1. Ekaj\'s Beginning

In a strange world, under a hill-top tree, laying asleep is a boy around sixteen years old named Ekaj. The sun shone through the leaves on him, who has blond hair, blue eyes, and an athletic build. Above the sleeping boy is a dangling fruit that resembles an apple, yet its color is not red but purple. As it sways back and forth with the wind, a large gust sweeps by, knocking the apple off the branch from which it hung.

”ACK ” Ekaj exclaimed as he shot upwards whilst holding his nose. A few moments after, he searched for what hit him in the face with slight annoyance. Soon his eyes landed on the purple apple and his mood brightened thinking of the snack he awoke to. He took the apple in his hand and raised it to his mouth before taking a bite. The bite was soon followed by many more until the apple was gone, core and all.

After some minutes of sitting under the tree, he stretched out and yawned. He stood up and began on his way towards a small town in which he lived. When looking down at the town from the hill he stood atop, he saw a familiar sight. Many miles past the town stood a giant cliff that peirced the clouds. The cliff stretched farther than one could see from east to west.

On his way to the town he thought about the general things he learned from his parents and school about the cliff. The cliff was called The Superior Land. It was called so because only those who reach the appropriate strength can climb it. The appropriate strength is to be a rank 4 Superior human for the average cultivator. (Some geniuses have done the climb at high rank 3 Minor Superior Human.) The ranks are: 1-3 are Minor Superior Humans, 4-7 are Superior Humans, and anything beyond is divinity because you can then do things that can no longer be classified as human. At least thats whats known about divinity because divine beings can no longer inhabit this world and must go to a stronger world.

Ekaj is not even rank 1, for he hasn started cultivating due to his Dantian which will form once he gains a technique. Luckily, he lives in an average town with no lack of techniques. Ekaj plans to obtain a technique of his choice from the school for free by scoring the highest on the final exam which he will take tommorow.

As he finished the thought of starting his cultivation, he reached the edge of Millan (The town). Ekaj lives in between the outskirts and the center. He kept walking greeting those he knew along the way and turned in to his house. His house is just an average house, nothing special about it.

Ekaj walked through the door and saw his father sitting at the dining table reading a thick book. His father is about 6 feet tall which is about Ekajs height, he has Black hair, yellow eyes, and strudy build. It was uncommon to see him here as he works as a guard for a squad that makes long distance deliveries through tunnels dug through the cliff to other towns. The deliveries usually take a month but he returned quite early this time.

Once his father turned around Ekaj spoke, ”Good morning dad, why was the delivery done faster than usual? ”

His father responded, ”First off its not even close to morning its a bit past mid-day, and there was no trouble on the way there or back on the delivery. ”

After a brief silence his father questioned him, ”Have you studied for your final test at all?, Don forget its tommorow at noon. ”

Ekaj averted his gaze and scratched his head, ”Of course I did. What? do you think Im an idiot or something? ”

His father sighed and rebutted, ”I know how you are. You definitely just lazed around and forgot to study at all ”.

Ekaj remained silent and grinned awkwardly before his father spoke again, ”Since your so confident how about if you don score a perfect, you have to do me a favor. ”

Ekaj smirked and asked, ”What do I get out of this deal when I accomplish it? ”

His dad straight-faced spoke, ”If you get a perfect I will get the technique you choose all the way to rank 3. ”

Ekaj grinned and agreed, because upgrading a technique costs quite a lot of money. He then told his father goodbye and went to his room. Shutting the door behind, he sat in the chair at his desk and pulled a notebook out of a drawer, along with a pencil. So he began to study the cultivation system.

The worlds cultivation system is based off of the Dantian and 5 organ systems, the muscular system, the skeletal system, the integumentary(skin, hair, nails, etc…) system, the nervous system, and the cardiovascular system.

The main way to strenghten these systems is to run mana from the Dantian through the organs contained in these systems. Which means you have to start training your Dantian before trying the organ systems.

The first system you should improve is the nervous system because it will make you much more intricate in the feeling of upgrading your other systems. It also makes you think and react faster. This system can be very painful and detrimental for your growth if done incorrectly. So some cultivators get it done by others the first time, but having another do it for you will take away the experience of doing it yourself the first time. Causing many to not be skilled enough for the next improvement when more nerves are created.

The second to go is the skeletal system for it makes higher quality blood for the cardiovascular and provides support for the denser and stronger muscles that would otherwise rip your bones apart if too much strength was exerted.

The third would be the cardiovascular system because the blood transferred will slowly strenghten the other organs. It will also provide enough blood flow for the integumentary and muscular systems.

For the last two the integumentary system should go before muscular to better contain the muscles and prevent the muscle from growing to big and preventing flexibility.


After some more hours of studying Ekaj closed his notebook and heard his mothers voice from the other room say, ”Im home~ ”

Ekaj went to the door and greeted his mother. His mother has blond hair, green eyes, stands around 5 foot 9, and has a slender build. She had just gotten home from her job, she is a teacher. She teaches kids much younger than Ekaj.

His mother spoke after after his greeting, ”Ekaj I hope youve been studying for the final tommorow. ”

Ekaj responded, ”Yup, I actually just finished a few moments before you arrived. ”

His mother seemed pleased with his response, for she gave a smile and walked to the kitchen to begin preparing dinner. Ekaj walked to the living room. Where his father sat reading the same book thick book from earlier.

Ekaj sat next to him and asked, ”What is that about? ”

His father responded without looking away from the book, ”Its just about building an immunity to different poisons and diseases caused by magic. ”

Ekaj the replied with a questioning tone, ”Oh, why are you reading it. ”

His father responded, still planted in the book, ”My next mission will take me through an area in the tunnels that has magic beasts called: Giant Poison Salamanders, and I will depart in 3 days at dawn. ”

Before Ekaj could reply his father looked bit up from the book and continued, ”But the highest specimen scouted in that area within the last month was a rank 2 so my team probably won have much trouble at all. ”

Ekaj was about to speak but was suddenly cut off by his mother who called out to them from the kitchen, ”Dinners ready! ”

Ekajs father closed the book and layed it to the side to get up, to which Ekaj did the same. When he and his father walked in to the kitchen they saw his mother at the table and sat down with her. They then began Eating.


After around an hour Ekaj told his parents goodnight and headed to his room to go to sleep. As he was laying there for a while, still feeling wide awake, he got up and started to workout vigorously until he figured he was tired.

He layed down again, closed his eyes, and thought to himself with a grin, ”Tommorow is the day that marks the beginning of my cultivation journey. ”

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