Dreadful Life

Chapter One

Three men were pacing back and forth in an old and lonely abandoned warehouse, they only stopped to look throughout the window when there is a sound. There was a girl laying painfully and lifelessly on the ground.

One would tell that its been days since she last bathed let alone drinking nor eating anything. She had the pale skin and lips, wearing a torn and dirty wedding dress with blood stains.

She was crying on a lower voice like she had cried a lot and it on wearied her. There were footsteps behind the door and the doors handle slowly opened. They waited for the person behind the door to walk in and they pointed guns at him.

Max was shocked seeing the guns but he thought they didn notice that its him, ” Why are the guns for? Its only me. ” And he closed the door behind him moving forward but Peter yelled at him signaling for him to stay right where he is.

” Drop your gun! ” Dean who was between Peter and Jack bellowed. ” What the hell is up with you guys? ” Max was still shocked as he took out his gun from his back and slowly dropping it at the floor. ” We
e partners. ” he said but they looked at him mercilessly.

Dean put his gun behind his back and took out a rope, tightening Max hands behind his back on the wooden chair in the centre of the room. ” Now, lets get to business, partner. ” Peter said as he walked towards Max and squatted before him followed by Jack who stood beside him and Dean.

” Where the hell is our payment? ” He asked staring at him in the eyes and Max quickly answered, ” What other money now? I gave you guys your shares yesterday. ”

” Oh come on! We all know thats peanuts compared to what the boss lady gave you, so cut the crap and give us our money. ” Peter ordered landing a hot slap on Maxs face and he groaned in pain.

” Thats all she gave me, I swear. ” Max assured them. ” If you lie one more time Im going to blow your head in pieces and feed it to vultures. ” Dean said pointing a gun in his mouth.

Jack grabbed his knife out of his pocket and grabbed one of Maxs ears and cut it off, Dean took out the gun out of his mouth and loud screams left his lips and he quickly shouted, ” Its in the… Its in the back seat of my car! ” he shouted painfully. The girl put her hands on the ears preventing herself from hearing the cries of Max.

Peter signalled Jack to go out and check the car and he went out. ” If you
e playing tricks on me again, Im going to finish you off today. ” Peter said, Jack went back with one black bag full of money. He unzipped the bag and read money making sure its not fake.

” Its all good, ” he said. Dean pulled the trigger out of his gun at Max. ” What the… hell was that? ” Peter yelled. ” Did you just kill him? ” Jack shockingly asked. Dean answered putting his gun at his back walking towards the money, ” Its not like we need him anyways. ”

” Are you out of your **ing mind? What are we going to do with the girl now? Max was our only connection to trade her! ” Jack put his hands on his head. Dean turned back at them holding some of the money in his hands. ” Why do we have to bother ourselves with the girl as we got money in our hands now? ” he asked looking at them.

” Do you want us to get in trouble with Bella? You know she wants the girl out of her lives. ” Peter said. ” I have a better plan to get rid of her without tracing anything back to us. ” Dean said calmly and they looked at him surprisingly.

” Which is? ” Jack asked and they went close to each other and listened to Deans plan and they agreed together. ” Wow! This is fantastic, ” Jack said patting Dean on his shoulders. Peter said, ” Dead men tell no tales, ” and they laughed loudly.

At the Carter mansion, a big table was set for breakfast and the family of five people sat there eating without disturbing anyone as if they were all ignoring something important and didn want to talk about it. Gloria put down the fork and knife in her hands on the table making noise for everyone to look at her.

” What the hell is wrong with you? ” Christina who was in her mid sixties asked angrily looking at Gloria, if there was thing she hated the most was noise at the dining room.

Everyones gaze was now fixed on Gloria. ” It has been a week since my daughter disappeared and no one is doing anything about it, and you
e calmly having breakfast. ” Gloria said.

” Well if you at least taught her moral values maybe she would have been at Sterling house, but she chose to run away and thats not our fault. ” Bella who sat beside her husband Daniel said looking disgusted at Gloria.

” Mom, ” Jaden said looking at his mom who quickly shut up.

” And she better disappear till Im gone, I don want to even see her shadows. ” Christina bellowed looking at Gloria. Bella had the devilish smile on her face. ” She has brought shame upon the Carter family and I can like a girl like her, Im even ashamed to say Im her grandmother. ”

Christinas words pained Gloria as she was deadly worried about her daughter and the painful thing was that no one in the family cared about her. Tears streamed down her face, ” If you
e not going to do anything about her disappearence the I will search for he

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