”Such as are for death, to death

And such as are for the sword, to the sword

And such as are for the famine, to the famine

And such as are for the captivity, to the captivity.

– Jeremiah 15 : 2

” And I will appoint over you four forms of destruction! ”, Josie screamed over the uproarious noise. The open window led in gush of wind blowing dusty air in the old bedroom.

She continued screaming, ” I will appoint over you four forms of destruction ”.

Israel knelt before her, pleading with tears, ”Please don do this ”.

” Only from bloodshed will I get redemption ”, Josie picked a kitchen knife from the table and lifted it over his head, ” Therefore I will stretch out my hand against thee ”.

”Mother, please don do this ”, Israel grabbed her legs.

” I will redeem you from the grip of the terrible ”, the knife went down his head. From the open wound, flowed liquid burning with vermilion red. Staining the floor, the cottons, walls and bed sheets. Israels body slumped lifelessly to the floor.

Josie sat next to the corpse and picked the knife, ”You have been slain with my sword. Israel, you have been set free ”.

The door flew open.

”Holy shit. Josie, what did you do? What did you **ing do? ”, A petite blonde ran in and gasped.

Josie dropped the knife, ”I set Israel free from his shackles ”.

” You murdered him, you crazy bitch ”, the lady pushed Josie to the floor, ”You killed your own son ”.

”He has defiled the land and the lord has repaid him double of his sin ”, Josie began to laugh maniacally.

” Fuck ”, the lady ran out of the room and went down the steps. She took out the home phone and dialled 911. In a heartbeat, the phone clicked, ” hello ”.

The receiver responds, ” hello, how may I help you? ”.

”Please send the police to 14 crescent street by Palm-moore. Theres a killer here. Please come help me ”, She broke into sobs.

” Maam, you are speaking too fast. Come again ”, The receiver spoke slowly.

”Shit ”, She dropped the phone and ran to the kitchen, ” If those **ers can help me, Id just help myself ”. She grabber a butchers knife and his by the counter.

”You have rewarded good for evil ”, Josie took slow steps into the large kitchen.

” I did nothing wrong, Josie. I don know what **ed up idea you have in that crazy head of yours. The cops will eventually come here ”, the lady clutched a glass empty vase and shove it across the counter.

As soon as she heard retreating footsteps, she stepped out of her hideout only to be caught by the neck by a fishing line. She trailed her eyes to where the thick line came from. Josie must have tied it from the nail to the cupboard above her head. Blood dripped from her neck. Placing a hand over the wound, she croaked in pain. Her sight became blurry and she lost her balance. Trudging toward the door with one hand.

”Behold, I will cast out the enemy out of thy sight ”, Josie approached the lady with the butchers knife.

Knowing her time was up, the lady lied on her back, mortified.

The knife came down on her.

* * * * * * * * * *

Police sirens announced their arrival in Crescent street. The damp air turned to dew breaking dawn and sunlight. Aaron bounded out of the car with his partner, Chioma.

” Forensics, what do we got? ”, He looked at the Keep – out sign placed on the door.

”Not much, sir. Its a homicide. Victims are an adult female and little boy. Theres the occasional blood ”, Suresh replied him.

” Oh lord, it better not be who I think it is ”, He went into the house and held his nose, ” God ”.

”This is clearly the work of a serial killer ”, Chioma squatted over a pool of blood.

” Yeah. See the trail of blood from here to th

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