked through it bringing along one of Scotts new werewolf Disciples.

”Oliver Thomas. I do hope you
e ready to put your skills to work. ” I said looking at him over my half-moon glasses. He visibly gulped. ”What do you need me to do? ” he asked his voice quiet and respectful. I narrowed my eyes at him. ”Aren you friends with Daniel Costa? Why are you both not with Katherine right now? ” I asked.

”You sound like Davenna, ” Oliver said sighing. I raised an eyebrow. ”Did my daughter confront you, today? ” I asked, watching as Oliver scowled, and nodded. ”I love her more and more every day, ” I said ignoring Damiens raised eyebrows at my comment. Looking back at Oliver I put a hand on his shoulder. ”Never mind all that. I know Scott has been training his new recruits. How good are you at tracking? ” I asked. ”Fairly decent, ” Oliver said. He sounded uncertain and not at all confident which I knew from all the years I had lived with Hunter was an honest werewolf answer.

”Take this, and try to track where she mightve gone, ” I said handing him a toy of Katherines I knew she held on to when she was stressed. Oliver frowned. ”Why do you have Professor Octopus? ” he said taking the purple octopus from my hand. ”Should we be concerned that you know the name of her favorite childhood toy? ” Damien asked crossing his arms. Oliver scowled at us before taking a deep inhale of the Octopus, his eyes flashed yellow as his whole head turned to the left as he sniffed the air.

”She started that way, ” Oliver said pointing to the left of the building. Oliver moved closer to the spot but when he got there, he started to take some steps to the right. Damien and I exchanged glances before we followed Oliver, and saw him making a weird face while standing in a spot away from the building looking around, frustrated at whatever he could sense.

He looked at us as we walked over to him. ”This is where the scent steps but its weird, ” Oliver said, furrowing his eyebrows. ”Whats weird? ” Damien said. ”I can smell other things, things that Ive never smelled in New Orleans. ” He said frowning. ”What smells? ” I asked. ”Cacti, anger, frustration, happiness, and the scent of failure, ” Oliver said.

”Ah. Las Vegas. ” I said. ”So thats where she is? ” Damien asked. ”No way in hell, ” I said making both boys look at me with surprise. ”Sage is in Vegas. She would never go anywhere near Sage. She doesn want us to know where she is. ” I explained. ”So what do we do now? ”

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