Dawn Of My Teen

Girl on One Leg


SHAWN ( DATE : New Years Night )


Dear Diary,

I am feeling so weird right now. Today was rather a special day. I couldn contact Elba under the entire ruckus going in our house. But she is not the only one on my mind right now. I am talking about her- CLARA- Was she some goddess? Heavens!! I wanna cry. Harry spilled the bean about whose bucket list that was. He should have warned me for a possible heart attack before telling me that it was Claras bucket list that she made during her high school. That reveals one more thing. She was into girls- explains why she wanted to smash bananas and kiss girls.

That much doesn hurt coz I will always love her even if she was to marry a Crocodile. No wonder, there was only this one girl from her university who attended the funeral and she cried until I lost it and stepped out of the church.

The part thats stinging needles in my chest is the memory in which Clara shuffled my hair and told me that she could be my wingman when I will pursue a girl as an adult. She said that when I was seven and my classmate rejected my rose. The reason I followed Elba was coz of her bucket list. She acted as my wingman. She kept her word. I love her. I love her so much. I hope Clara receives this page from Heaven.

Oh! The countdown is about to start. I should be the first to wish Elba. Gotta Go!!

Good night


ELBA ( DAY : New Years Night)


Dear Diary,

Gosh. Its already been so long since we started Dating. But even his New Year Wish Message makes me blush so much. I am fanning my own face. I need to get a hold of myself. Because of this darn blush, I have become a regular visitor at the Hospital.

But I want to tell you something else today. Dad haven touched mom even once after that. Its been almost a year now and they both even forgot the fact that something like that happened in the History. What is this? Puppy Love? how could they lie to me? I even happened to eyes drop while dad was apologizing and hugging mom in the Kitchen. I was practically ear dropping on them as I missed the view of dad being lovey dovey. Thats such a rare case.

MY GODNESS!! Did I just blush? Ah. I remembered my firs kiss. I got scared when he asked me that question. Shawn asked me if he could kiss me and i said yes. We both were so dramatic and slow. Anyways! he kissed me! That was on Christmas. It was cute.. but sloppy. Im not complaining. I am just glad that my first kiss went to him.

Gn Diary!

[ :m ] /

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­At the same time, Elbas Mother- ”Darn, that Girl!! I just knew it. She surely is messing around with some guy. She can come down for New Year Count Down?? ” Her Screamed echoed at the very First Minute of a Brand New Year.

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