p>They said, my lunch was ”yummy, ”

This is good news right. They chatted about my moms cooking. Then why I am looking sad??? Because Within 5 seconds by lunch box became empty box.

The girl kavya sitting on the second bench and crying. I was on the last bench. While seeing her, my friends can eat peacefully.

How can, they finish my lunch. Then how they can eat the boring dishes like sambar rice, lemon rice etc. Etc…

Not only my friends… Most of them are in my class. Maybe they also bought boring lunch who knows.

She is crying .some of them try to console her.

” Are you human . If whatever happens, you will not skip your meals right ”( ~Dhanu… )

She scolds me… Not like that but, that only.

I smile like an innocent girl.

The reason for my smile, I can do anything. its her life .she wants to take care of that. I didn like to involve in her life matter. Because I am Priya .who likes to live in her life alone. No entry no exit.


They also chat about the same matter.

”Hey, buddy… Don worry we will find the person,

who informs that… ”Yash console tej.

”We ” Tej smirked…The word gives some hope.

{{{This generation can do anything for their love….. Really. I saw that.. … In many movies. Hero jump over buildings to buildings…. sacrifice all for the loved one. He fights for his love… And throws villains over the walls….. Bla Bla… Bla.. (Priya voice-over ) }}}

Ops… Sorry, lets go to the story.

Yeah, ”we. ”. We are friends. How I can leave you like that. We should show who we are……. He will regret his actions. (Yash)

He, not she….. (Tej)

”She… ” Yash was shocked… ”A girl… How funny??… Oops. Sorry, hmm Ok whoever, She will regret her actions. ”(Yash)

With An evil smile.

”But… You want to give the sword number 374 ok…What do you say??… ”Yash makes a deal with Tej…..

Tej laugh… And accept…


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