scares me like that and now he is saying that he does not know me! ” Amaranth thought to herself as she desperately held her anger back from Eisen. ”Wait. I think I do remember you. Those lush black hair, that piercing cerulean blue eyes, that dagger-like gaze from afar…you are the maid girl from the tavern in Sixth Street, aren you? ” Eisen uttered out in all seriousness, he was not even kidding.

Amaranth waited until he could utter her name, but once again, he was wrong. Sora sighed and walked right past him, holding Amaranths hand as she did so. ”Where are you taking her, Sora? ” Eisen shouted from behind. ”Where else? To the quarters, of course. ” Sora replied.

”What an insensitive jackass! ” Amaranth exclaimed after Eisen was gone from their field of view. Sora lightly chuckled. ”You should really not take Eisen seriously. He might be a goofy kid, but his skills as an assassin is apparent and top notch. ” Sora added.

”He does not strike me as an assassin at all… ” Amaranth replied. ”Is that not a good thing? The best way to disguise yourself is to blend in with others, it would be a problem if everyone could point out that you are an assassin every single time you walk out on the streets. ” Sora corrected her politely. She looked at Amaranth and noticed that her eyes had gone red and swollen from crying.

”Teach me. Sora. Teach me how to kill. I will murder Uncle Garamond and make him answer my questions, one knife thrust at a time. ” Amaranth was seething with rage and looked like she embodied the spirit of vengeance itself, it was enough to give Sora, a bona fide assassin for two decades now, the shivers.

Sora shook her head and stopped walking, pulling Amaranth back. ”There is no way you are getting close to someone as prolific as Garamond Ellis, at least no way with the kind of physique and skill you have right now. And, I cannot just keep calling you by your birth name, it would be problematic if the Council of Bones knew I took in someone as high maintenance as you. We are going to give you an alternate name, one wherein we can use freely in these quarters. ” Sora uttered to Amaranth.

Amaranth stopped idly and thought about it for five seconds before coming up with the name. ”Mona. Mona Alistair. ” She replied. ”Mona, huh? Borrowing the late Empress name, eh? ” Sora remarked.

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