Emerald Desire

Under heaven conflict

A woman, who seems to be in her teen, can be seen walking along a white hallway and can be seen walking while holding a piece of paper with a magic circle in her hand.

The woman has long red hair that hangs freely. Her blue eyes portray no emotions except the determination in those blue orbs, giving off the aura of a cold beauty toward anyone who sees her. She is wearing a standard SOM uniform, a long sleeve blue and white shirt and red tie, accompanied by blue trousers with a yellow line. Of course, on her sleeves is the SOM logo.

What stands out about her is the single accessory on her head. A black and red butterfly hairpin on her head complimented her fiery red hair even more. The sound of her shoes clicking on the floor echo in the empty white hallway. Her face is stern, showing no emotion; only a professional facade can be seen on her face.

Arriving at a double wooden door, the woman takes a deep breath before knocking on the wooden door a few times.

”Pardon me, sir! First Lieutenant Vora Lamesar, sir! ” The woman, Vora, said with her voice thoroughly professional while her back was straight and her eye still as stern as ever.

It was silence after Vora announced her presence, it seemed like no one would answer her statement, but Vora didn seem to waver and stood tall and straight as if waiting for the response that she didn whether would come or not.

Finally, after a couple of seconds that seemed like an eternity from the outside perspective, a response came out from the other side of the door.

”Enter. ” It was a stern voice that seemed to belong to a male, and from the pitch of the voice alone, it indicates that the male was relatively young.

Vora takes a deep breath before opening the door and swiftly entering the room. The creaking sound of the door echo thought-out the hallway and the room itself.

When she entered the room, Vora was greeted by a sight of a young man.

Sitting behind a wooden desk while seemingly reading a report paper in his hand, a man who seemed to be in his teen, no older than 20, with short black hair that was slick behind him, and with a beautiful pair of red eyes that would capture everyone attention and would intimidate anyone who stares at them.

Wearing a SOM uniform with more accessories and a dark blue jacket, he is none other than one of the five Grand-General of SOM, the youngest one out of them all, Kai Malaki.

The moment Voras cold blue eyes land on the figure Kai, her cold aura disappears, and her emotionless eyes seem to gain light in them for a bearest moment. When she sees the young man, her professional facade seems to crack for a split second before turning back into cold, calm eyes.

Taking steps forward, Vora stands in front of the desk of Kai before handing out the piece.

”This is for you, Grand-General. ”

Kai keeps reading the piece of paper in his hand for a couple more seconds before taking his eyes off the paper, putting it on top of the table and taking it from Voras hand.

Looking at it, Kai sees a red magic circle on the paper, which doesn faze Kai.

Arte Magia seal? Must be a classified document. Kai thought to himself.

Raising his other hand, he starts to concentrate. He starts to gather Zether into his hand; the Arte Magia seal starts to glow brightly before disappearing from the piece of paper, revealing the texts on the piece of paper.

Looking over the piece of paper with his cold red eyes, Kai leans his head against one of his hands while reading the report, while at the same time, Vora stands in front of Kais desk, back straight while also not looking at Kai, so that she will not see what the report is about.

Kai quickly read the report with his eyes moving from text to text.

It was total silence in the room; no sound of anything could be heard in the room. Vora didn move and stood there professionally, never glancing at the report, even one. All things seem normal, albeit seemingly awkward, from the outsiders perspective due to the total silence in the room.


”…Raven ”, Kai said with his red eyes wide in shock.

Kais hand start to shake, and unfamiliar emotions go through Kais scarlet red eyes; his teeth begin to grind together, gaining the attention of Vora, who looks slightly shocked at Kais reaction. Kai quickly calmed himself down before his cold, and stoic expression returned.

”Tartarus, is it? ” Kai mutter to himself, his red eyes are staring deeply and intensely at the piece of paper in his hand.

”…General? ” Vora mutter seeing his reaction to Kai, with a clear worried appearance in her cold blue eyes. Her cold and professional facade seemingly broke once more, this time not even returning like last time.

Abruptly, Kai stands up from his chair, knocking it down and startling Vora. Walking away from his desk and immediately heading toward the door, not even sparing a single glace toward Vora. Opening up the wooden door, he quickly left Vora behind inside the room, not saying a single word.

”Kai… ” Vora muttered to herself quietly, clear worried in her tone of voice before quickly following behind.

Leaving the room, Vora looked left and right, trying to find Kai, but it was futile, there was no Kai in sight, and Voras cold blue eyes could only look around with worried.

”Oh my~ It seems you are having some trouble here. ” A voice suddenly rings from behind Vora, causing her eyes to widen and jump away to make some distance between her and the voice while also turning around to look at the source of the voice.

The person that the voice belongs to is none other than Samael himself. Seemingly appeared out of nowhere, even though Vora had already checked the hallway and saw no one coming.

When did he…? Vora thought to herself while her cold blue eyes stared straight at Samael.

”Lieutenant Eous. What are you doing here? ” Vora asks, standing straight while glaring at Samael.

”Oh, please, do not address me by rank; call Samael. Im here to give an order from the higher-up to General Kai, but considering you just left the room… ” Samael said while taking a glimpse inside the room, ”It seems that he had gone somewhere. I guess Im not telling him this order anytime soon. And I doubt he would answer my call considering his kind of person. ”

”An order form higher up for General? ”

”Well, the higher-up doesn want the General to interfere with the current situation with the criminal Raven. They want him to stand down while I will be the one handling this matter. ”

”What? You? Alone? And why can the General interfere? ” Vora said, her glare seemingly to become more intensified.

”Oh, scary~ Please don look at me like that. ” Samael said with his smile ever present on his face while putting his hands up, ”I am only here to tell you about the order from the higher-up. Please don get angry at me now. But if I have to guess, they probably don want one of their five Grand-General to deal with something as simple as dealing with a single criminal.

Even with our current base being near Tartarus, the higher does not want their Grand-General to make a move on the criminal.

After all, it would not put a lot of reassurance on SOM from the people if they think they need someone like a Grand-General to deal with a single company. Not that there is reassurance from the people in the first place.

Which is why they decide to send me instead. ” Samael continues.

”Right now, Tartarus is on Level S alert due to the report of him going to Tartarus. All civilians and SOM personnel had been evacuated from the city, and they wanted to send me to deal with Raven. Although I would want to have some more backup with me, it seems that the higher think that me alone is enough to deal with him. ” Samael said with a shrug

”Why are you telling me this? ” Vora suddenly asks, while her guard is still up, never letting down, ”I doubt the higher want me to know about the order. ”

”Oh, I know. But considering that you are General Kais secretary, I see no problem telling you about it. ” Samael said before shrugging his shoulder, ”Anyway, since the Grand-General is not here, I will be going to Tartarus now. See you later, Lieutenant Vora. ”

With that goodbye, Samael walks away from Vora into the hallway, leaving Vora alone, contemplating Samaels words in her head.

Don tell me Kai is going to…? Vora thought. But why? I never see him act emotionally when he reads the report. I have never seen him act like that since… Vora thought quickly and stopped with a shake of her head.

Did the criminal Raven do something in the past toward Kai that I don know about? No, what more important right now is I need to stop him from doing stupid again! With this, Voras cold blue eyes are now full of determination.

Taking a deep breath, she quickly moved toward the same way that Samael had gone, with one single goal in mind that stopped Kai from doing whatever he was going to do.

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