Debt of Fate

Ch 7: Locked in [pt3]

oat hid her face and any other visible feature that marked her as royalty. If there was one place where she could be recognized, it was this town.

She was sure that no one would know who she was as long as managed to escape this town. Not even Richard would know where she went.

A lot of voices called out to Natasha, asking her to invest in their business. Her overcoat had no insignia but those who had seen her come out of the palace targeted her anyway.

Natasha hurried past the sellers, not wanting to get caught by them. She could see the guards coming toward her at the same time a seller reached out to turn her by force.

”Hey bitch, stop trying to ignore me. Can you not see that I am talking to you? ”

The guards were too close to Natasha now so she made a reckless choice. With whatever energy she had left in her body, she managed to snap the mans wrist. It was all thanks to the countless hours of practice she had put into her technique practice that made it possible.

”Ouch, it hurts. Fuck, what the hell you- ”

Natasha managed to disappear before the man finished cursing her out. Her legs wobbled as she walked further and further and her eyes were getting heavy as well.

In the end, her legs decided they wanted to give in and she collapsed forward. She felt a pair of familiar hands catch her before she collided with the floor.

She looked up into a pair of familiar golden eyes and even her exhaustion did not stop her from recognizing those eyes. Her luck had just turned from bad to worse in a matter of minutes.

”Don you dare take me back to the palace or I will make you regret it. Did you hear my words? ”

Those were the last words Natasha hissed out before she lost consciousness. Her eyes were heavy with exhaustion but the touch of those soft and warm hands around her made her feel better.

Natasha thought she felt the arms around her tighten for just a second but then it all went to normal. And before she knew it, she had managed to fall asleep.

While Natasha was busy taking her nap, everyone else was having a hard time accepting what had happened. No one dared to even take a step forward since they did not want to face Lord Ashleys anger.

This person with an angels face was one that everyone knew to be a devil. His anger and jealousy were something that knew no bounds. He was strong but no one wanted to come close to him. And it was all because they knew his real nature.

”B-Boss, let us carry the lady from here on. I am sure you do not want to have anything to do with her and - ”

”Its alright. I will take things from here so there is no need for you to worry. Also, keep this a secret from the royal guards and especially from the crown prince. I hope I will not have to repeat my orders. ”

No one was foolish enough to go against Sir Ashleys words. They all considered their lives to be worth much more than their loyalty.

Even the soldiers who were supposed to be loyal to the crown could not help but shudder in Lord Ashleys presence.

The teen quickly took his exit with his precious bundle in his arms. Holding Natasha was something he had wanted to do for a while and he could not help but be glad for this opportunity.

It did not matter that his character was being misunderstood once again. He did not care much for the fools who tried to speak behind his back. He could always kill them to shut their mouths.

Behind him, the total palace finally broke down into a panic. The unsettling air was making the air around the palace darker. This feeling was very vivid and Sir Ashley was able to keep an eye on things with his magic.

”It seems like that fool finally discovered that Natasha is missing. I cannot believe he managed to stop me for this long despite being this careless. But I guess it is better for me that Richard is not such a sharp opponent. ”

With a final look back at the Royal Palace, Ashley decided to head back to his palace. He had a feeling that Natasha would not like it if he took her back to the Dukes estate. And that was where his private estate came into play.

He had purchased it as an investment of sorts but it was finally proving to be a worthy one for him.

The guard who was in charge of maintaining the small outside house looked startled as soon as he saw Sir Ashley make his way toward him.

”M-My lord! T-This is- ”

Ashley just raised his finger to his mouth in a motion that said keep quiet before he entered the home. There was no need to be cautious any longer since the house was covered by a forcefield.

In the royal palace, the crown prince raged once he realized Natasha was missing. And everyone had to walk on thin ice as a result of his anger.

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