This world is the world of magic and sword. A few centuries ago, there were gods, dragons, elves, fallen, dwarves, orcs, beast men and sea races were dominant force. However the times have been changed.

So called gods left this world or was forgotten and other powerful beings faded from the eyes of humans. Great civilization of goblins have been crumbled down to the ground as elves retreated back to their forest. Dwarves left to the underground to create their glory once again. Lastly, dragons vanished without any traces. The 5 great clans left without any notices.

The greatest enemy of humans, orcs also disappeared without any traces along with ogres and trolls. The beastmen once again raised their curtains.

Hence, humans lived peacefully except for their wars. They dominated the entire continent with their power. Mages, knights and other specialist became the most respected proffesion. Those who followed lights footstep faded into darkness.

Humans have forgotten their greatest power. Only a few guarded light with firm belief.

Near Forest of Darkness.

A small log cabin with clear windows can be seen from the far. It is home of Silvercrest family who once was a prestigious knight family.

A burly man with plain clothes came out from the house as he went to the shed. He grabbed his long iron axe and went to the forest.

” Licht, do your homework and watch your siblings. ”

A young boy with platinum hair shouted.

” But father, Richard and Edward don listen to me. Only Serina listens to my words. ”

Edmond sighed with distress as he looked at the sky. He saw it was already noon.

” Your mother should be here soon. Don come out until you finish your homework. ”

Licht sulked a little bit. Even so he obeyed his father. He wasn a rebellious child.

He turned his towards to his siblings and warned with a serious face.

” Edward, don destroy something. You know mother would be angry at us. ”

Edward grinned and nodded to him. His body didn look like a child. It was similar to teenagers even though he was a 10 year old boy

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