Mr. Richard massages his temple because his son keeps dropping his call. Today is the day when they had an agreement, he asked Elton to show him a girlfriend to prove hes worthy to become the next CEO of their company.

That condition is not easy because he knew his son was not interested in serious relationship, which is hard for him to grant his wishes. Elton was stubborn and never failed giving him head aches, especially when it comes to trouble.

So, in exchange for saving his ass everytime he was in trouble. Mr. Richard and his son made a deal, that is flashing him a girlfriend if he have one. And just as he expected, his son will not show up on the day they agreed. He won be surprised if Elton doesn show up, but he still hopes that his son will come.

”Looks like your son won come anymore. Im not surprised, ” Chris said, hes Eltons brother. The oldest son in Richard family.

He glance at his son as he speak, ”Maybe hes afraid showing me some woman to prove how worthy he was, but I know your brother, Chris. Hes coming and we need to wait. ”

”Come on, dad. Don waste your time waiting to Elton, hes stubborn and we both know hes not worthy to be the next CEO. Why don you choose him instead of me? ” Chris asked.

He doesn want to hurt his oldest son, even if Chris and Elton always having a fight whenever they saw each other. But, George trust Elton so much than his oldest son because he knew, he was after the company at the very first place.

Even though his youngest son is playboy, hes still trusting him because between his first son and second child, Elton has something that no one see except him, his father.

”Your son is not worthy, dad. I am. Why do you want him to be the heir of this huge company, than a person who knows how to manage this business? ” His son asked again.

”Because Elton is the only son I trust. ”

Chris froze after hearing his fathers answer at the same time seeing how serious he was, that is not the answer he need but looks like it is.

He scoffs, ”You don trust me, do you? ”

”Its not like that, Chris. We both know you are a successful businessman with perfect wife, so I hope you understand why Im choosing your youngest brother than you. ”

George sigh, ”My son, you have everything but Elton? He had nothing because everyone think hes not capable to handle our company. Your brother need our trust. ”

He clench his fist, ”Its not about him anymore. You don trust me because mom tried to hurt you once, and Im her son. You are afraid I can do that just to have the company, right? ”

”You don understand, Chris. I just w— ”

”No, dad. I clearly understand because you
e afraid I might done something horrible against you, ” he answered.

Silence eat the whole room as he told his dad the real reason behind his explanations, thats how he understand his words because his dad always think that way. Chriss mother did that, but not him.

Awkwardness wrapped them, causing his dad to clear his throat and stood up from his swivel chair. George has a meeting to attend, he can wait for his son further.

But when hes about to leave, the door opened and exposed to him the young man. Elton was walking towards him with a woman beside him which means, his son did what he said.

e late, ” Chris uttered.

”Late? I didn know we have a party in here? I might came early to join, ” Elton murmured.

”Do you think well throw a party just for you? How pitiful, ” he look at the woman beside him and said, ”Where did you get that woman? Did you pay her to be your fake girlfriend? ”

Elton smirked, ”Im not like you, brother. Don you think we
e different in any aspects? Or do you want me to remind you, Chris? ”

”You! ” He pointed his brother at the face and about to walked closer to him, when his father stop them.

”Enough! Where is your manners?! We have a visitor yet you dare fighting in front of her and me?! Shameless! ” Their father shout causing them to lower down their heads.

Elton secretly grind at his brother and received nothing but glare. He loves seeing his annoyed face because it means one thing, he wins.

”Show some respect. We have a visitor which I am expecting you to be a man, not a child who always fight whenever you see each other. ”

George exhale in disbelief and look at his son, ”Where did you get that woman? ”

”Why are you asking me as if I met this woman on the street, and drag her here. Im not l— ”

”I said where did you get her? Don made me repeat my questions, Elton, ” he received a warning from his father.

”Hes not gonna answer your questions, dad. I knew he bought that woman at the bar and let her act like an innocent lady, right miss? ” Chris interfered to their conversation.

”How do you know? I thought respected mens can be seen in bars? But you seems like a pro to me, Chris. ”

”I said enough! ” George shouted again.

”You don have to fight, I can introduce who I am and where I came from. ”

They turn their heads to Stella when she speak and saw how surprised they are when she said that. Perhaps, they think shes a mute for not talking in the first place.

”Introduced yourself, young lady. I don have much time staying here and hearing my sons, yelling at each other, ” George replied.

She smiled, ”Im so sorry if I keep you waiting, I thought its best for us if Elton introduce me himself. But, I think thats not a good choice. ”

”I am Stella Hamilton, your sons fiance. And I came here to personally announce our upcoming wedding. ”

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