Emperor in the broken world

Chapter 7 The legend has begun

Viktor brandished his sword and charged towards him. His green eyes glowed in the sun like it was shining. Mana around him rose instantly as it heard his callings.

The mage didn change his expression. He expected he would charge to him. He raised his hand and aimed at him.


Fire magics appeared behind him and they immediately flew to Viktor. Viktor didn change his trajectory. His sword became ice sword immediately after receiving his mana.


He clashed the magic and slashed through it. The atmosphere was cooling down to freezing temperatures thanks to his powerful ice magic. Heat and fire were instantly dissolved to the cold chill.

Mage clicked his tongue and prepared another attack. Viktor who was near to him, used the chance to attack him. He rushed towards him with incredible speed and plunged his sword to his heart. However, this was a trap.

Mage smiled slightly and snapped his finger. The sword which was wrapped with thunder, immediately bounced back and Mage grabbed Viktor. He kicked his stomach and forcefully took the sword.


He threw the sword and held ice blade next to his neck. He pulled Viktors hair and looked at him with a smile.

” Poor soul. You think you could shatter my barrier. My barrier is strong enough to take dragons attack. ”

Viktors blood dripped down to his face, but he never changed his expression. He looked at him with a calm gaze and excluded ice cold killing intent. It was so powerful that it almost manifested itself like an assassins intent. This slightly surprised the old mage, but he kept his composure.

He looked at him with a cold look and slashed his blade down.


Viktor used his last strength and blocked the blade. The ice blade was instantly shattered away from the impact. Viktor opened his mouth and a single needle came out from it. He took the needle and pricked the mage who was defenseless from the surprise attack.


Mage knelt down and looked at him with. A single needle had pierced through his skin, yet he had lost. He looked down to his arm and saw it had turned into purple.

” Well played. You have won. ”


One of the greatest arcmage had died from the strongest poison on the continent. He had died because he underestimated Viktor and his abilities.

Viktor already studied his habits and patterns through his books and others testaments. He looked at his body and got up from the ground.

There was no one to witness his glory and his wit. However, he didn care. He walked to the tower with his limp body and searched through it.

He couldn find his master. Viktor hit the wall and cried out with anger. He knew he didn have time for this.


He saw his veins were getting wider as his mana was in chaos. He used forbidden techniques from the east to fight the mage.


His blood was flowing out from his mouth and his nose. It was bittersweet taste of both blood and victory.


He took out a medicine bottle from his pocket and ate one last pill. His eyes gleamed and he sighed.

1 day later.

Viktor reached the forest where he lost his friend. It was a great day. Sunny and wind was blowing gently unlike that day. Viktor smiled and walked into the forest. Even it was called Forest of Darkness, it had plenty of light and it was rather safe because only deep forest had powerful monsters and beings.

Viktor found the trail which he had left before. He touched trees and walked across the woods. His steps were getting heavier and heavier. Even so, he continued to walk.

Light became a little less this time. However, Viktor didn mind it. He just walked forward and finally stopped before a single rock. He looked at the rock and pulled out his sword. He stood before it and inserted his sword.

” This is my last gift. ”

After saying that, he leaned on the rock. It was cool and dry which is a perfect place for his nap. He closed his tired eyes. However, he didn open them again.

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