Emperor in the broken world

Chapter 3 A requiem of the hero


Licht walked through the woods with caution. He knew the forest wasn a good place to venture.

” Come. ”

The voice kept calling him over and over. Strangely, he didn feel any bad feelings. It was like he was called over by his grandfather, who died not so long ago.


Finally, he found himself in the deep woods. There was a strange stone with a rusty sword inserted in it. The sword was covered by the vines and moss.

Licht walked towards the sword and looked around it. He saw nothing suspicious about it.

” Strange, I don feel any dark energy, but why did the voice call me over here for this sword? ”

The voice inside his head was subsided. He had no idea what to do with this sword. He scanned around him with vigilance, but there was nothing special about this place, except it was a little dark.

Furthermore, he didn spot any monsters or hostile beings near the stone.

Licht hesitated for a minute and had decided to pull it because this was his instincts were telling him to do.

Licht put his hands on the handle and gently pulled it up. Nothing happened. No strange energies, monsters, traps, and noise.

He felt incredulous. He looked at the sword, and it was a little longer than a knights standard sword. It had words inscribed on its body and looked pretty decent in close up.

The sword was like claymore, but a little shorter. Its body was rusty, but one could see it was a beautiful sword. The shape and handle were perfect, and balance was good enough for most of the people.

Licht scratched his head with puzzlement as he couldn figure out what was that voice. He picked up the sword and put it on his back.

” Lets find a stream and wash it first. Thereafter, dad might help me to identify it. ”

He marked the location in his mind as he turned back to the way where he came from.

20 minutes later,

Licht reached the small stream where he fetches his water. He carefully put the sword down and took out his ragged clothe. Likewise, he wetted it with adequate water.


He wiped the sword and oddly enough it was easy to clean. One could say it was too easy because rust and moss fell down almost instantly.

Licht felt puzzled as he looked at the sword. At first, it looked decent, but now it was just gorgeous. The edges and body were beautiful like the night sky and inscription was like the stars of the night sky.

” Strange, who would abandon this sword? Was this some kind of memento? ”

Licht couldn figure out. He just shook his head and cleaned his clothe. He didn bother about thinking anymore as he picked up the sword.

10 minutes later.

He reached his home.


He opened the door and went inside quietly as possible. He wanted to avoid attracting his siblings attraction.

He gently went to the kitchen area and found his mother there. Alice was preparing for the dinner as she cut vegetables.

She noticed Licht and saw what he was holding.

” Licht, what is that sword? Where did you get? ”

Licht explained his experience patiently and expected his mother would figure out something.

Alice felt unusual about it as she gazed to the sword. Her hands glowed slightly and she whispered.

” May the light banish evil. ”

The light touched the sword and nothing unusual happened. The sword was shining like a normal one.

Alice felt even more mysterious. She thought it was a demonic artifact, but it wasn . She didn feel any magic or divine power either. It was just a beautiful sword. However, this brought more suspicions to her. She trusted Licht and thought it was a strange sword.

” Wait for your dad. He definitely knows about this sword. I believe it is no ordinary one. ”

Licht nodded and went to his siblings. Alice carefully observed the sword and continued to prepare diligently.

That evening.

Edmond came home at his usual time. He placed the axe down and went inside home.

” I am home. ”

Serina ran to him and hugged him tightly.

” Dad! ”

Edmond laughed and picked her up. He placed her on his shoulders.

” Dad, brother found a sword. Mama said you might know about it. ”

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