Emperor in the broken world

Chapter 4 Tale of the knight and the mage

Edmond put Serina down and walked to the kitchen.


He saw Alice who was cooking. She looked serious as she was thinking something. Edmond went behind her and hugged her.

” Sheesh, you scared me. Have you seen the sword? ”

Edmond shook his head. He scanned around the kitchen and found the sword. It was a beautiful sword which was similar to decoration type, but Edmond saw it wasn that case. The sword had 2 edges and both of edges were sharp enough to cut down highly trained knights with heavy armors.

He frowned and saw it had inscription on it.

” Unknown runes. Although I don feel any dark or demonic energy in it. It should belong to a powerful person. Strange, why would someone abandon it? ”

Alice nodded. She also expressed her interest and worry because their son had found it. Not only that, he said that it called him.

Edmond shrugged his shoulders and didn think deeply. He trusted Alices power because she was a well-known cleric who could use holy power.

” It is fine. Besides, I was thinking a gift for his birthday. This sword should do the job. ”

Alice sighed and accepted his decision. She believed in his words because Edmond was a night before this. He knew about swords more than anyone in this house.

” Fine, but I will observe the sword. ”

Edmond laughed and went to the living room. He picked up the sword.

Licht was reading a book with Richard in the living room. He was curious about the swords origin as he tried to find. However, he couldn find any traces from the books.

” Strange. There should be something. ”

He flipped the pages and found nothing. Even the famous sword records didn have a picture of it.


Edmond saw his two sons. He silently walked to them and spied on them. He saw Licht was reading a sword chronology.

” You won find its origin there. ”

Licht looked back and saw his father was standing behind them. He was holding the sword with a grin.

” Son, you can keep it, but you must be careful about it. I don want you to hurt anyone with this sword in this home. ”

Licht couldn believe in his ears. He dreamed about having one since he was young. As for Richard, he didn care in it at all. He thought Edward might nag Edmond for one, but he didn feel any jealousy.

Richard silently flipped his page and gazed at the sword. He admitted it was beautiful, but that was it.

Licht picked his sword and ran out to practice. He was eager to swing it down. His eyes were burning with energy.

Edmond smiled at him and sat down on the couch. He picked up the chronology and smiled.

It has been a long time since he read it last time.

Outside the house

Lich had been practicing for an hour since he got the permission. Honestly, it was hard for him. The sword weighed more than normal wooden swords. His arms were hurting because weight and height weren suitable for his body. Even so, he wiped his sweat and continued to train. Fortunately, the forest wasn that hot and it was evening time. He put his sword down and picked up the water which he prepared before the training.

” Ah, it feels nice. Should I wrap this up? ”

He thought it was time to finish. He saw his hands were in a pretty rough situation, even though he had been training for years.

He used remaining water to wet the towel and wiped his body. Furthermore, he picked up the wooden bucket and poured cold water on his body. It felt absolutely refreshing.

Licht sat down on the ground and leaned on the tree. The leaves were rustling from the wind. Lichts eyelids slowly drooped down due to his fatigue. He had decided to take a little nap and go into his home. He placed his sword on his side and closed his eyes to nap.


Licht immediately fell into sleep.

” Hey, wake up! ”

Licht felt someone was calling him. He opened his eyes and saw he was floating in the near. He found out a man with a blue robe was looking at him with interest. The man had slightly brownish hair and had emerald eyes. One could tell this man didn train his body from outside because his muscles weren developed at all.

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