Emperor in the broken world

Chapter 5 An unique individual

Licht observed him with a serious look. He felt unfathomable power from this frail-looking man. He felt this man was similar to his deceased grandfather. A powerful person who can kill anyone on his way. That was his initial guess.

The man also noticed Lichts gaze. He was pretty sure it was fate to meet him. He sighed and gestured him to sit.

Licht looked back at him with a questioning look. He couldn understand how to sit in this space.

” Um, how do I move like you? ”

The man sighed and snapped his finger. Everything around them changed instantly as they turned into a beautiful grassland.

Licht gaped his mouth open because he knew the man before him was a powerful mage who can use a space magic.

Man sighed. He guessed what Licht was thinking.

” Don mind it. It is just a trick if you reach an advanced level. Illusion magic is one of the easiest branches of magic which you can learn. Of course, powerful illusionist can do more than this. So, allow me to introduce myself. I am a great mage, Viktor Greenville. ”

Licht racked his brain to recall this name, but he couldn remember it. Neither western nor eastern had such a mage.

” Um, Mr. Greenville. This might sound a little rude, but where are you from again? ”

Viktor smiled helplessly because he knew the reason. He had guessed that mages might have connections with his disappearance. Honestly, he was a loner in the magic world except for his teacher and his best friend.

” It is alright. What year is this? ”

Licht noticed his clear distress and his helplessness. He understood this man had a history.

” Year of 564 of the tempest calender. ”

Viktors eyes were disheartened when he heard this. He took a deep breath and sat on the ground with despair.

” It took longer than I thought. I have wasted 400 years in his sword. ”

Licht didn question him as he observed his expression. He was sure that this owns the voice which he heard in the forest.

Viktor closed his eyes and mumbled something in his mouth.

” Child, I was a genius in my time. People called me a future arc mage who can surpass his teacher. You might have heard my teachers name. Great arcmage, Jean Devonshire. He was one of the strongest people on this world. Everyone had respected him, and the same applied to me. He was like a father to me. ”

Lichts eyes opened wide when he heard this. Jean Devonshire was indeed of the greatest mage in the history. He was a forefather of magic science, but he didn have any descendants. Hence, he was labeled as selfish and greedy. The mages accused him for that, just because he only left his entry-level knowledge to them.

Viktor continued to talk.

” I was a gifted student of his. I developed a special enchantment magic which can tap the God realm. However, that was the beginning of my suffering. One of the great arcmage knew this secret and secretly schemed behind my teacher. He called my teacher and sent 2 great mages after me. ”

Licht felt a little uncomfortable. He saw Viktors anger in his eyes. He was cursing them.

” Obviously, I ran away. I escaped to my best friends home. He was a genius like me. A man who was admired for his generosity and kindness. His name is William Steelheart aka knight of the iron heart. ”

Viktor smiled when he recalled his face.

”He was a handsome man who manages to melt down anyones coldness. He saved me from the death. He fended two mages even though he was at disadvantage. However, that was the reason of his death. ”

Viktor gnashed his teeth with hatred. He vividly remembered his friends face when he told him that he was safe. He was smiling like usual and patting on his shoulder.

” The arcmage ordered the greatest assassin group of the western continent. The blood hounds. They directly faced my friend and exhausted him to death. I couldn do anything because they had used anti-magic field. My friend had died before my eyes. His last words were: Run and take my sword with you. Protect yourself with it. ”

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