Debt of Fate

Ch 8: Running away [pt1]

y now. ”

Natashas mouth shut close as soon as she heard that news. The situation suddenly seemed much direr than it had been before.

Somehow, Natasha had assumed that she would be able to slip out of this town if she was careful enough. But that was because she was underestimating the influence of the royal family and thier resources.

She looked at the easy smile on Sir Ashleys face and somehow she knew – this man had made sure to seal all other options for her.

”Sir Ashley, are you offering me protection? Won it put you and the dukedom in a difficult situation if you go against the Crown Prince this openly? And who said I wanted to avoid people in the first place? ”

Not once did that smile slip from Sir Ashleys face. The more Natasha spoke, the happier that man looked.

And somehow, that gorgeous face made everything work out for the black-haired man. Natasha could see the troublesome smile he had on his face but she could not bring herself to care much about it.

”So, what are you going to do to me now that I am not allowed to go out? Its not like you can keep me confined to this house forever. ”

No matter how strong the magic used was, it would fade away with time. If Richard (or the emperor) had any intention of finding Natasha, then they would without any fail.

And surely enough, Sor Ashley knew it as well. His face finally allowed the easy smile to fall but his serious eyes sent shivers down Natashas spine. The gold in front of her shined with magic and knowledge.

”What you say is certainly the truth. I do not want to bind you as some flightless bird whose wings had been cut off. It would no longer be you but an empty shell with your face. So, you should tell me what you want to do. What is your wish. ”

It was not something Natasha had to think long and hard about. There was just one thing she needed right now.

”Let me go so that I can- ”

”Denied. You are not allowed to leave me alone. Now, think of another wish and make it so that I don have to deny it. ”

The smile that had been about to bloom on Natashas face wilted at hearing the denial. She could not believe how fast and cruel those words of denial had been.

Why did you offer me a wish if you were not going to deliver on it? Gosh, what do I do to get rid of him now?

Natasha racked her brain around but she was not getting any ideas. The wound on Sir Ashleys lips was also making her feel guilty since it was because of her condition that he had gotten that wound in the first place.

I guess I can allow him to hang out around me for now. I still have no idea how bad my condition is and how I can improve it in the future.

Natasha had no intention of using sex as a means to solve her problem. As long as she could get without, she would try to endure this pain.

But she was not a saint by any means and she had tried everything in her past life as a bodyguard. She was more than knowledgeable when it came to the art of sex and she was not shy.

Still, I would rather give myself to someone I love if I can help it.

Natasha finally gathered her wits and replied with what she needed to.

”Fine, I know what I want now. I just want to get out of this town as soon as possible. Will you help me out, Sir Ashely? ”

Sir Ashleys face broke out into a soft smile as soon as he registered Natashas words. And although he looked so happy, Natasha was sure she would juke him as soon as she could.

The only reason she had agreed to cooperate with Sir Ashley was that she could see that she would need to back down. Otherwise, she would not be allowed to go out at all.

”Of course. If this is your wish then I will be more than happy to help you out. Then, I hope we have great cooperation in the future, my lady. ”

Natasha tried to figure this man out but she was not able to in the end. She just hoped that she was not making a big mistake by giving Sir Ashley the time.

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