Eastern Fangs

Invasion and Betrayal

The Eastern Empire of Elysia and the Western Kingdom of Wilhelm, these two divided the world. Their might and prestige trampled over all the other nations, causing the realm to be torn in half.

Tensions kept rising and rising, it was like a bubble being constantly pumped by air until it could no longer hold it anymore. It had to explode.

Boom. Just like that.

The glistening walls of the Elysian Castles were shining as the rays of the sun started to hit it. It was now sunrise. Princess Amaranth Ellis was still sleeping, her snores were loud. Too loud in fact, it seems like she had slept late again.

”Wake up, Amaranth. ” A voice whispered to her. But she thought it was just a mere dream, so she did not budge at all.

”Wake up, my dear. ” The one who was waking her up was her mother, Empress Mona Ellis sat beside her bed and gently nudged her awake. ”Hm…Mother? ” Amaranth slowly opened her eyes as the curtains had been split apart as well, revealing the brightness of the glowing sun.

”You were supposed to wake up early, you have got a party to get to, right? What a shame that your day started far too late… ” She said as she shook her head.

”I am not that big on parties, Mother. It is you and father who keeps pushing for some sort of grand celebration for my eighteenth birthday. ” She said with a straight face.

”Oh, do not jest, my dear. You are a princess, of course a party is the bare minimum once you celebrate a birthday. ” Empress Mona said to her as she played with her daughters hair. ”I love you, dear. ”

Amaranth sighed. ”I love you as well, mother. ” She replied. Empress Mona went outside of the room, only to be followed shortly after by the Emperor himself. ”F-Father? ” Amaranth got startled. Her father never was a person who wore his emotions on his sleeves, he was always more reserved and subtle most of the time. ”You are growing older and older, Amaranth. ” Emperor Charles cracked a smile, finally.

Amaranth smiled innocently as well and hugged him. Emperor Charles walked towards her balcony and opened her window, revealing the majestic Empire of Elysia. ”Come here, Amaranth. ” He asked.

Amaranth obliged and walked up to her father. ”What do you see whenever you are in this balcony of yours? ” He asked.

”I see our empire, Father. An empire that is well governed with plenty of bountiful smiles by the townsfolk and common people. I am proud to be the royal princess to such a place. ” She said from the bottom of her heart.

Emperor Charles laughed. ”That is my daughter, alright. Now, you must listen to me, Amaranth. Always remember, for as far as your eyes can see, everything here belongs to you. Elysia is yours to inherit. Yours and yours only. Happy eighteenth birthday, Amaranth. ” Emperor Charles rarely showed emotions, but this time, Amaranth truly savored it and gave him the tightest hug ever. He made himself scarce and told her to get ready.

After her maids went in and helped her get dressed and prepare, Princess Amaranths long black hair had now finally been combed neatly. She looked at the mirror and grinned. ”You did not want a party, but it is here already so you might as well enjoy yourself, Amaranth. ” She said to herself via her own reflection.

Noon became afternoon as afternoon turned into sunset already. Guests came and flocked all around the ballroom hall. But the Emperor himself had not yet made an appearance, to the worry of many. ”I thought Emperor Charles would be here? ” Asked a royal visitor. ”I share the same sentiments as well, milord. ” Responded another.

Amaranth noticed the commotion and went up stairs to the chambers of the Emperor himself. ”Father? ” She asked as her voice echoed. ”They really want to be graced by your presence by now… ” She whispered lightly.

It was uncommon to see the chambers of the Emperor this empty. Nobody, not even the Emperors right hand men were here. No knights, no guards, nothing.

When she almost reached the throne room, she felt something suddenly pull her back from the door. Amaranths heart beat was rapid as well as her breaths. It was revealed to be her mother.

Empress Mona had blood on her face, a couple of injuries on her body as well. Even her long elegant golden dress was tattered and messed up. ”W-What is happening, mother? Why are you injured? We must get you to the apothecaries! ” Amaranth raised her voice in panic but her mother placed her own hands on her mouth to quiet her down.

”Shh. Whatever happens, Amaranth, please, please, please – do not forget that your father and I loved you very much, okay? I am going to have to ask you to promise something to me. ” Empress Mona uttered.

”L-Loved? ” Amaranth still did not know what was happening but she nodded her head in compliance of her mothers request.

”Hide here. Hide in this closet. ” She said as she forcefully shoved her into a closet big enough to contain her. Amaranth wanted to cry out and scream, but her mother begged her not to. ”Please promise me that you will not come out, no matter what happens… ” She pleaded.

Amaranth had no choice but to agree. ”Good. Thank you, dear. ” Her mother went to the throne room chamber, and what Amaranth heard and saw was something that would traumatize her forever.

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