Delicate Dove

He was standing atop the roof of the tallest building in the state, ”xxx ” was his success. Looking through a glass window… His eyes were piercing the lights before them. He looked on to the dimming flickering lights and then back on to the table, there lay a pile of files dirty and dusty.

”Party B sent an email to Mr Williams, telling them to join Party C for some new cosmetics. ”

John reported.

He had his eyes glued to the pile of files, but when he heard about the new issue the company was facing… He dialed a number in his phone and the phone was picked up in its first ring.

”Hi, my darling. ”

A sweet voice echoed from the other end of the phone.

”You better keep your material to yourself. ” He ordered.

”What?! … Alex! come on, darling. They aren any type of rubbish! They are my fresh manufactured cosmetics with best designs from the Italy and you know how valuable those are! Every woman in the city craves for them… ” He cut her in the middle.

”Keep that stuff to yourself, Don you ever sell them off without Mr Williams permission. ” He spoke.

”No, I haven any plane on getting them sold… ” but before she could inform him the twist, the call went off.

”Sir, I know I don have to worry about the brands now. ” John Spoke.

The man of few words kept his phone back in his pant pocket and didn said anything…

”We still have some matters to deal with… ” John explained carefully.

They discussed the matter till the night sky came and everyone got more busy for the next month project plans.

John and Lincoln were busy arranging the files in his office when Miss Andrea came running in to the office. Miss Andrea Stream was the best designer in the country. The palate ”Miss Rose ” belonged to her. She had a large curvy figure, with blonde hair tied in to a bun and red lipstick covering her lips. Her long thin eyelashes flickered now and then, She truly was a beauty with a mind.

”Where is Alex? ” She screamed her lungs out.

”Would you mind lowering your voice. ” Lincoln spoke out angrily.

”Don tell me, He went searching for me. ” She kissed her boyfriend Lincoln on the cheek and gave John a hug and then sat down on the jacquard comforter.

”No, He is busy dealing with the projects. ” John replied.

”I see. ” She nodded and started to search out something in her bag, after some moments of searching she pulled out the mobile phone and turned it over to show them a screenshot of her signature on the William papers.

”The William Brothers might get happy ” She joyfully announced.

”Oh! ” John gasped…

”Also, I sold my half shares to someone really trusting. ”

”What?! ” John almost fell off…

”How am I going to report this to Mr Smith?! ”

”Thats your problem? ” She shrugged.

”The Young Mr William would get the most happiest, but did you ever thought how Mr Smith will react? ” Lincoln couldn help, but ask.

”No, nothing will get out of our hands. Chill! ”

Thats when Alexander Smith entered his office with his hands clasped behind his back. Andrea threw her self in his arms and snuggled up his chest. He pushed her slightly. ”Behave ” Lincoln called out.

Andrea laughed and kissed Alexander on the cheek.

Alexander remained silent and then sighed

”What did you do? ”

”I sold my half shares. ” She spoke softly.

”That was not necessary, Miss Stream. ” He kept his calm.

”But, still… To me it was necessary to sell off my shares to such a talented girl. ” She whined.

”Andrea, Don act childish. ” Lincoln told her.

”Didn you informed us that you have no plans on selling the shares? ” John busted.

”Oh, Seriously…Yeah! Its simple, I just happen to have a plan! ” She whined again.

John knew dealing with these women will only get his head ache badly.

”Nathan should be waiting for the coverages, I may leave? ” John asked

Alexander nodded and sat on his big black chair.

John left with Lincoln.

Andrea stood there quietly not leaving still.

”What is it? ” Alexander asked

”Won you ask me, To whom I shared the company? ”

”Not interested. ” He said simply.

”Even if it is related to Dove. ”

Alexander felt his heart tremble on hearing her name.

”What is with her? ”

”Look, Alexander. She was the only one I could trust on to… She is honest and brave. Talented and experienced and on top of that she is my best friends wife. Ah, I am also friends with her. I think my company is in good hands… ”

Alexander spoke up in between ”Did my wife ever agreed to your decisions? ”

She shook her head and said ”She doesn know… ”

”How can you j

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