Firefrost and dimensions

A beautiful family

Dinner is ready, a sweet voice resounded in the kitchen as a beautiful lady who was around the age of 47 with long white hair placed the last bowl full of spaghetti on the dining table.

As miles heard her mothers melodious voice he rashly stopped everything he was doing and ran downstairs and sat at the dining table. Miles was a handsome boy at the age of 16, he had a short half white-half red hair.

Huh do I really like food that much, miles said to himself.

Hahaha miles, you really are a foodie, you
e always the first person to sit at the table; a handsome young man about the age of 26 with beautiful red hair said he came down the stairs.

Where is Elena, the mother asked them as she also sat down at the table.

Shes gone out, I think shell be back anytime now, miles didn even finish his talk as the door to the room open wide.

Im I late, …awww my favorite food, a beautiful girl of the age of 19 with long white hair that reached her waist and a curvaceous body spoke as she quickly sat down at the table and took a fork and started digging in.

I guess Im not the foodie, miles said sarcastically.

They all laughed as they ate the spaghetti with happy faces.

Hey miles are you ready to join the army, jack their elder brother asked.

Yeah ….yeah , Im super ready, miles responded still eating.

The current world they were living in has changed drastically, humans no longer fought against each other but fought one enemy they have never encountered before, they called themselves the drones.

They looked like humans except for the fact that they were larger and had powerful physics, they also had tails and were deep blue in color which made them different from humans.

No one knew here they came from but some people state that they were failed experiments of some mad scientist since it reached a certain period where scientists wanted to explore the universe but they couldn so they decided to create super humans who were able to surpass any human imagination.

But no, the drones were not failed experiments but beings from other planets, they claim that they wanted to expand their territory across the universe and wanted earth to surrender.

But how could earth give up like that, they couldn become slaves for other race so they they decided to put up a fight.

The president of each nation meet and declared war over the drones.

The fight carried on for many years and earth realized that they were on the losing side because as the fight progressed the drones suddenly became stronger, the human weapons no longer had any effect on them.

Thats when something magical happened, people started giving birth to children with abilities,no one knew how it happened but the scientists prove that it has something to do with the war and that they children must be well nurtured so that they can turn the tide of the war.

The government place it upon themselves and even built military school for those who had abilities, but not everyone was born with an ability so those who weren having abilities were trained to use military weapons.

After 50 years later of constant clashing with the drones the new government managed to defend earth and even conquered other planets, thanks to the people who had abilities, they were hailed as heroes of earth especially those with strong abilities who contributed a lot.

The drones soon realized that they couldn win the war yet so they decided to lay low for now and recuperate. But the people of earth did not celebrate yet because they di

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