m… Why did she inform that..? ” mona moaning

I looked at her…..

She doesn know, why I am looking at her like that. She finally understands and asks.., ”If the informer was your friend. ”

I look at her and say ”No ”.

She smile.. ”. I thought she was your friend. ”She replied.

”The person who you call, an informer is me ”. I answered.

She shocked… She said, ” I can believe that… You never involve others problems right then, How now??

She knows about me very well…because we both studied 9, 10,11 and 12 std in the same school… As well as in the same college and She was my best friend also.

My friends Banu and dhanu didn say about that… They search for me …They look nervous… They planned to tell them to faculties… Before that, the information reaches my ears…

Why the persons… Always involve third persons in their problem… If he has any doubts, he wants to ask me. Except that Why did he meet my friends?… How irritating they are?..

On the way To CSE 2 year class… I saw my friends… They are not sure about their next move…

I saw them… They try to say something but, they can .

I move on with a smile.

I reach their class (CSE) …Some of my friends were in that class… My CSE friends don know I was involved. They casually say ” hai ”..to me… I also say ”hello ” to them…

Varun Tej, Yash… Shocked… did Why did she come here… First, they thought I was coming there to fight with them or I will say sorry. But, they were disappointed too after seeing my smile.

My facial reaction changed after crossing them (CSE friends ).

To be continued…….

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