Lovers day…

”Lovers day… On that day, lovers share their feelings with their loved ones… ”

My college was filled with couples…Wherever I turned… Fully lovers are their …….. Because of them, the heart of the singles was broken…

”Hey, Priya… Don worry. I am with you ” (Ishu)Suddenly she took a rose and propose to me… ”I love you … ” I think about that, Finally I accept her proposal. … We had fun like that…

I accidentally saw that I didn take that thing seriously at that time…

A few hours ago…

In our block there was a vacant class was in…in there, Tej proposed to kavya…she overexcited and hugged him. I saw that… …They saw me… We were looking at each other… Quietly I move from that place. I went to my class…PRP class was ongoing. Class mam calls Kavya…

I casually attend the class… Ok ok. I did not attend, I was talking with my friend.

On another side,

Head of the Department Room,(HOD)

Kavya enters the room. Her boyfriend has been arrested and they investigating him. Not a big thing… The investigation is for their hug. someone informed that HOD. She was stunned and cried at that moment. She hugs him, this was the issue. In local areas, these are big issues before marriage. Hugging and kissing are strictly restricted in schools and college

In CSC class,

They were chatting about kavya and Tej. They saw kavya moving towards the HOD room .they understand something happened.

In my class,

”Priya… ” A voice calls me…

”What you are discussing… Stand up ” Mam give punishment for me my friends support me like laughing by seeing my punishment. Hm… What can I do… Time runs…Mam was heartless. she did even not say to sit. After seeing my puppy eyes also. Finally, the bell rang. The class is over… This class was my favourite. I love this very much… Yeah, your guessing is right. Lunch hour… Everyone like this hour right…But, I have to complete the class note…If I leave it now… It will be incomplete until my death. ok at that time, she came… Hey, that girl Kavya… She enters the class crying. I was seriously writing the notes… So I didn note her. I have 7 lines to complete. My friends were waiting for me. .she walks toward me…By seeing me, she turned like an angry bird.

She shouts at me… ”Why did you inform that… Because of you the bitch (HOD) Tell my love matter to my family…Today only he proposed suddenly this happened… What can I do…(Weeping ) These all happened because of you. ”

I am Looking at her as a missing child. Mind voice, if I hug him or what? Then why do they involve me here?

”the friend in need is a friend indeed ”

That time my friends come and support me… For my eyes, they look like godsend angles… But as soon as I understand.

Just hear their conversation.

”Hey, how can you blame her like that….. ”(Banu)

”She always stays with us and makes us boring ”.

” Yeah, She looks like a fool. that means if whatever happens you blame her…Just go away… ”(Dhanu)

I look at Banu and Dhanu….. They hide their sight from me…

Now, Ishu only balance I look at her…she says, ”They say all I thought …. But, I believe you will not do this stuff ”. With a bright smile, I thank her because she does support me… But, The words she said hurt me…

True friendship is believing each other ” At the same time their words make me feel wonderful. I was impressed. These feelings are new to me.Thank you dad.. I got this feelings because of you… Your words… Thank You dad.

I tell kavya softly, ” I didn inform this to mam…you misunderstood me… I can understand your situation. But, shouting is not the solution. ”

She still does not believe in my words…because except me…no one is in there… She again shouts at me…Ishu moves forward to convince her she rushes my friend Ishu and Shouted at me… Ishu fell… I give my hands to her with a bright smile.

The place is noisy. I hate that. I got angry I push her and lock her at the wall. Now, The place has been silent. Everyone looked at me and they wondered.

…….To be continued……..

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