Debt of Fate

Ch 4: My wish

l allow me that much courtesy. ”

Just go and leave me alone. I don want to see you anymore.

The mantra rang again and again inside Natashas mind and she was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief once the stranger was out of the room.

”System, are you there? System, answer me right now. I did as you asked me to do and I completed my mission. Oi system! ”

Natashas voice was loud and it was driving her throat dry. A small cough escaped her mouth as she called out to the one entity that could answer her questions.

But no matter how much Natasha called out, there was no answer. It was like she had been abandoned by the system. She had never been this desperate in her life before and Natasha doubted she ever would be this desperate again.

Her body flopped on the bed as realization finally sank inside Natashas mind. Her system was gone and she had no way to exit this world. She would have to live her life with an unknown fate now.

Natasha turned to her side as she thought about what to do next. But her heart skipped a beat when she felt the bed dip beneath her body.

There was an arm visible in her field of vision and someone was breathing down on her neck. The thought of the unknown terrified Natasha and she tensed up to get back at her attacker.

”I never knew sister could behave this docile. It fills me with regret that I never managed to see this side of you before. Were you hiding your real self from me when you were kids? ”

Richards familiar voice sounded wet and husky in her ears. Natasha could not help but shiver at the closeness of her brothers body to her own.

”I don think we were ever close enough to show our rue selves to each other. Besides, how can I show my vulgar and dirty rue self to the son of our empire? I would have been kill- ”

”Don say it. Don you dare even joke about it. ”

Natashas neck hurt a lot when Richard pulled her head to face him. The action had been sudden and Natasha had not been prepared to be dealt such a blow.

She was about to hand Richard a piece of her mind when her words died on her tongue. She had never seen her brothers blue eyes be this made before.

As long as she had known, her half-brother and the empires son were a happy and radiating people. His positive and light-hearted attitude was what made him the main character of this world.

Richard was optimistic and always charming. He never lost his heart and was ready to challenge the world.

That was the kind of character Natasha had been made aware of when she first came to this world. And the more time she had spent with her brother, the more she had found it all to be the truth.

And maybe that was why she had never been able to show him her real and ugly self. She had never wanted Richards light to be tainted by her darkness.

”Sister, your life is precious. Do you understand what I am saying to you? If you keep on belittling yourself like this, then I will have to take drastic measures to ensure that you understand. ”

Natasha flinched at the hard grip Richard had on her hand currently. It hurt but her words did not escape her mouth.

Her brother was too close to her body and Natasha wanted to push him away. But she was being held in place by her brothers hands which caused her to not be able to move.

Not only that, but Richard also loomed right over Natashas face and his body was too close to hers.

This is a dangerous situation we are in. If someone happens to walk in right about now, then both of us will be in trouble. I do not need to give the emperor any more reason to have me killed.

Natasha was not overly attached to her life but she did want to live a fulfilling one.

Now that the system was gone, Natashas mind was afraid of what it meant for her future. But one thing was for sure.

Natasha needed to escape the royal palace. Now that she was free, she wanted to experience her freedom. And she also felt like it was the right time to bring her to wish up.

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