Miles started running towards his father at an amazing speed that was difficult for a normal person to follow, he first wanted to analyze the reaction speed of his father so he threw a normal fireball at him first.

His father simply waved his left hand and the fireball simply vanished, Miles knew this was going to happen as the level his father was, was very high .

His father stood there with a smirk waiting for miles to reach him.

I can read him, Miles thought

as he appeared before him, he covered his hands in ice and threw it his father but his father was too fast, he simply moved to the left and the punch hit nothing but air.

Miles didn give up and covered his legs in ice and threw that one as well right into his ribs. I got him , miles said happily only to realize that his father wasn there.

BOOM , his father threw a fireball only it was larger and denser that miles own.

Ice wall, miles shouted and a thick wall of ice came infront of him.

As the fireball collided with the wall, the wall that miles created broke into tiny particles,

Shit was the ball that powerful, Miles thought as he was shocked. Okay lets move to the next level.

Miles rushed forward towards his father as he threw fireball one after the other, his father simply blocked them with his hands as if he was taking a walk in the park.

As soon as miles was in the five meters distance he jumped and created a huge ice hammer and slammed it down his father,

And this time too he moved quickly out of the way and the hammer slammed down on the food hard.


It broke, Elena said

She was standing at the viewing place with jack and her mother.

As the broken shards flew in the air, he commanded it to fly towards his father at full speed while he run round him making ice wall trying to surround him.

This time his father didn dodge but made a fire wall. As soon as the ice shards hit the fire wall they melted and turned into water, but that was what miles needed, to distract him.

When his father removed the fire wall, he was already surrounded by ice wall and miles was no where to be found.

His father moved towards the wall and punched it with his bare hands.

* shatter*

As soon as he broke the wall, he felt fire behind and turned but that was a big mistake and miles plan worked, he was behind him and he used his most powerful attack, he gathered all the energy that he has built in his body and moved it to his hands, a huge ball of fire was in his hands, he quickly crouched slightly and used all his strength to smash his fathers back. * BOOOM *

The ball exploded upon Inpact and his father was sent flying through the air.

Hahaa, I got him, Miles said in excitement.

Even my strongest attack can hurt father and miles has already used a lot of his energy to create that ice wall, although that surprise attack worked, it was because father has brought his power down so that he can match miles. I bet that move will bearly leave a scratch on him. Jack stood at the side with his sister and mother as he analyzed everything.

Ok thats enough, his father said as the smoke settled down.

Youve grown a lot since we last had a spar, he continued as the smoke settled down completely and his body came to light.

Huh, my strongest attack didn even leave a scratch on him, miles said as his eyes open wide.

Every time I fight with father, I always try to analyze his power level but it seems impossible, hes always suppressing his aura but I don know why, jack said as he was deep in his thought.

What he said came from experience,anytime he fought with his father it always seemed that he was on par with him but as soon as he thinks hes won, his fathers strength suddenly leaps in bounds.

Miles, why don we take a break youve done well.

But I bearly did anything father, miles augured.

I can see youve run out of energy, don worry we can spar when you complete the military school. His father said to him already leaving the training hall.

Jack, Elena and their mother followed closely behind him.

Are you coming, Elena asked miles.

Oh yeah, sorry, miles responded as he also took his shirt and followed them.

You know miles, do you know that you
e the first person to hit dad at this age, jack asked miles as he locked the training room door.

They were a few meters behind the rest so jack decided to speak to him.

Really, Im I the first person, miles said as he was proud of himself.

Wait, What what do mean by that, miles stopped celebrating and asked.

You know father tested Elena and I when we were at your age but none of us was able to land a hit on him. But you
e practically still weak.

Was that supposed to cheer me up, miles said half annoyed. You just wait and see, when I come back from the military school, haha you all won be able to spar with me again because Ill become much more stronger. Miles continued as he clenched his fist.

Dream on miles, do you think its that easy. Jack teased.

They continued talking till they reached the fairly large hall.

Okay Im going to take my bath, miles said and quickly left the hall straight to his room.

*sighs* Im so tired, miles said and fell on his large bed.

*knock, knock*

Who is it, miles said lazily.

Its me miles, do you want to hang out, maybe I can teach you a thing or two about the military. jack responded at the back of the door

Huh, isn that against the military law, miles said as his interest piqued,

Okay if you don want to thats okay, good luck, jack said

Wait, he wants to teach me something about the military, isn that against the law,miles thought.

What miles said is true, the military holds many secrets that are not to be told by the civilians. Although those who has completed the military school join the military or other factions, the do tell their close relatives.

Whatever, big families don keep them as a secret and pass it down anyway,


lemme listen to what jack has to say, miles stood up from the bed and went to check whether his brother was gone to his room.

Ahhhhh, we
e you standing there the whole time, you scared me you know, with your creepy smile.

I knew youd be interested so I was just waiting for you, jack said.

Okay, but lemme shower first, miles said as he opened the door signaling him to enter.

Your room is always full of technology, why do you love them do much, jack asked as he touched one of the computer.

Miles room was very large, he had his own computer room which no one knew what its use was.

Do you always have to ask, miles said as he entered the bathroom.

An hour later miles finished dressing and was looking at himself at the large dressing mirror.

You took almost an hour you know, jack said relaxing on his bed with a small book in his hands.

Whatever, Miles simply waved his hand.

He was wearing a black side pocket geans and a white T-shirt while jack was wearing a green long sleeves and a pair of black trousers.

Okay Im done lets take a stroll around the city.

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