Feel my love.


Normal feel-good love story :

DRAMA place: India,

Let me invite you into my story. This happens in India, In Many countries, people wondered by seeing our culture…our traditional food cultures Our art, architecture etc… Well, I coming to the point that this story is not about our country… This story is based on an Indian style love story… These all happen in Tamilnadu… In Thirunelveli District. In that district, a small village is there… The village of ” gossip name is ”PK city ”. I can understand the name is weird right. Name only has city…nothing interesting here a damn village …This was my village. In that village, a strange girl lives. which is me… Yeah, I am the strange one… I am here in 9 years… I don know most of them in this village, as like me they also don know who I am … But, one shocking piece of news…they all are well known about my family like my father, mother even my younger sisters .but, not me. Because I will not interact with others. I like to live in my own world .but, this all changed after my dads died. Ok… Lets go to the story.

During corona lockdown :

Take positive and be positive.

The positive time of Corona.

Not only India… Every county no no… No not only country… The entire world is collapsed… But, the situation among… Us… Not like that.


The persons who all are having arrer in college. They use this chance (corona )and clear arrer papers. This was their golden opportunity to pass out. The students who all had difficulty in passing out, passed. Schools and college students pass their grades without any examination. We fly in the sky. By seeing us, Some of the graduated students stomachs started to burn. Their bad luck…..This all happens because of Corona only us… We want to thank corona, our Chief minister… And others…. for passing us.

All runs smoothly before that happens, Online classes. Because of these online classes, some of the Students freedom was stolen like mine. In the name of the online class. we got a phone. leave that on one side. But, in the name of teaching, they suck our blood. For our eyes, they look like a vampire other side, Google meets, zoom like apps suck our net. Not only us… The colleges even suck our parents hard work .your guessing is right… Our parents hard work was sucked in the name of Fees.

Our parents also teach us how to clean the house, how to maintain the yard, how to cook… We became a little maid for them. In some other places, parents sell their daughters… Hey, don overthink…I mean marriage. Well, in lockdown, we develop a skill… Which is eating. Nonstop eating. How means we reach 100 kg in one month like that.

But, what truly happened in my life is……

I hate to live in my own house… My dad died 2 years ago… Drought is in my home as well as my life. After my dad died, I understand the word he said. ”Family ” is the word glued to my heart. For my dad, we are his world. He can do whatever for us. His last words… ” Take care of them ”. I don know what to do?. How I can?. I even didn talk to them also. Yeah, I know they are my family. But, I never thought like that before. During the lockdown… I have no words to say about that. While seeing others… I worry about myself. I was depressed… At that time I was addicted to movies, series etc … Except that I can do anything. This is my life… Full of dreams, and expectations. But I can do anything. I believe these will change one day. I am waiting for the magical day in my life.

And one more thing…

During the lockdown, I understand the importance of schools and colleges.

Finally, we hear that news… ” Lock… Lockdown cancelled.

Schools and colleges are reopened. ”

The first day of college but, not the first year.

First of all…

Hi… I am Priya, Age:18, I am a good girl. ECE 2nd year, 3rd half-semester in Rohini College of engineering.

In college.

I finally enter college. But, I don know why I feel weird .something bad feelings. Yeah, I know… College schools…all make us feel the same.

Ok, we have to do it. My class is in Kalpana Chawla block… Wow, what a nice name right… But,… I want to go to the 3 Rd floor. Who asks them to build this much of floors. .. Because of them… Now we are worrying. Especially me… Stepping on the steps…. **Gasping. … I can , I want to step one floor. If this continued as soon as I will lose weight.

A few hours later :

Finally, I reach my class… I always smile .like a fool. I talk too much… Noo no to too much … What can I do manufacturing defect.

But, I smile… Because I believe… My life will change.

In my class… Full of chuckling sound… The smile on their face… Makes me worry. Why I have not got their life?.? They are happy. But, why I can ?. My day starts with a question.

To be continued…..

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