Viktor clenched his fists when he recalled his friends face. His golden hair was drenched with his blood as it forbade his future. His jewel like blue eyes were serene as the ocean. He accepted his fate and sealed his deal with his fate. The only thing that kept him going on was his friend, Viktor.

William stood proudly as he faced against disciples of the great one. He had no fear on his face. Only a gentle smile like his usual self. He didn regret his decision because it was his choice. He threw his sword, which was his only weapon. He turned his around and gazed at him with an assuring look, even though he knew he wouldn return from this fight.

William raised his hands high. They were trembling from the pain, yet he never yielded before his imminent death. His eyes burned with his last flame as he charged towards with the mages with no fear.

” Viktor, run! ”

Viktor turned around and held his sword tighter like it was his life. His eyes were filled with sadness, despair, powerlessness, and hatred. He didn hate his enemies. He blamed himself for being powerlessness. Likewise, he cursed himself for being useless.

He ran to the forest with all his might. He didn look back because he would rather not see his friends death. All he could do was hold the sword even tighter.


He fell to the mud, but he didn care. He wiped the mud from his face as he got up from the ground. He bit his lips even harder.


The blood fell down from his lips as it was mixed with his tears and snot. He shuddered with sadness. He held back his tears and looked to the deep.


He ripped his prized robe and bandaged his arms. He took a deep breath and lifted his head up. The forest was too silent as it was encouraging him to run.

Viktor smiled bitterly when he looked up and saw the cloudy sky. He shook his head and braced himself. His eyes were full of determination as he picked up his pace. He knew that he can die here. No, he wasn allowed to die here. Viktor silently screamed in his mouth.


The sky was darkened by the fall of sun.


The tears of sky fell down to the ground. William stood alone in the fields. He couldn see, say something, hear the cry of heaven, taste the grasp of his fallen brothers and touch the faces of his loved ones. His eyes were hollow and bloody.

He had inscribed his glory in this field as he held two bloody heads in his hands.


Finally, his knees hit the ground. His armor clashed with the earth and earth accepted him to her embrace. Only thing he can see was his memory of his life. His dearest friend and brother was smiling towards him, but William understood he couldn see this face again.

” Live well, my friend. Farewell. ”


The wind carried his last whisper and heavy rain soaked away his blood to cleanse his body.

5 years later.

Viktor stood alone before the tower. He was holding a beautiful sword in his hand. The sword was shining and it was thirsting for the blood of his masters murderer.


The door was opened and a single old man came out from the tower. His face was filled with haughtiness as he was looking down on him. His eyes despised Viktor.

” You should have run away from this continent. ”

Viktor smiled gently. His face didn show any expression because he knew it was his last stand.

” Where is my teacher? ”

The old man laughed with a thunderous voice. He didn kill Jean due to his complicated identity. If he had killed him, the whole mage world would have chased him to the end.

” Don worry, I left him alive. So, are you here to die or give me the formula? ”

Viktor shook his head slightly. He pointed the tip to his chest and looked at him with silence. This showed his clear intentions.

The old mage narrowed his eyes and took a deep breath. He shook his head with disappointment.

” Pity! ”

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