CHAPTER 1 Sleep Paralysis

Zara finally woke up from her sleep paralysis with beads of sweat accumulated on her forehead. This was her sixth time over the month. She always woke up with a jolt from feeling trapped in her body like she could never move or feel. It felt like being paralyzed in pitch black darkness yet you cannot even scream and your eyes are taped shut.

She flipped over her bed and pulled out the curtains and opened the windows to take in the cool winter breeze, unlike her friends she always liked winters than summers. The sun had still not risen and she couldn sleep anymore so she decided to go for an early run. She changed into her joggers and tied her shoulder length black hair into a bun and left her apartment building tiptoing around lobby as she wanted to avoid her flatmate Ray who was usually awake till five in morning playing video games.

She never understood why some men these days were so hung over playing fortnight to a point they lost all sanity or sense of hygiene.

She never saw Ray leave the house even once during lock down where as Zara took every opportunity to go out of the house even if it meant to buy some groceries.

Finally the lock down was lifting and today she is supposed to have her first day at the Art gallery. The day would have been perfect minus the sleep paralysis but well it is something she has been dealing for sometime now. Making a mental time table for her d

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