Fire Meets Fate

Chapter 1: One Goal

19 years ago…

Rebecca Evers was the daughter of Caleb and Ruth Evers, and today was her 21st birthday, so naturally she wanted to party the night away.

She planned to meet up with her best girlfriend Allyson at the Midnight Mayhem bar on the outskirts of town. She told herself that it was just one night, one night of freedom in her otherwise chaotic life.

You see Becca is no ordinary 21 year old woman. Her mother is the High Priestess of the Mystic Lunar Coven, while her father comes from a very long established line of pure bloods.

Becca, and her younger sister Reyna, are among the most powerful witches on the West Coast.

Her mother has been rigorously training Becca since she was a child to one day take over as High Priestess. If you asked Becca, Reyna was the one who should take over for their mother.

Her sister has always been the level-headed one, while Becca was considered the wild child. Its the reason why her parents decided she wasn ready for the role on her 18th birthday. Every High Priestess before her was crowned the position of power on their 18th birthday. For the last 783 years, and Becca broke that streak.

It wasn like Becca didn believe in herself or her magic to be able to run the Coven, she simply wanted to have her freedom. Being High Priestess meant you had to govern all witches and warlocks in your territory, and the West Coast covens were massive. Over 300 members in more than 5 states.

It was a life that she never asked for and it was being pushed on her by not only her parents but by the Counsil.

Tonight was one of her only nights away from magical training. Her birthday and holidays were the only days of rest she ever got. And she was going to make the absolute most of it.

She arrived at Midnight Mayhem at 8:53, she made plans with Allyson to meet up by 9. She wasn about to be late, punctuality was one of her strong suits. She was never late for anything, ever.

She paid her cab driver and proceeded to walk to the entrance. Ally was already in the waiting line to be let in and she flagged Becca down.

”Becks! Over here! ”, she waved to Becca. Ally is the only person who called her Becks, no one ever called her Rebecca; except for her mother when she was pissed at her.

Becca approached Allyson, ”Hey! You
e here early. I thought Id be the one holding our place to get in. ”

”Nope, I know better than to show up late. I had to make sure I made it here first so we could get in as fast as possible. ”, Ally replied.

Becca smiled at her lifelong friend. Allyson really did know her better than anyone else. Ally and Becca have always said they were best friends from the womb. Their mothers were best friends too and were pregnant at the same time.

In fact the girls were born on the same day, they have spent their entire lives together. Neither one of them could imagine life without the other. In terms of looks however, they were total opposites.

Ally had medium length blond curls that framed her petite face, and green eyes that rivaled emeralds. She had a slim frame and delicate features. Everyone has always said she is the most stunning witch in the country.

Becca on the other hand had raven black hair that fell to the middle of her back, and piercing blue eyes. She had curves that Ally often claimed she was jealous of. She never had a problem getting a mans attention.

As the line to the bar shortened Becca and Ally chatted away about how much fun they would have tonight. Neither one of the girls noticed the tall dark stranger eying them across the street.

His gaze was firmly fixed on Becca. He could smell her scent as if she were standing next to him. She smelled of rosewood and vanilla, it intrigued all of his senses. He knew the minute he saw her ocean eyes that she was his.

Midnight Mayhem was a bar that all supernaturals were welcome to, but instead of a cover charge for entry you had to demonstrate your gift. The bar was cloaked from humans, but that didn stop the owner from having precautions against humans entering his establishment.

When the girls reached the bouncer he asked for their IDs. Instead of pulling out their drivers licenses, Ally focused her powers on the over grown vines that crawled up the front of the building.

She manipulated the vines into tapping the bouncers shoulder. When he turned his head it waved at him. He looked at Ally sideways, unamused. The girls giggled and Ally reduced the vines back to their original state.

Now it was Beccas turn. She focused her eyes on the glass that sat on the stool for the bouncer. She used her powers to pull the water from the glass and formed it into a sphere.

She beckoned the water to her and she suspended it between her hands. The bouncer looked even more unimpressed, that is until Becca blew on the water and it began to crystallize ever so slightly.

She returned the water to his glass and let the little sphere plop back in. The bouncer took the glass in his hand and was surprised to find it ice cold again. He greedily drank from it while opening the rope to let the girls pass.

As the night wore on the girls had several drinks and danced together for hours. Their bodies easily swayed with the music, they had the attention of nearly every man in the bar at one point or another.

Sometime after midnight the girls found themselves wedged between 2 werewolves. Ally decided to turn around and dance with the wolf behind her, she thought he was hot and wanted some extra fun. The one dancing behind Becca placed his hands on her hips and started to grind his crotch into her ass.

Becca was instantly disgusted and tried to push his hands off of her. He took it as a challenge, she was just playing hard to get. He leaned into the crook of her neck and breathed in deeply.

He spoke into her ear, ”You smell delicious little witch. Why don you come back to my place and we can really dance together? ”

Becca recoiled from the wolf and tried to push him away, but he just grabbed onto her arms, ”Oh come on, you know you want it. Youve been dancing all night just begging to be taken home and **ed good and hard. ”

Before Becca could respond another wolf came up behind them and grabbed his hands off of her. He twisted both hands in the opposite direction instantly breaking the assholes wrists.

The wolf howled out in pain before his fingers were then crushed between the other mans hands, sending him crashing to his knees screaming in agony.

The mystery hero bent down and growled in his face ”Keep your hands off my mate! ” Becca and Ally were both stunned into silence.

The entire bar had stopped to see what all the commotion was about. Beccas face must have turned 3 shades of red from embarrassment. She couldn understand how this wolf would think she was his mate!

There had not been a werewolf and witch mate bond in over 500 years. It was the most rare pairing to be made by the Moon Goddess. Wolves were more likely to be mated to their own kind or humans before witches.

The wolf turned to Becca, and even though he had been watching her all night, she had never seen him.

His deep brown eyes captured her without hesitation. She suddenly felt as if the whole world fell away, leaving her alone with her mystery hero.

Her heart felt as if it were beating for the first time in her life. She knew that he wasn mistaken, she was his mate.

She had heard enough stories in her life to know that what she was feeling was the mate bond. She was a moon servant just like the wolves, she had been educated in all things Moon Goddess related.

”My name is Alaric. Alaric Anders. ”, he stretched out his hand for Becca to take. She took his hand and could swear she felt the tingles she had read about shoot up her arm and curl around her heart.

”Im Becca Evers. Its very nice to meet you. ”, she breathly replied. A soft smile appeared on Alarics very handsome face.

He was easily a foot taller than Becca, he was broad and his muscles were very defined. He had a unique shade of red hair that was striking, she wondered how the color was so deep, almost blood red.

He had an aura of great power around him, but not like an Alpha. She wasn sure if he was a Beta or a Zeta. She made a mental note to ask him about it later.

Becca was sure that she was destined to be with Alaric, the Moon Goddess never made mistakes. She also had no doubts that her parents would try to make her reject Alaric. They would advocate to her that her place was with the Coven and that she must become the High Priestess. But she also knew she could never reject Alaric.

She always felt like she was destined for something beyond her magic. This was it, he was it.

Alaric pulled Becca close to him, she slipped her arms around his neck and his hands fell to her waist. He moved his hands to her back, sending all kinds of tempting sparks up her spine. She breathed in his scent and felt herself relax in his embrace. Her heart was pounding so fast she would swear she could hear it.

Becca spoke softly, but Alaric heard her loud and clear, ”Wow, Im in trouble now. ” Alaric chuckled because those were his exact thoughts.

e already in my head angel. This is going to be very interesting. ”, Alaric replied.

Becca thought to herself You have no idea…

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