Emerald Desire

Under heaven conflict

i makes a quick decision and rushes forwards; following behind his trail of attack, Kai leaps up into the air and swings his spear downward at Raven, who is still trying his best to avoid the wave of crescents flame.

Raven, of course, sees this and tries to shoot Kai out of the air, but all of his shots miss because he is still trying to dodge the previous attacks from Kai. Seeing how he will not have time to make a distance between himself and Kai, Raven quickly grabs his sword using his right hand and uses it to block the downward swing from Kais spear.

Despite blocking the attack, the sword Raven used was still firmly in its sheath.

”What the point of having a sword if you are not gonna pull it out of the sheath!! ” Kai said toward Raven while their weapon was clashing and locking with each other.

”That is none of your **ing business!! ” Raven cursed back while trying to push Kai away from him.

Raven raises his left hand, still holding onto the gun, and aims it at Kai. However, Kais spear, Longanimis, starts to glow red again, and flame blasts out of the lance at close range, trying to burn Raven right then and there.

Seeing this, Raven quickly put his gun back into the holster and grabbed hold of his sword handle with both hands, and with a roar, he pushed Kai back, creating a distance between him and Kai.

But while he was in the air due to him being pushed back by Raven, Kai sent another flame blast toward Raven, the latter swinging his sheathed sword at the flame, dispersing it.

Knowing how trying to fight Kai from a distance wouldn work, Raven also rushed forward while only holding his sword with his left hand. When Kai landed on the ground, is already close to him; however, instead of trying to attack Kai with his sword, Raven clenched his hand into a fist before reeling it backwards.

The right-hand start to glow with black, and green energy comes out of it before forming a shape that looks like a green flame.

”Yama-!! ”

Raven throws his right fist forward, leaving a trail of black-green flame behind, aiming it straight at Kai; however, Kai is fast enough to block the attack by using his spear; however, the force of the attack is hard enough to send Kai slightly up into the air.

”-Nulla!! ”

But Raven did not stop there; he followed up his attack by thrusting his hand upward, followed by a wave of black-green energy that seemingly took the shape of what seemed to be the head of a monster; with its jaw opened wide, it moved forward trying seemingly devour airborne Kai.

Kai twirls his spear before sending a single wave of flame toward Kais attack, causing both attacks to collide, creating a small explosion that is strong enough to send both combatants backwards.

Both of them quickly land on the ground, and wasting no time, Raven and Kai rush forward again, continuing their combat.

Raven-owned sheathed swords clashed with Kai Arch Magia, creating a clanking sound, and their weapon locked with each other again. Raven glare directly at Kai, who still has a stern and emotionless feature on his face.

”Is this all you have to offer, Grand-General?! ” Raven said while pushing his weapon forward, causing Kai to step back.

”I will admit, I have underestimated you. It seems I have to take you more seriously!! ” With a mighty roar, Kai pushes Raven back, breaking their weapon locked, before a magic circle appears beneath Kais feet.

Raven stabbed his sheathed sword into the ground directly, stopping himself from flying too far back, before looking back at Kai, eyes widening.

What the hell is he doing? Raven thought

”Arte Magia restriction, release! ” Kai starts his seemingly, chant. A chant that Raven can hear very clearly, causing him to rush forward, trying to stop Kai from finishing his chant; even though he does not know what will happen, Raven at least guesses that it will not end well for him.

However, it was futile because when Kai started his chant, the area around them began to heat up intensely, with the wind also starting to pick up, creating a gust of wind so strong that it pushed the incoming Raven backwards, while Kai still stood tall on the ground.

No matter how hard he tries, Raven cannot get close to Kai, yet he still tries to get close to Kai.

”Manifesting dimensional disruption field! Deploying Zether utilization area! ” Kai said before being consumed by a pillar of flame blasting out from the ground, covering him, but Raven could still clearly hear what Kai was saying next, ”Arch Magia, Install!! ”

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