Emperor in the broken world

Chapter 8 17 years old

Licht watched his memory with a serious face. To him, it was a sad story filled with regret and pain. Not many can surpass Viktors will power, much less his patience and bravery.

This man had learned assassin art and swordsmanship just for his revenge. Furthermore, he learned eastern mystic arts to enhance his power, even it costed his life.

Viktors amber eyes were filled with pity and encouragement. Although he was just a teenager, he understood the cruelty of this world from his grandfather, who was a great knight. He was a kind person who was respected by others, but he was backstabbed by his comrades. Hence, he left the army.

” Don worry, Mister. I will inherit your friends will with yours. I will continue your legacy in this land. ”

Viktor looked at him with a profound look. He knew he was giving an unimaginable burden to this child. However, he had no choice. No one could hear his voice except for Licht.

Viktor bit his lips and extended his hands. He took a deep breath to calm down, to calm himself. Viktor saw Lichts burning eyes like a sun. It was clear yet powerful eyes which showed his heart.

” It appears you can do so. Please live on and continue our legacy. I don want anything apart from that. However, you must know that you have to face many enemies and betrayals. You might even face gods and demons. ”

Licht smiled brightly. He wasn concerned about this burden. Perhaps, he already had a considerable burden. That is his revenge for his deceased grandfather. Although his dad didn want to take a revenge, but Licht didn think so. He always hid his deepest darkness in his heart where nobody could see that. There is a saying that the brightest light can cast the darkest shadow.

” Don worry about that. You are similar to my grandfather. He always used to smile when he mentions his friends, but you know who had killed my grandfather? It is his comrades. He had been fighting his internal injuries for many years. Funny isn it? ”

Viktor saw hatred in his eyes. He couldn understand why this child had a huge problem like this.

” I understand. I will leave my all to you in exchange for my legacy. You can whatever you want it. Be a villain or a hero, I don care. ”

Licht bowed and showed his gratitude. His platinum hair covered his eyes, but his eyes never left Viktors body. He yearned for power, for his goal and his justice.

A silver light enveloped around him. An unfamiliar sense appeared in his mind. It was a brand-new feeling for him.

” I have left special techniques of mine with basic techniques of William. Although you can use basics, your body can handle more advanced level. Additionally, you have a unique body. ”

Licht tilted his head with confusion. He knew he was a genius, but he wasn gifted as his siblings.

” Your body has a vast amount of light energy, which is pretty unusual. Are your parents clerks or paladins? ”

Licht acknowledged the fact.

” My mom is a clerk. She was a gifted one. ”

Viktor nodded.

” I see. Even so, your power doesn reject mana. It is a very strange situation. Honestly, divine power rejects mana because it doesn belong to the nature, like fel. Fascinating. ”

Licht felt puzzled. He looked at his arms and found it was slightly glowing white. He shrugged his shoulders and decided to forget about it for now.

” This should be the end. Ah, by the way… I am a sword spirit now… ”

Licht was taken aback by this sudden declaration. He saw Viktor wasn fading like he thought. In fact, he was freaking solidified even more.

” This… Sigh* I am counting on you. ”

Viktor saw sulky Licht. He just laughed and patted his head. It was smooth and silky like womans hair. Viktor liked this feeling.

” You have nice hair, kid. Your eyes are beautiful too. TSK, you will become a ladykiller like William. ”

Licht scratched his head with embarrassment. Honestly, he couldn take compliments from others because he was shy.

” Thank you for your compliments. ”

Viktor laughed heartily. He waved his hands to show it was the time.

” Lets meet again, kid. ”

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