Eastern Fangs

An Offer You Can\'t Refuse

It was another young man with white hair and handsome features, he looked like he was of the same as age Elton, if Mona could guess by just the first initial look and glance that she had on him. ”I know that we should not ask for the applicants name if they are not for sure to be accepted, but I am very curious right now, she has the features as that of a royal and regal individual, yet you say you picked her up right from the streets? ” he asked.

”Yes, what do you have to say about that, Xerxes? Say it already instead of stalling. ” Sora replied to him with an agitated and angered expression on her face, the first time that Mona ever saw her look and feel this way as a whole.

”Oh, looks like I have agitated the Night Whisperer, I merely wish to know her name, that is it, nothing more and nothing less. ” He said to her with a smile that extended from ear to ear as he said that. ”Her name is… ” before the Night Whisperer, Sora, could retort back, Xerxes stopped her once again.

”No, no, no, no. I wish to hear it from her, exclusively, if you do not mind. ” He said. Sora looked at Mona and the latter blinked her eyes. Sora nodded her head in response. Giving her the go-signal that she would be able to do it. ”My name is Mona Fletcher. ”

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