Eastern Fangs

Lies and Lies

When they finally reached the place where the Council of Bones were going to be located in, the stone walls coupled with the many torches and little candles that was illuminating the place up made for such an aesthetically pleasing sight, at least that was what Mona thought to herself, but it was removed immediately as soon as she saw the five large pillars looming over them as they entered the room, with each pillar having one seat and one corresponding person sitting right on it.

”Greetings, how are you doing, Council of Bones? I know I may have convened such an urgent meeting, I asked you all to meet up here in like thirty whole minutes, and you are already here. It is good to see that your punctuality is still high up no matter what. ” Sora uttered to them as she waved as soon as she made her and Monas presence known.

A voice of an elderly man spoke out after she talked. ”What or who exactly do you have for us right here in front, Night Whisperer? ” He asked her as he stared right at her, looking down on her from the pillar he was sitting on up above. Their faces and their appearance was obstructed by the hooded robe that they were wearing. ”I- ” Before Mona could finish what she was going to talk about, Sora shook her head and told her that she would be the one to do the whole talking.

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