They got out of the house but before that they informed their parents so if something they will not go round looking for them.

Their house itself was very big which has a thick wall surrounding it. They reached the outside and a luxurious car was already waiting for them, they entered the car and fastened their seat belt.

Where do you want to go today young master, the driver asked them.

Take us to nayanka mall, jack responded.

Yes young master, the driver said and took off the car.

Jack decided to take miles to nayanka mall which was in the city, the citys name itself is Nayanka and the mall was named after it.

After an hour and half later they arrived at the mall.

Thanks ramon, miles said to the driver.

Don wait for us, well be back, jack added.

The then turned their back and there was the mall, one of the biggest mall in the entire world. The mall was very big in fact it was gigantic with light sparkling here and there, and people moving in and out the mall.

It was really lively.

They took some time admiring the mall before entering it.

Some girls occasionally glance at them with flushy faces. The firefrost were very popular and were well known also because of their beauty, their red hair were a rarity, but miles hair has made him even handsome.

They roamed around the mall, buying ice creams, playing video games and had a lot of fun till they got tired. They then went to one of the balconies and sat down on a nearby bench whiles enjoying the city view.

This is a perfect view, miles said

Yeah, its truly amazing, jack added.

So about the thing you wanted to tell me; said miles.

Oh now you want to know, jack teased

Are you teasing me.

Whatever, jack dismissed it.

Okay I want to tell you the power levels of the military the military discovered.

When the war between us and the drones settled down, the military discovered that some people were stronger than others, so they decided to put them into ranks.

The Cimerei rank, Giggufas rank, kilo rank, bladet rank, legera rank,Jenn rank, supreme rank and the God rank.

It is said that the leader of the military is at the God rank and also the leaders of the top factions.The stronger your power the longer your lifes span.

Wait, so is this what the military keeps as a secret, I mean cammon this is something that the public must know; the more miles talked the angrier he got.

Calm down, gezz .

At least let me finish my explanation, although youll later learn it at the military at least you get a head start. Jack said trying to calm down miles.

The military did this to ummm, …. Okay I don even know why, maybe to avoid civil war. Jack said not even sure.

Forget about it, its not even that important right. Miles asked

Ohhh its really important. Let me explain, it takes tremendous amount of training to even move from one rank to another.

Why is that, miles asked confused

Thats simple, the magic we create needs energy right, and the energy needs to come from somewhere right. So what if you
e in a battle and you run out of energy.

You die, miles said

Exactly, so the all the training one needs to go through is to enlarge the energy pool in our body.

The benefit of doing this is to fight much longer with more energy, not only that but you also become strong physically, your speed and reflexes naturally improves too.

So the only way to move from one rank to another is only to train harder, miles asked

Yes, and meditation also helps very much jack responded

So how do you tell the power level of the person, miles asked again.

I don know how to teach that, when you go to the military theyll teach you, jack said .

Hey, so what rank Im I.

Oh you
e at the kilo rank, jack said to him.

What all those years of training, my power level is at the kilo rank, miles said a little frustrated.

Remember what I told you, it takes tremendous amount of training and medication to scale trough a rank, and the higher you go the more difficult is it for you.

Unfortunately some people hit their limit just too early.

And let me tell you something, jack said as his face turned serious, you are an anomaly.

I haven seen or heard anyone at the kilo rank at the age of 16. Just don be too hard at yourself.

Okay, thanks for telling me all this information itll at least give me a head start.

There was silence for awhile between them as they stared at the beautiful scene before them.

Hey, its 7pm and we have more time, maybe you can tell me something about father that I don know, miles broke the silence.

Did you know that dads faction was located on an island, jack said

No…way, dads faction is on a freaking island, he never told me that Miles said with his eyes open wide.

Yeah, he told us not to tell you until you
e old enough and I think you are.

His faction is on island and believe me the island is big as three cities combined, he also has a lot of people who stay on the island although the number of people is no more than the top factions he still lacks the ability to join the leaders table because his power level is at the supreme rank and they need those at the God rank, jack explained lengthily

Oh, thats why, but dad will soon have the power to join right. Miles asked

Yeah don worry, dad has a strong will power, jack responded with a confident look on his face.

But there is something that I don understand, why didn dad let us live there instead.

Nahh, dad wanted us to live a normal life here till you complete military school.

Although Im a little not happy, hunging out with family is the best, Miles said as he stood up and stretch his body as his body is a little stiff from sitting down too much.

They continued to talk some more till it was late in the evening. Jack called Ramon to pick them to the house, when they got home they realized that the house was very quiet only a few cleaners doing their jobs so they came to the conclusion that they were either in their room or asleep.

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